Third eye meditation to see the whole world as a dream and awaken to the higher intelligence within you.

This meditation is to be done before going to sleep.

  • Sit straight on your bed.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Be aware of the third eye, the ajna chakra, which is the subtle energy center between your eyebrows.
  • Do not concentrate, do not strain.
  • Just be fully aware, in a very relaxed way.
  • Be aware of the ajna chakra and of the movement of prana, the life energy. Watch how the prana flows into your body, how the incoming breath brings more energy and the outgoing breath relaxes your body. Just feel it.
  • Again, do not concentrate. Just be aware, in a very relaxed way, of the ajna chakra and the flow of the incoming and outgoing breath.
  • Now, get into a sleeping position. Be aware of the third eye when you are falling asleep. When you lie down on the bed, decide, ‘Yes, now I am going to fall asleep.’
  • Be aware when your consciousness gets diffused, when you are just disappearing into the darkness, into deep sleep.

Before going to sleep, if you are aware of the third eye it is enough, because your prana is hovering there during the waking state. As you fall asleep, the prana will start moving downwards from the third eye.

Next, throughout the day, whenever you remember, think that this whole world is not real, that you are just dreaming, that whatever you are seeing is just a dream. Consciously remember that whatever you are doing – eating, sleeping, walking, drinking, driving, sitting in your office – is all just a dream.

Whatever is happening in front of you, whatever you are experiencing, is a changing dream. Just remember this, that’s all.

Immediately you will tell yourself, ‘How can I think that this world is a dream? This world is in fact a reality.’ Please be very clear, there is a distinction between fact and truth. ‘The whole world is a dream’ may not be a fact according to you, because the scale by which you measure whether something is a fact or not, is itself not accurate! Once you try to practice this technique, in a few days, you will understand the truth behind these words. It will lead you to the truth. It may not be a fact for your logical mind, but it is a fact and truth at a deeper level.

So throughout the whole day, whenever you remember, tell yourself, ‘This world is a dream, whatever I am perceiving is a dream.’ Slowly, you will see, the whole projection just gets diffused. You will then see the screen on which this whole dream is taking place!

Just try this for the next eleven days.

Whatever is happening in front of you, whatever you are experiencing, is a changing dream. Just remember this, that’s all.

One important thing to know is any idea that you continuously remember the whole day for eleven days will penetrate your dream state. When you are dreaming, you will know you are dreaming. If you remember you are dreaming in the dream, you will be awakened.

Continuously for eleven days, if you tell yourself that you are a doctor but actually you are a lawyer by profession, in your dreams, you will see yourself as a doctor. If you want to change your identity, eleven days is enough. You will start expressing that new identity.

If this idea penetrates your inner being, the dream state, you will experience a tremendous healing effect over your entire being. This one experience is enough, you will be tremendously balanced in your day-to-day life. Not only that, suddenly you will see that you have the energy to change what you think of as reality. Situations which you thought you would never be able to change, will start changing. The screen on which you project this whole dream and see is what I call consciousness or prana. When you start seeing the screen on which you are projecting this whole dream, you will also see the same screen with awareness when you are dreaming.

The next question that the mind will ask is, ‘If I am dreaming, why should I continue doing anything at all?’ Even if it is all a dream, you can still be doing, there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t want to continue doing because you take yourself seriously. If you remember you are dreaming, then your dreaming or non-dreaming is in no way going to change anything. You will then relax and let life happen. You will be in the flow of life.

Suddenly your intelligence will be awakened. You will be awakened to the truth that the whole thing is your projection. Then you will not be the same person anymore because you will see the truth.

source: Living Enlightenment

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