It is not OK !

‘IT IS OK’ is flowing with the current, ‘IT IS NOT OK’ is anchoring the ship to protect yourself!

The moment you start dropping these small instructions, like you miss yoga today, or it’s okay, when you’ve said too many okays – poverty, chastity, purity – when you drop these and you’re a Sannyas – when you drop Pada Puja because you think you will always remember Him anyway.  “It’s okay if I eat Sundal.” “It’s okay if I take coffee.”  You’re confidence is eaten slowly, slowly by the white ant, “it’s okay.” This ant will destroy you.

 The white ant which will destroy your life is called, “it’s okay,” which will destroy you and your life.  Wherever you are now is because the reason is “it’s okay.” Otherwise each one of you would be a diamond.  Each one of your stories, your sacrifice, your dedication – the difference between you and Nayanmars is that he does not have “it’s okay.”

 Immediately the thing you need to pull out of you is, “it’s okay.”

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