Let the world not create words in you. let the words create world around you!

Authenticity means keeping the ahamkaara, mamakaara, anyaakaara in tune being integrated. Being established and respond to life from ahamkaara : what you believe ass you, mamakaara : what you project yourself to others, anyakaara : what others believe as you which is independent of what you project as you. you are responsible even for anyaakaara. Only when you feel responsible even for what others hold you which is independent of your projection or your feeling. You may feel how can I be responsible for how others perceive  me? Only when you feel responsible, you will feel powerful, empowered, responsible. You will not feel powerless. Life cannot bring any surprises to you. I will expand step by step.

Take responsibility for your ahamkaara, mamakaara and anyakaara. No suffering can come to you. No one can bring suffering to you. It is a part of the anyakaara we don’t want to take responsibility that is why life brings surprises to you. Life brings surprise sufferings to you. When the churning starts, everyone was waiting only for nectar. That is why poison was suffering for them. But Maha Deva was waiting for poison also that is why it could not bring suffering to him. Neelakanta is the symbol he takes responsibility for the anyakaara. In your life also you have alt he 3 – mamakaara, ahamkaara, anyakaara. Take responsibility for all the three. When you take the responsibility for all the three you will feel empowered. You won’t feel powerless. You won’t feel something unexpected is happening. Just let your inner space be completely integrated with the words you utter with authenticity. If you can’t be made to believe you are wrong, you are not wrong.


Understand. Nobody can win you. Only if you are somehow giving way, start believing you are wrong, something can happen to you. Stand with the strength of integrity and authenticity. It is a spiritual strength. Spiritual strength alone is the solution for anything. Nothing else can be the solution. Neither the power of money, nor the society or political strength. It is spiritual strength. Spiritual strength alone can solve everything. Let us stand with our integrity, authenticity and responsibility. I tell you only when you take the responsibility for anyakaara, only when you take the responsibility for the anyakaara you grow, you expand. If you say no, no, I am responsible for what I feel as me, and what I project as me, how can I be responsible for what others believe as me. Subtly knowingly or unknowingly you cooperate for what others believe as you. in my case knowingly I do, in your case unknowingly you do it. You are responsible for it. Only the problems for which you feel responsible you can solve, you can complete nothing else. Only things you feel you are responsible you can complete. If you feel you are never responsible, you will never look into it and complete it.

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