You have never …

You have never been attracted to a woman?




Attracted to men?


Then what are you attracted physically to?

I am physically attracted only to the Arunachala Hill which creates a tremendous joy and excitement in me.

Have you been physically attracted to the sense of God?

Not like that but when I see the Arunachala Hill I feel the whole body become very alive.. I have never felt a sensual attraction to anything.

The way you have been getting into trouble to the way you are being treated certainly would make some of your devotees think how a godman who could protect them cannot even protect himself?

About how I have been treated the person who treated me like that should be questioned and not me. I don’t say it is ok to be treated like that, but it is upto them. How they treated does not take away my divinity, but how I responded and behaved in that situation proves my divinity.


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