I celebrate you being here !

Understand, when I found Advaitha, when Advaitha clicked with me….. Let me be very honest, it is Arunagiri Yogishwara who taught Advaitha to me personally!

I tell you, the first thing I experienced, I found solution, I do not have any more anxiety, fear, cause for fear! I do not have anything which can make me powerless or frighten me. That Completion, like a bomb exploding in me! I fell in love with Advaitha! I fell in love with the person who introduced that Advaitha to me! Understand, I fell in love with Advaitha, and I fell in love with the person who introduced Advaitha to me and who was the embodiment of Advaitha for me.

I tell you, that Completion, and I know for sure, anything in life, I know this dhamma, dharma, the Advaitha is there. I can never fall into powerlessness, and I am always powerful, and the powerlessness has lost meaning. Even Fear cannot frighten me, Death cannot kill me! The whole thing, the powerlessness, fear, anxiety, lost meaning in my life. The Completion with Dhamma, the Completion with Advaitha, when that clicked into me, I know I have experienced the space of falling in love with…..I can say, “rising in love” with dhamma, and rising in love with the Master who gives that dhamma, who is the embodiment of that Advaitha. Because I experienced this with Arunagiri Yogishwara, I can understand you guys, what you guys actually experienced with me. And, I want to tell you, with all my being, I sincerely reciprocate that with you guys, reciprocate that to you guys. I know what you are going through! You don’t have to think, ‘Oh, whether he understands or not what I am feeling for him?’ Don’t worry, I understand! HAHAHAHAHA! I understand more than you understand, because I have been through this with Arunagiri Yogishwara….I have been through this with Arunagiri Yogishwara.

And, I still remember…. It may look too mystical, but I am not talking to…..I am very clear, I am talking to my disciples, my devotees. I am not talking to anybody else. When I was seeing Arunagiri Yogishwara every day and listening from him, learning from him, experiencing from him, every night I have to leave the temple to come to the house. I will leave around eleven o’clock, because by twelve they will lock the doors, all the watchmen. I think, in those days, the temple used to be very free. The watchman will…. just if I say, ‘I will sit here some more time’, they will say, ‘Yes, yes’ and allow me; they will not have any problem. And, by night eleven I will come back to the house, and early morning four o’clock I will run back to the temple. But those four hours used to look too much! I used to feel it is like ten days, those four hours. And, I constantly used to be watching the clock, ‘Why this clock is not moving? This stupid clock, why the time is not happening?’ And I used to suspect whether the clock has stopped. I sometimes used to run and see the next room clock to see whether that clock is also showing the same time, or whether my clock has stopped running! I used to have this cranky thing. I just want to run back to be with him, with Arunagiri Yogishwara. It used to be so strong, may be, after ten-fifteen days I told him directly, ‘I feel that every night the time is too long.’ I am trying to get the exact words, Tamil words, and tell you. The conversation I was having with him, I am trying to translate exactly that. I told him that, ‘Every night it is too much!’ I will repeat in Tamil. I will say in Tamil; then I will translate. I don’t want to miss that original statement as it happened.

I was sitting with him holding his knee, the right knee. Whenever I sat with him, I will always hold his hand or his leg or some part of his body. I used to feel some energy is coming from him. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was putting both my hands on his knee and I was saying,

‘Saami, Saami, dhinam raathiri indha watchu nagaravey maateyngudhu! Indha time-piece (alarm-clock) nagaravey maateyngudhu! Raathiri pogavey maateyngudhu! Naalu mani neram, naalu naal maadhiri irukudhu! Indha time-piece ah naanum nagathi nagathi paakiren, timeay nagara maateyngudhu! Time-piece ah nagathina, time nagara maateyngudhu! Enna pannaradhu Saami?’

Please understand, I was telling him that ‘Even if I move this time piece, the time is not moving. So I don’t know what to do! The time looks huge….too much! These four hours look like four days! I don’t know what to do!’ I remember exactly what he said:

‘Unakku mattum allada! Enakkum appadi thaanda irukku! Adhunaala thaaneyda kaalatthaye surukkidaren unakkaaga!’

He told me, ‘Not only for you, even for me it is like that only! So, that is why I am reducing the whole Time for you to be with me!’ He said these very words! He said…then he expanded:

‘Nee vandhu enna paaka, Sooryan, Chandran, ellaatheyum naan maatha veyndi irukke!’

Means, he said, ‘For you to come quickly and sit with me, I have to move the Sun, Moon, everybody, and change the whole Time, and quicken the process of time movement!’ Then I know, it is not that only the disciple feels, the Master also feels!

If you guys are moving only small things to be here, I am moving bigger things for me to be here with you guys! Understand, if you guys are moving only small things, whatever needed, to be here with me, I am moving bigger things for you guys for you to be with me! I am trying to move only the stupid time-piece, alarm-clock, to be with Arunagiri Yogishwara; he is moving the Sun and the Moon for me to be with him! Understand, what we move is toy; what he moves is Cosmos! You move your toys to be with me; I move the Cosmos for you to be with me! I moved my toy alarm-piece to be with him; he moved the Sun and the Moon for me to be with him! Understand, he also celebrates….I understood. I wanted to tell you guys, I also celebrate you being here….you being here!

What to say? The essence: See you guys all in Cambodia to celebrate! And, I tell you guys, you move yourself just to fill the Intention Form; I move the whole Cosmos to make it into reality! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I only moved the time-piece, alarm-clock; he moved the Sun and the Moon! I tell you, you just move to fill the Intention Form, I will move the Cosmos to make it into reality! See you guys in Cambodia! That is all! I bless you all!

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