All we need is fearless, greedless businessmen, fearless, greedless rulers. That’s all !

The last few days I am constantly soaked in the consciousness of the Vedic civilization. When I was looking – I was just looking into the Akashic Records – I saw at that time of the Vedic civilization, on an average, a man worked only two to three hours a day. And, listen, please listen, the society has four divisions (“varnas”):

· “Brahmana” – means, the teachers;

· “Vaishya” – business community;

· “Kshatriya” – rulers;

· “Shudra” – working class.

And, you need to know, please understand, there was no “higher” and “lower” between these groups; all of them were doing different responsibilities. There was no “higher” and “lower”.

In these four, there are four “ashramas”:

· “Brahmacharya” – means, students;

· “Grihastha” – married;

· “Vanaprastha” – retired;

· “Sannyasis” – completely dedicated to teaching this science to the world, the enlightenment science to the world, to live and radiate this enlightenment science to the world.

In these four “varnas” and four “ashramas”, only the working class grihasthas were working. Please understand, in the eight groups, only among the grihasthas, the Shudras were working. The two teams, Vaishya and Kshatriya, were only selling and administering. So, almost like eighty percent of the society was just relaxing. And the number of Shudras, it was not that it was too big a number. No! Among the four “varnas”, it is only one “varna” which was working. Among the four “ashramas”, it is only one “ashrama” – only the grihastha ashrama – which was working. They have to support all the other ashramas. Among the four “varnas”, only Shudras were working. All the other three were not working. I was wondering, ‘How could such minimum workforce support the whole society?’ And they were such a rich society!

The modern-day history is completely a lie! These fools write that there was a Stone Age; then, in the Metal Age, it was like Brass, Bronze, Iron. No! There was a Stone Age; and in the Metal Age it was straight Gold in Vedic Civilization! It was straight Gold! Gold was invented, the working on gold started much, much ahead of working on brass and bronze and silver and other metals. And the amount of things available was so much! I am telling you with all my integrity, literally each one had a private jet for their transportation and travelling, which was capable of going between the planets! Not just country to country, “desha” to “desha”, but planet to planet, “graha” to “graha”!

Listen! Listen! I was wondering, ‘Was there a real exploitation, by the business class and rulers, of workers?’ All that, I was looking at. Suddenly, I realized, ‘No! Our business class and the rulers were such, such great people!’ When I look into today’s business class people’s mind and rulers’ mind, I understand how great they were in the Vedic times, because, look in……

Just the other day, I was reading an article. One corporate, capitalist guy says, ‘Water should not be natural, freely available to human-beings. In the next ten years it should be made as a commodity.’ Please understand, the basic conspiracy plans! When I looked, I saw that in the Vedic Civilization, not even food was a commodity! Today, we are in a period, transition period, where water is freely also available, and available for payment also. So, we understand that water should not become a paid commodity. But, after ten years, our next generation will not even know, they won’t even remember that there was a time when water was free, drinking water was free! We may be the last generation who drank free water and grew up! And, the Vedic Civilization was the last generation who were having free food and growing. I am committing with you guys, I will again bring this tradition of “food is free”! And I know how to do! I know how to do! Food, medical care, water, everything was free. I am telling you, now more of us are working, more of us are shedding our blood and sweat, and more population. Then what is happening? I also thought that may be now the available luxury is more; so we are all working to hold that luxury as lifestyle. No! I am telling you, NO! The number of greedy people and the science of keeping people superficial has become successful! The number of greedy people has become more, and their powerful conspiracy of keeping human beings superficial has become successful. That is why, even though you know that after five days you are not going to use them, you go on buying these stupid electronic gadgets. Each house has a huge electronic waste, which was used may be once, or not even once. I am giving you one small example. I can give you tons and tons and tons. One fellow, working for forty years to pay his house bank loan to wipe the few zeros appearing in the electronic screen of a bank, claims he is free and his country is a country of freedom! I am just questioning the whole civilization, understand!

Understand, the first thing we need to do is not revolution, putting somebody else instead of our businessmen, putting somebody else instead of our rulers. No! Awakening our businessmen and rulers, helping them to see the deeper parts of themselves from the superficial skin level mind of them! Just helping them to get into their own inner-space, give them a dip in their pure inner consciousness! Then simply they will understand that their fear and greed which decides for billions of people on Planet Earth is completely false; it may look factual, but is not real. See, just a few people’s fear and greed….. It is one king’s fear the other king may kill him that makes him generate a huge army and sacrifice so many lives in that stupid concept built called “nation”. The concept of “देश” (“desha”) has nothing to do with the concept of “nation”! And I know, I am touching too many subjects! And I have tons and tons of questions which need to be answered. I will! I will! The fear of the king to protect himself, he claims he is the protector of tons of people, and in that he makes thousands to sacrifice their lives to protect himself. And one king’s greed to expand his kingdom goes and kills thousands of lives. All he needs is neither sacrificing thousands of his people’s lives, nor killing thousands of other country’s soldiers; he just needs one Inner Awakening! He needs to dive into his depth and understand that his fear and greed may be factual, but are not real.

This whole Vedic Civilization’s core truth: “Completion remains Complete even when Completion is removed from Completion. Completion remains Complete even when the Completion dissolves into Completion.”

All we need is fearless, greedless businessmen, fearless, greedless rulers; that’s all. Then Vedic Civilization will be revived. The decision-makers should be from the space of Completion. The more decision-makers achieve Completion, the more human beings will start living based on the space of Completion.

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