All of you, understand, your aggression, agitation, that is responsible for the other person’s aggression or agitation. If you master your eyes never to overflow – means, tears not to come out – you can master and keep the ocean without overflowing! Please listen! If you can master your eyes never to overflow, you can master the ocean and control it never to overflow. It means, the energy which makes your eyes overflow, and the energy which makes the ocean overflow, both are one and the same! Both are one and the same! Continue reading

न जायते म्रियते वा कदाचित् ज्ञायं भूत्वा भविता वा न भूयः | अजो नित्यः शाश्वतोऽयं पुराणो न हन्यते हन्यमाने शरीरे || Na jaayathey mriyathey vaa kadhaachith Jnaayam bhoothvaa bhavithaa vaa na bhooyaha | Ajo nithyaha shaashvathoyam puraano Na hanyathey hanyamaaney shareerey || “It is not born, nor does it die; It is not that having been non-existent it comes into existence; It is unborn, eternal, ancient and ever-lasting; Though associated with the body, it does not get killed even when the body is killed.” – Second Chapter, twentieth verse of the Bhagavadgita. Please understand, I am quoting the Bhagavadgita not because these lines are just Krishna’s … Continue reading

Even why you don’t kill somebody, why you are not violent, even those things should be from the right context, not because you are going to be put in prison. Then if you can cheat the police and prison you will do anything you want? That is not living Advaitha. That is not living Advaitha. You need to know why you don’t rob others, don’t kill others. All these basic questions about life should be answered from the Advaithic context. ‘I don’t kill the other person because he is my own extension.’ ‘I don’t steal others’ property, because I don’t need; everything is mine; there is … Continue reading

Who does not manipulate Dharma in his thinking, there is no blind spot in his thinking. If he knows right, he does it; if he does not know, he knows it is not required. If he does not get up in the morning and come for Yoga, he knows it is not required. If he knows it is required, he is not inefficient, or there is no impossibility.” That is what I call no blind spot, no manipulation of the principle. Continue reading

I tell you, O my dear ones, with tremendous love I tell you, don’t be agitated to practice Advaitha. And, remember, my love is so powerful, it comes from Advaitha. Allow it to sink in your life. When it comes back to me, by that time it would have made you an Advaithi! Love OF the Master engulfs you, fills you, completes you, and raises you to the space of Advaitha, and comes back as love FOR the Master. So, just wait; allow my love to sink in you. When a Master’s love, love OF the Master is showered on you, suddenly you feel that nothing … Continue reading

*Just because u got it easily, it is not that it will leave u easily. Just because you got it by hard work, does not mean it will always be with you. This is a delusory understanding you have. *Whether something stays with you or goes away from you depends on how powerful you are with it. If you are powerful with your body, you will never have sickness. The parts over which you lost your power, gets into disease *Wealth – if you are powerful with it, it will never leave you. When your powerlessness is awakened by wealth, you get greedy with wealth and … Continue reading

When you handle with incompletions how the Completion can be done, Completion can be easy. See, when you sit for completing with your incompletions, understand the futility of the incompletions; means, they do not have any value, utility value in your life; they are not going to give you intelligence, they are not going to give you inspiration, they are not going to give you excitement, they are not going to add joy to your life. Other than being cancerous and self-destructive, the incompletions have no utility value in your life. I can say, in a way, they are futile. Remember that and go back to … Continue reading

The inability to handle the reality is suffering. The moment you have the ability to handle reality, it is no more suffering. And listening plays a very major role in that. When you don’t have listening, you always come to the conclusion before the information is cognized in you. The moment you start talking to somebody, when you don’t have listening, you start coming to your own conclusions either by rejecting that person or taking that person as a big threat. Both will lead you to suffering. If you take some joker as a villain, you will be suffering unnecessarily. If you take the villain as … Continue reading