First, foremost, and final words given to the universe from the Universe, given to humanity from the Cosmos

Listen! This is the first and foremost, and final word! Upanishads are not like Science, every day developing. For example, today a scientist will come and declare something as truth. Everyone will agree. That will be considered as truth. People will make their life’s decisions, align everything based on that truth. In ten years, another scientist will come and prove that whole thing as false and declare something else as truth. Then people will align their lives to that. And then, after five years, somebody else will come and declare that as a lie and prove something else as truth. Understand, if the truth is going to be changing tomorrow, it is not truth even today. Upanishads are not like science which is evolving or changing. It is like a scientist carries a lantern in a thick forest and tells the truths about the forest to the world, ‘There are ten trees, two snakes, and….dark.’ When you walk further, ‘No, no, the forest is not just ten trees and two snakes; it is more than twenty-five trees, and two elephants.’ When you walk further, ‘No, no, no, no, no, it is not even twenty-five trees. Trees, trees, trees! Any side we turn the lantern, it is trees, trees, trees all around, and different types of animals!’ This is what is Science! But, Upanishads are a Rishi sitting and seeing the whole forest in a flash of lightning and describing it! Understand, the lantern descriptions will always change; but the Rishi sitting in the peak of the hill, seeing the whole thing in one flash of lightning, and penning it down, is Upanishads! Understand the difference between these two. Upanishads are the first, foremost, and final word on truth! First, foremost, and final word on truth!

Nothing, nothing like Upanishads declare all the truths in so close a way to the heart, in such a closer way to the heart. Such a beautiful way to live! User-friendly!

Understand, clean your whole cognition and keep it ready! I am going to reveal the first, foremost, final words given to all of us directly by the Cosmos without any interference of sons or prophets or any ambassador. No! No ambassador! Not even incarnations, avatars! No! I wanted all of you to know, Gita (Bhagavad Gita) is “considered” as Upanishad, not Upanishad! Gita is “considered” as Upanishad, not Upanishad. Even the words of the incarnations are not kept in the same level of Upanishads in Hindu Tradition. “Shruti”, “heard”. Understand, the Upanishads are not “said” by any rishis; it is “heard” by the rishis. Who said it? It is Cosmos sang about itself! So, no Son of God, no Ambassador of God, no Prophet of God, no Incarnation of God wrote this book. It is directly the Universe declares about itself universally to the universe.

Clear up all your old cognitions about Life.

Clear up all your old cognitions about God.

Drop all your old cognitions about You.

Drop your old cognitions about the World.

Drop all your old cognitions and be fresh to receive the original Cosmic Cognition from the Comos itself to plan and live your life as the Cosmos wants you to live.

It is so juicy, I tell you! This is the word I should use. Upanishads are so “juicy” and so “spicy”! It has a lot of spice, I tell you honestly! It is not a dry book. It gives such amazing understanding! It has a lot of juice! It has a lot of beauty! It has a lot of joy! It is so full of life! It is so full of life!

Each Upanishad mantra is a Cosmic Cognition for you to live as Cosmos. Your relationship with You, your relationship with God, your relationship with Life, your relationship with everything can be defined and redefined with these Upanishadic mantras. Upanishadic mantras! Upanishadic mantras are far more powerful than any sound you can hear on Planet Earth. In such powerful vibration, such powerful truths you are going to receive it. Get ready! Get ready!

If I have to give an example, the second verse of the Upanishad says, “Decide to live hundreds of years, living in this liberated way”. Come on! What a “life affirmative” science this science is! It is not “life negative”. And, every one of your DNAs who hear these mantras will be deciding, supported to decide, and programmed to live hundreds of years, I am telling you! I will teach you, not just giving you these Cosmic Cognitions, but making them as core of you, your DNA, your very bio-memory, your very muscle-memory! Your very bio-memory, your very muscle-memory! Each of the verses should be heard, loved, cherished, digested, lived, radiated and enriched! Get ready, dropping all the old cognitions to live this new cognition.

