Fishes are jumping independently in the ocean

Your whole inner space is like a ocean. Each part you experience is like a fish jumping in that ocean. Your inner space means the cosmic inner space is a ocean. Every thought you get, even the idea – you having your body is one more thought. ‘I have this body which is 6 feet’ is a thought. So each thought is a fish jumping in that ocean. Please understand each thought is a fish jumping in the ocean. Now independently too many fishes jumping for different reasons in the ocean, you start connecting all those fishes and try to make meaning out of that. “Oh! this fish was jumping right, this left, that front, this back. Oh! all the fishes are trying to create a square”. They are NOT. They are jumping for various reasons at various places. But you try to make meaning out of those fishes jumping. Same thing you do in the mind also. When various thoughts comes up, it is independent, just jumping, happening. But you try to connect all those thoughts and create a meaning. “Oh! I am depressed because I lost my job”. As if when you had job you are not depressed. All your thoughts are independent fishes jumping, the moment you try to make meaning out of that thoughts, either you are in depression or suffering or feeling claustrophobic. Feeling claustrophobic is life imprisonment. All of you feel continuously for some or the other reason claustrophobic – you are caught, you are caught. 

Independent fishes jumping does not make any meaning. Independent thoughts happening in your consciousness does not have any meaning in your life. It is too scary to know your thoughts don’t mean anything in your life. You feel your thoughts are your property, wealth. That is your life. But unfortunately you need know the truth. They are not pearls, you have collected some sea shells and preserving them thinking they are pearls. And some glittering stones which are lying in the beach you collected and safely keeping in your locker thinking that they are diamonds. Your thoughts are independent fishes jumping. They don’t mean much to your life or to your existence. 

Your consciousness is like a ocean. Even the idea you have this body is one fish jumping.

Then second fish jumping – ‘I think this body is very healthy’.

Third fish – ‘No, no, it is too heavy. I can’t even sit in padmasana. It is unhealthy. 

Fourth fish – ‘No, no, no. I am very healthy. I am really healthy. I think I am wealthy also. See how much wealth I have’

Fifth fish – ‘If you are thinking you have so much wealth. What will you do if somebody steals. Come on, create more wealth’.

Next fish – ‘I think this white cloth is not proper on me, I should get another one dress.’

Another fish – ‘Oh! If I get little bonda today for lunch how great it will be’. 

All these are different fishes. There is no meaning for this fishes jumping. There is no meaning if you think you have healthy body. There is no meaning if you think you have a sick body. Both have no meaning. There is no meaning if you think you are wealthy, there is no meaning if you think you are poor. There is no meaning in anything. A high acheiver does not even know he achieved so much. Understand, if you think you are hard worker it has no meaning. If you think you work smart it has no meaning. Nothing has any meaning, then you can say “Why should I do anything, let me withdraw”. That is also no meaning. When nothing has no meaning why should you withdraw, why don’t you achieve. You see if nothing has any meaning, if you are interested in withdrawing then you are carrying a deep hatred for high achievement. You are withdrawing not because of the realization that nothing has any meaning but because of previous conclusion achievement is hard. If you have realized nothing has any meaning, then you should use that to  create intelligence and confidence and be a high achiever.

If the world is dream don’t withdraw from it. Achieve as you want, dream as you want.

Just sit knowing without missing a single fish, don’t allow even one fish go unattended. You don’t need to suppress, kill or catch or anything. Just know there is a fish. No fish should go unattended. No fish should be attended. Attending means encouraging or suppressing. Just know fishes are jumping, that’s all. 


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