The inability to handle the reality is suffering. The moment you have the ability to handle reality, it is no more suffering. And listening plays a very major role in that.

When you don’t have listening, you always come to the conclusion before the information is cognized in you.

The moment you start talking to somebody, when you don’t have listening, you start coming to your own conclusions either by rejecting that person or taking that person as a big threat. Both will lead you to suffering. If you take some joker as a villain, you will be suffering unnecessarily. If you take the villain as a joker, you are neglecting the great problems and big sufferings going to come. To gauge a villain as a villain, a comedian as a comedian, you need listening. 

Please understand, it is listening which is important to see the guy who is in front of your life is going to be a comedian or a villain or your friend. Just because it’s a close persons opinion I don’t take that as hundred percent proof . Just because it’s opponents opinion I don’t take that very lightly. In every moment I put my listening and separate the comedians, villains and heroes. Heroes let them be encouraged to support, comedians laugh at them, villains attend to them and give them the right reply.

Listening is survival need.

If you just have listening towards your mind it cannot cause any more suffering to you. Your mind is also one of the close attendants you have. Because of your confidence over that guy, that guy tries to give you false information and exploits you. I have seen this happening, I have seen this happening. It is not that he is a criminal but he does not have listening.

People ask me, “How can we get to the space of pure listening? How is it practically possible to be in listening? “

Each time in our so busy daily lives I can give you simple few techniques: Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought, panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something , listen to your heart, listen to you blood flow, listen to your liver it will really help you. You will learn listening. Once in a while, sit with a tree, sit with a river, sit with a water-body. When I say “water-body”, I mean hundred times more quantity water than your blood level is a “water-body” It can be anything; it can be a tank, pond, river. I think your body carries almost five to seven litres of blood based on your size. So, around seven hundred litre water if it is there, it can be considered as a water-body. Even a water-tank seven hundred litres water. If you sit with a water body and listen, it may look very funny in the initial level; but, I tell you, it’ll develop listening!

In the Inner Awakening Level-4, the first initiation you are going to have is “Shravana Deeksha”, initiation into Listening.

I am really telling you, listen when you are feeling confronted. Listen when you are feeling conflict. Listen when you are sick and tired. Listen when you feel why life is like this. Listen whenever you have a resistance towards something. Listening.

Your inability to listen will make anything in the life as suffering. Even milk will become poison. Your ability to listen will make even poison into nectar. If you have the listening, when the idea starts in your throat. Please understand, listening in the source where the ideas are happening is “Unclutching”. If you just sit with you and listen you talking to you.
– See largest gathering of human beings is Kumbha Mela, largest action of human beings on same day, see like festival or celebration is also India, Indian election. That is the largest action or happening where largest number of human beings are participating. China has more population but they don’t have election. Largest gathering of human beings and largest active participating celebration of human beings both happen in India. Please understand your mind behaves like a mike starving mahatma. I tell you, sit and listen it out, listen it out.

Listening out to your mind is “Unclutching”. Every day, listening out to your mind before going to sleep is “Completion”. Completion is nothing but listening. If you are listening, you will be in the space of Completion. Listen to your physical ailments. When you have headache, listen to your head. When you have stomach pain, listen to your stomach. If you have diabetes, listen to your tiredness. If you have blood pressure, listen to your agitation. Listen to every conflict, every contradiction, every confrontation you face in the life. When you are in the space of Completion, you will be naturally listening without any struggle or effort.
Bring listening; bring listening into your life. Bring listening to your thinking. Bring listening to your words. Bring listening to others’ words. Bring listening to the conflicts you are going through. I tell you, when you don’t listen, your mind will behave with you like a politician. When you listen, your mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. If you listen, your own mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. Your mind will be Guru for you. It will take you away from all sufferings. It will melt down all worries, all sufferings, all conflicts.

Listening, listening whole day, Completion whole night, is the life of a Yogi. Listening whole day, Completion whole night, means being in the space of listening throughout the day, being in the space of Completion throughout the night. I tell you, listening is Dhyana, Completion is Samadhi. When you listen in the source of the words and thoughts, which is the neck, which is the throat, you will be in the space of Unclutching, even poison will not cross this and grow and disturb your body. That is what is the meaning of “Neelakanta”; because Mahadeva is established in the pure space of listening, even poison cannot cross his listening, the power of listening, and affect his body.

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