Manifest your Reality through Completion Process!

If you want to have a breakthrough in life, this session is for you. If you want wealth, if you want health, completion in relationships, this session is for you. This is neither personality development nor therapy it is a science taught by Paramashiva Himself to Devi and has been recorded in Shaiva Aagamas. This science has now been revived and re-introduced to the modern world by H.D.H Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam! To know more about Swamiji and His Mission –

In this session, instructor works with the participants personally not only to identify the blindspots but also to clean them up using Completion process! This is not lecture where you will come listen, take notes and leave! It is more of a process where you will be shared references from Shastras (Shastra pramana), Swamiji’s words (Atma Pramana), instructor’s experience(Sakshi pramana) and do few exercises and leave with experience and understanding. This process will make you understand why is your life the way it is and how you can re-write it. 

NOTE: Please watch this video beautifully explained by Swamiji Himself on Poornatva Kriya ( Completion process) before attending the session

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