Please understand, either your thinking can make you more and more suffocated, bound, or your thinking can make you more and more free and liberated. If you start adopting the right thinking, in one year you will see, by the natural flow of your life you will be liberated! You will feel powerful; no suffocation, no complication; feeling free all the time! It is your thinking style! Understand, either you are going to become more and more free and liberated, or more and more bound. You cannot be anchoring your ship (thinking), you cannot stop, there is no break, because thinking will be going on whole day. So, either you start developing the thinking which liberates you, or which binds you.

By thinking, either you become “bandha” (bound) or “muktha” (liberated). “Baddha Jeeva” (bound soul) or “Muktha Jeeva” (liberated soul). I tell you, it is such a simple way! Anyhow you are going to think; you cannot stop it (your thinking). Then why not start thinking in the direction which will liberate you? You don’t need to blow your nose! You don’t need to wake up early morning 4 o’clock! You don’t need to clean your different holes! You don’t need to pour water in your different holes! You don’t need to do Nirahara! Simply adopt the cognitive shift: ‘From now I will think based on Completion.’ That’s all! Just learn the Science of Completion. Complete with you. Continuously be in the space of Completion. That’s all!

I tell you, one year is too much time for you to be liberated! Just think based on Completion everyday; you will be liberated! Don’t be stuck in any incompletion pattern. That will be like a bone stuck in your throat.

In this one thing, be fanatic: ‘I will think only out of Completion! I will not sleep without completing all the incompletions!’ If you have incompletions, lock yourself in a room, sit, decide, ‘I will complete and only then come out!’

Completion-based cognition! One year thinking in the right direction is enough; you will be liberated!

Sometimes I wonder why these human-beings suffer without getting liberated when such a simple practice is available! Then I feel, ‘I myself did the same. So, that is why these people are doing. I was also going this side, that side, here, there. Only then, finally, I saw, “Yes, yes, yes, this is such a simple thing”!’ I tell you, but one good thing, from this “janma” (life/birth), the day I took this body, from birth, in this birth, in this “janma”, I was very clear about this Completion-based life. This “janma” I didn’t waste any time looking this side, that side. This “janma”, it was completely beautiful and useful. I really tell you all, you don’t need to waste your energy, time, by going on thinking into the style of binding yourself. No! Not required! Not required at all! Think into liberating your life. Think into the pattern of liberating you.

Please understand, your mind is such a powerful tool you have. Awaken it! Use it! It is like a Kalpataru! It can give you whatever you want! It can lead you beyond it! That is the beauty of the mind. Guru can make you a bigger guru! My gurus have done it! My gurus made me bigger than them. I will be a guru only if I make you guys bigger than me, and I am always waiting for it to happen! Understand, your mind can lead you beyond mind if you awaken it. Just only one thing: Decide, ‘I will always live in the space of Completion.’ From the space of Completion continue. Build from the space of Completion.

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