Yesterday, when they completed the Rudra Homa, no cloud; it was complete white, open sky.  I went to the temple and asked them, ‘Did you guys finish the Rudra Homa?’  They said, ‘Yes, Swamiji, we finished.’  I said, ‘It HAS to shower!’  They brought the prasadam to me.  And, when I put the prasadam only after putting the Prasadam,  Homa Prasadam, when I opened my eyes I realized  now already I accepted because I accepted, all the gods have accepted, now it HAS to shower! And these fellows had a very short cut way. And it simply showered in few minutes!  Normally it drizzles, yesterday it just poured!

Understand, I want all of you to radiate enlightenment, to radiate Advaitha with all its powers and siddhis.  Never have the beggar mentality of acquiring siddhis, accumulating siddhis.  It is like you steal in your own father’s garden, mango garden.  No!  You own it! The moment you are my disciple, I tell you, you own the whole Cosmos!  You are the favourite inheritor of the Cosmos – Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam.

Understand, for the few people who have done great charity, God gives wealth.  For few people who always do good, he gives power.  For few people who share food, he gives them grains.  For few people who are able to bring up the kids as good citizens of the society, he gives the “santhaana” –  the kids.  Only for few, he gives Himself as Guru.  Many get his wealth; many get his land; many get his properties; many get his powers; very few get Himself as Guru!  Understand, the moment you are my disciple, you are the favourite inheritor of the Cosmos.  Be very clear.  You don’t, do not move with the idea of acquiring siddhis, it’s a beggar mentality.  Be very clear, it is your nature; wake it up!  Know very clearly, it is your nature; you don’t need to accumulate, acquire.  Start thinking and acting from the context of Advaitha.  Start thinking and acting from the basic truth of Advaitha; automatically, these siddhis will start expressing. Sometimes even you don’t know which pipe you opened it and water will be flowing there.  You will be radiating the siddhis.

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