Removing these old cognitions, and recording these new Cosmic Cognitions called “Upanishads” into your very core, into your very DNA, is what I am calling as “Cosmic Cognition”. Let us all stand together as a Sangha to spread this Cosmic Cognition to the whole world. Understand, Dhamma is the greatest service we can do to the world. Spreading this Cosmic Cognition to the world is the greatest service we can do to the world. It is Sangha which always enjoys Buddha. But Dhamma is the greatest service to the whole world. The whole world will not enjoy Buddha. Even if you give, they will not know how to enjoy, how to live, how to cherish (the Buddha). It is like the diamonds given to a beggar who does not know what to do with it, and he spreads that all around, and sits beyond because it hurts. And, when people give bhiksha for him and ask what it is, he says, ‘I don’t know what it is. Somebody gave. If you want, take it.’ That’s all! Or, a beggar who got a huge bag of diamonds; because of no work and he wants to pass the time, he was throwing one by one into the ocean and passing time! Human society will handle the Buddha like that only! They don’t know the value. It is Sangha which enjoys the Buddha…..Sangha which enjoys the Buddha. And the greatest gift Sangha can give to the world is the Dhamma, Dharma. Take these Upanishads, the highest Dharma, to the world.

Understand, as I said, for the whole Hinduism, the Vedic Tradition, this is the book. And, for the whole Nithyananda Sampradhaya, this is “THE” book. So, these satsanghs are going to be the main core message of our Sangha. The main core message the rishis delivered to the universe, I am repeating to the Universe, and I am repeating to our Sangha. Understand, later on, crores will watch these recordings, crores will read these books, but blessed are those who get to hear first-hand, directly! Now billions of people all over the world read Bhagavad Gita. Blessed are those who heard it directly! Four people heard it directly: Arjuna, Bhishma, Sanjaya, and Dhritarashtra. Four people only heard it directly, live: Arjuna and Bhishma directly from Krishna; Sanjaya through live telecast and two-way video-conferencing! HAHAHAHAHAHA! So, understand, blessed are those who enjoy directly, who are going to enjoy directly! Once these satsanghs are delivered, this book will become the core book not only for our Sangha, but also for the whole Vedic Tradition!

Understand, very politely, one of the greatest spiritual happenings is happening now in the Cosmos through these revelations of Upanishads, the Akashic Records of the Upanishads getting revealed, through these Akashic Records about the Upanishads getting revealed, the context, pre-text, post-text about the Upanishads getting revealed.

Understand, I am not going to comment; I am just going to explain the context from which the Upanishadic Rishis explained, and the pre-text and the post-text, and repeat it. I request, all over the world, all of you join as large Sangha as possible and listen. Don’t just sit in your puja room and bedroom and try to secretly watch. Try your best to gather as large Sangha as possible and listen. It will just awaken you! Awaken you! And, try your best to come on two-way, so that I will manage you don’t fall asleep in-between, you are attentive, you are listening, and you are internalizing, and you are intranalyzing, and you are living and radiating. And, any Kothari, Thanedar, Mahant anywhere from the world, welcome to come and stay in Bidadi and attend the Upanishadic satsanghs.

I am also planning to have just Upanishadic satsanghs, just ONLY Upanishadic satsanghs, on particular Upanishads like Kenopanishad, Kathopanishad, like that. We will go and sit on the banks of the Ganga in Himalayas, either in Uttarkashi or Rishikesh, have a live relay, live telecast of the Upanishadic satsanghs from those places. It is a free programme. Anyone can join. As I said, knowledge is free. Soon we will give you the dates. On the banks of the Ganga we will have a few days the Upanishad sessions, Upanishad satsanghs. And on the banks of the Godavari we will have a few days Upanishad sessions. And on the banks of the Narmada we will have a few days the Upanishad sessions. And on the banks of the Saraswathi. Saraswathi is seen visibly near Bhadri and Allahabad where she merges with Ganga. We will have Upanishad satsanghs at different places. Let us enjoy the Upanishads! Get ready to enjoy the Upanishads! Wherever the infrastructure for live relay is available, we will make the Upanishads happen from there. Let us enjoy the Upanishads from the very land from which it was delivered to the world. It was delivered to the world between the space of Saraswathi and Ganga. That is the valley. That is the space from which these Upanishads have been delivered to the world.

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