The truth I want to share with you all is Parabhakthi.

Understand deeply, until you see every individual as god ,you will not achieve fulfillment in your life.

Seeing god in some idol /deity is Devotion to God, Seeing god in some person is Devotion to Guru(Guru Bhakthi).Seeing God in your self is Atma Bhakthi.But on the concept all the objects you see and people you see as God – Shakthi is Parabhakthi.

Seeing the Divinity in all the tings you see in every thing and every place is the essence of your life.Deeply understand , seeing divinity in every thing you see is the important goal of your life.Understand, seeing divinity in yourself is Jnanam (knowledge), but seeing Divinity in all things is Vijnanam(wisdom).

One who does not see divinity in all cannot lead pleasant life.You see yourself deeply ,Seeing divinity in yourself you will be living like an island. Only when you see divinity every where ,you will start living true life.

When you see some person and enjoy seeing the physique is Lust.When you see some person and enjoy the human nature is Love .Seeing the Divinity in the person is ,understand well ,seeing one’s physique alone is lust, seeing the human nature is love and seeing the Divinity is Parabhakthi.

Start seeing divinity in every person you see.


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