Maturity is functioning out of immense innocence and giving your whole to the moment!

The Dhammapada says: Light the lamp within; strive hard to attain wisdom. Become pure and innocent, and live in the world of light.

When you came into the world, you came as an innocent infant. You radiated the beauty of your innocence until society gave you the mind. Now, you want to get rid of your mind and become innocent again. The regained innocence is what is called maturity. It is possible to regain it. Just believe that you were innocent once upon a time. Trust that the innocence is still within you. Then it is possible to start radiating it again. This understanding will start the process again.

Let the core of you be at ease all the time, irrespective of where you might be or what you may be doing. Then you can retain your purity.

Maturity causes us to live in totality. Totality is functioning out of immense innocence and giving your whole to the moment. There is no opinion, no judgment, no fragments within you. There is only intense enthusiasm for the moment. The openness to the moment is the innocence. Just one thing is needed to become innocent once again. Don’t hide behind false knowledge. See where all you are hiding and step out to reveal your natural self. Then you are completely open. This is the attitude for enlightenment.

Knowing that you are hiding is the first step. Taking a strong decision to come out of it is the next step. Then you will see that innocence and maturity start happening. Read More

Meditation technique to raise intensity

If you are not getting the burning intensity, pray intensely for the intensity to happen. It will happen.

Remember how intensely and anxiously you run behind things that give you joy. Suppose I tell now that whoever prays intensely will get a ten million dollar prize, you will show the intensity of your life, is it not? Just because you think there is some product that will fulfill you, you are intense. With money you know it is going to add something to your life. In the same way, enlightenment is also going to add something to your life. In order to have intensity towards enlightenment, you can start by creating intensity towards things that you have experienced a desire towards.

For example, if you desire health or wealth, be intense about that. That yearning will become integrated and will get directed to the unknown, to enlightenment. Not only that, your unfulfilled desires can be simply burnt with the intensity. Whatever you experience as fulfillment, yearn for that. The intense yearning is enough, it will evaporate you. And the fulfillment you experience will be many times more than the fulfillment you may have ever experienced before. Read More

When you live the master’s body language you live enlightenment!

I had mentioned about my deep spiritual experience where I felt one with Existence and had a 360 degree vision of everything around me. There are so many people practicing so many different meditation techniques. What is the difference, what is the reason why the experience happened to a small boy?

I can say that one important reason is that my whole inner space was ripe, ready for this small technique to awaken and open it. Constantly I used to be in that high frequency of the masters without even my conscious awareness.

See, especially in the young age, whoever inspires or impresses you becomes the hero of your inner space. These great masters impressed me so much that in every situation I would think, ‘How would these great masters behave?’ For example, if I had some fear, I would remember, ‘How will Annamalai Swamigal face this fear? He won’t bother. He is enlightened. Let me also be like that.’ The inner space was so inspired and impressed by these great masters, that before every step I took in my life I would think, ‘How will he behave? Let me also do that.’ The inner space was so pure also at the young age and I had no heroes other than the masters. At every step I used to think, ‘How will he behave? Let me behave like that. How he will do? Let me do like that.

I used to go for a circumambulation of the Arunachala hill. It is more than twelve kilometers around the hill. I used to go late at night. When I had a little fear I used to say, ‘How will Annamalai Swamigal behave? He won’t bother about fear. Then let me also be like that.’

Let me tell you about one incident. Read More