In our muscle memory memories are stored. If there is memory in your muscles, you will live a blissful life. If there are many memories in your muscles, you are trapped in big problems. When there are many memories in your muscles, many incompletions are stored, you are in a complicated situation. This is like democracy, where for taking every decision there are many decision makers. Then in your life you don’t even know what you want. If you are living this kind of life, then you are not living but just waiting for death. When you bring completion, the conflict inside you goes away. Then your muscle memories come to a state of peace.

Sit with yourself and do completion. Completion can bring a huge peace to your muscle memory and bio-memory. 

The incompletions in your muscle memory is like sleeping volcano. You don’t know when they will awaken. Because of incompletion your life becomes a crisis. Work on your body, you will be liberated of depression and other mental problems.

Every night completion and every morning yoga and heavy weight-lifting just these two are enough to be established in enlightenment. In the morning after heavy yoga have bath in a huge water body that is at least 100 times the volume of blood flowing in your body. I declare that whoever considers me as their guru, for them these two are mandatory, i.e. every night practicing deep completion and every morning practicing heavy yoga and weightlifting.  

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