Whole world is supporting My existence

I wanted to share with you from the young age I used to feel a very deep strong feeling inside me. Its like Vivekananda says once to His guru Ramakrishna, “Whenever I fall asleep I feel a ball of light happening in front of me and exploding into my inner space, I just fall asleep, fall into that.” And He says He always felt all kids used to sleep like that only. He never thought He is someway special because of that experience. He thought not only for me but for everybody always this is the way it is. Ramakrishna was so happy and He said “You don’t know how special you are. Only people who can compare you with normal human beings can understand how special you are”. How Vivekananda was feeling always He falls into that light, I have one experience. I had from the young age unbroken thought trend, experience, not even a thought trend but a current – that whole world is celebrating My presence. The whole world is supporting My existence. The whole world is supporting, fulfilling for what I took birth. This one feeling, one experience was a constant inspiration. Please understand, till now, even after this whole scandal and abusal I went through by the unconscious hypocritical society, some how that strong feeling inside, that strong current inside – everybody is part of My drama, My leela. The happening which is happening through this body is being supported by all the people who cherished so much enmity, so much conspiracy, so much of vengeance, wanted to destroy Me and My mission physically, legally, socially and character assassination. Tried to poison, tried to kill, tried to threat, tried to physically destroy, what not. But still somehow unimaginable confidence, the unimaginable joy, unimaginable experience, whenever I relax either into Samadhi or into rest or into sleep, you can call with different names but I have only one thing – Turiya. Whenever I relax into that I have such a strong confidence, such a clear experience, not even confidence just an experience – all these fellows who have cherished so much enmity, vomited so much venom on Me and My mission, and just yesterday I had an abusive email from ex-devotee. Anyhow even after seeing that mail, after seeing that whole thing some how I feel this whole thing is My own drama.

This whole thing, not just this scandal, this whole Cosmos, this whole Prapancha, this whole universe – I have a strong feeling is just My play and every body is helping in what I am doing and everything is supporting in what I am doing.

Everything is playing for My side. Still I do not feel that there is something playing opposite side. How to exist in the planet earth, that’s a big problem. 

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