Everything is a gas balloon in your life

Every form you carry in your life, everything which is most valuable or most dangerous in your life, most valuable or most dangerous in your life, gets alive, becomes alive, gets life only based on the incompletions you infuse into it. Understand, everything is gas balloon in your life. Whether it is the most important form or the most dangerous form, it’s a gas balloon which balloon you are going to inflate it by infusing your incompletion. Please understand, the most dangerous thing you think in your life, whether it is poverty, or death, or disease, or accident, or losing your name and fame, or losing your identity, the most dangerous thing is also inflated balloon by your incompletion. And the most beautiful form in your life, even if it is Guru’s form, even if it is your Ishta devatha’s form, is nothing but form inflated by some of your incompletions. Please listen; I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”! I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”. Even you making your God or Guru a hero or saviour or father figure is nothing but you feeling something is missing in your original space of Completion. So, both inflations are your creation. Please listen, I am giving you one of the greatest advaitic truth in a simple, straight-forward way.

The most important truth you need to know, whether it is the most dangerous form you think in your life or the most blissful, reassuring form you think in your life, form is a form is a form. Form gets its power only based on incompletion. If you think somebody is a villain, somebody is a hero; both are from your incompletion. Do not have God or Guru in your life because of your incompletion. Have both of them because of your Completion, strength and love. I tell you, people who try to project hero figure, father figure on me because of their incompletion, I am afraid of them, because any day they will pull out their gas supply to my form. Whether it is Guru or God, if your devotion, if your love is based on Completion, only then you will also grow, you will be really, really, really growing in pure love and devotion towards Guru or God.

If you have fear of snakes, in your whole life if you see the statistics, you would have seen snake only once and that also in a zoo, at a very safe distance where they cannot come near you. You can only see them and they can only see you. You would have seen only twice, but mentally you will be seeing snakes every day two-hundred times and having the panic attack. Not by the snake, but by the memory of the snake, you will have much death sooner. Not by the poison of the snake, but by the visualization of the snake, you will have early death!

Life in its pristine pure form is Completion. When you bring Completion into you, no form will bind you, whether it is love or danger, no form will be binding you whether it is love or fear.

Means, only by spontaneous decision of Completion, anything great can happen in the life, never by something which you have been mulling over in incompletion for ages and ages and ages.

Adi Shankara says in Viveka Choodamani, ‘Even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam you are sitting with certain visualization or ritual out of incompletion, nothing can be done’ – He says, “even the age of a Brahma if you are sitting with some ritual, visualization, you cannot achieve anything great, you cannot achieve any Completion”. So, understand, even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam if you sit with incompletion, whether you sit with your negative visualizations or positive visualizations, life is not going to become complete, it is not going to be liberating you.

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