When there is devotion, eyes will have a smile :)

Let me define “Bhakti”: 

“People who experience Completion out of the emotion which happens due to the higher consciousness pastimes”. 

Please understand, your pastime always leads you to incompletion. An incarnation’s pastimes always leads you to Completion! If you constantly remember what you did when you were a child, you will be in more and more incompletion. If you constantly remember what Krishna did when he was a child, you will be more and more in the space of Completion!

Leela Dhyána! is such a powerful space creator! Beyond a certain level, your intellect will not have the strength to create a space. For example, when you learn about the power of the space, you will create a space:

‘Come on, I am creating the space to build ten ashrams, five temples, three-hundred ashramites, two-hundred sannyasis!’ You will fail…..you may fail in one item, means you may fail in one dimension. You may be successful in some. You might have created ten temples, you might have created five ashrams, but you would have missed in the sannyasis number. When you fail in one, you lose confidence over you. Again you will create a certain space: ‘I am creating the space for this and working…..’ You may fail in one or two things. Your intellect does not have the strength to stand up again and again and create the space and face those few failures when it happens in your life.

But the emotion – bhakti/devotion is so powerful, it can create again and again tirelessly, the right space for you. 

Only with intellect, by intellectually understanding Completion, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, when you fall you will collapse. But if you understand with emotion, with Leela Dhyana, with devotion, if you understand, even if you fall you won’t collapse. When you create the space along with the feeling connection, emotion, devotion towards the higher consciousness, I guarantee simply failure disappears from your system, because Krishna is not a story, Sundareshwara is not a story, Meenakshi is not a story. I can’t even say it has happened. I only can say it is happening whenever you remember them. It is not pastime; it is present times whenever you remember them.

Understand, I am not promoting any superstition, I am not promoting any lies, I am not promoting anything about which I myself have a doubt in a corner of my heart. No, I am very clear.

Medicine for the Mamakara is Leela Dhyana. Your Mamakara is such a pain in the stomach and the head. Leela Dhyana is such beautiful nectar to heal your inner image. If you are struggling to get out of inner image, you should complete yourself with the devotion, with the bhakthi. I tell you, only bhakthi can really make you enrich and only Enriching can make bhakthi happen in you. If you had little bit of bhakthi, no one needs to pressurize you to enrich. Enriching, Enriching will be just your breathing pattern. Power of Enriching.

If you build your Completion with devotion also as a part of your cognition, then you will never fall into depression.If you build your Completion of life just with the intellectual understanding of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, it is like a just concrete pillar. If you build the space of Completion and the space for your life with devotion, it is equivalent to putting the steel rods; the space you create for your life will be multi-fold stronger, you will stand forever and enrich the world.

Enriching devotees out of your devotion, Enriching the world with the clarity. I only can request, please bring devotion in some form in your cognition. When it comes to devotion, even preaching or teaching is, looks very aggressive. It is such a sweet, soft component of the being. It can only be shared with a smile in the eyes or as the tears in the eyes. You can enrich people with devotion only based on the smile your eyes carry, please understand, not the smile your face carries or you lips carry. When there is devotion, eyes will have a smile. Only a person who has experienced it can recognize it.

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