Existence always showers

In our yearly trip to the Himalayas, some of the participants complain about the hardships and unhygienic conditions. I have told people time and again that just being in the Himalayas is a blessing that not many people get and that they just have to enjoy that and leave the rest as trivia. Somehow, people get perturbed and talk about these things. On one such occasion, two of the younger disciples were telling me, “Swamiji, these people are talking about the hardships here and they try not to bother about it, but we can’t even see the hardships! We are just enjoying ourselves all the time!”. This is what I mean when I say that when you are happy unto yourself, there is no such thing as ‘my peace’ or ‘your peace’. Whatever is, IS, that’s all. You are there, it is there and nothing is related. You simply move on in the same state of peace and bliss.

When you understand that you are showered not because you are worthy of it but because Existence simply showers on anyone and anything, you will stop complaining. You complain because you feel you are worthy of something and have not been given that. Be very clear: no one is worthy or unworthy; no one is a saint or sinner. It is all in the understanding and moving in tune with nature that makes you a receiver of Existence and its gifts. It is always a deep understanding that gives you a shift in consciousness. 

If you are open, Existence showers. Existence is continuously showering only we don’t know how to receive it. We are so busy collecting words!


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