Is there anything called “incompletion”? If it is not there, why are we perceiving it ?

It is like extracting the gold out of mud. See, the gold ore, they collect the gold ore, process it, boil it, acid-wash it; finally the gold comes out. Did the gold come from somewhere out of nowhere? No! It came only from itself. But was the gold there in the beginning? No! It came only from itself. Exactly like the gold from the gold ore, an enlightened being out of you, it is there inside you! Only if it is there it can come out. Otherwise it can’t come out.

Whatever needs to be added in you for you to become an enlightened being is “Completion”. Whatever needs to be removed from you is the idea you have incompletion.

There is no incompletion itself. If something is there, it will continue to be there. Listen! If something is there, it will continue to be there. From the gold ore, if all the dirt can be removed, and gold finally remains, how can you say there was a time this dirt was part of the gold? Anything which can be removed, how can you say it was part of it? You were insensitive to see both of them separate in the beginning. Now they have become separated to the level you are able to sense, that’s all! Listen! If the dirt is inside the gold, can it be separated? No! Because it was never inside, it can be separated. If the incompletions are part of your programming, it can never be separated. Because it is already out of you, it can be taken out. Understand, now they are out of you, but not to the level you can sense it. Once they are out of you to the level you can sense it, you declare:

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||

Once you perceive you the way your guru perceives you, you will declare you are an enlightened being, understand? When I see you again and again, I perceive you are separate, your incompletions are separate. That is why I attack your incompletions. But you feel your incompletions are very much part of you, and you feel I am attacking you! What to do? It can never be part of you! Your incompletions can never be part of you! If it is, it can never be separated. If it can be separated, it can never be part of you. Understand, only gold can come out of gold. Anything else which comes out of gold was never part of gold.

In Vedic Tradition, all the human possibilities are used to intranalyze and internalize the spiritual truths. One of the biggest possibilities of human-beings is a deep in-depth analysis. When you do an in-depth analysis, beyond your logic your being opens up. That is why “vaadha-prathivaadha” – debates – are a powerful method to intranalyze and internalize the Vedic truths. When I was teaching Brahmasutra, I encouraged devotees to have “vaadha-prathivaadha”. Now, again, today I am initiating all of you. Start the groups everywhere – in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – with the title “Upanishads Debates”, with the hash tag “#UpanishadsDebates”. Start the “vaadha-prathivaadha”.

I tell you, by doing “vaadha-prathivaadha” with Buddhists, Shankara established his ultimate Advaithic experience into the Buddhists; but, listen, from Buddhism, more than ninety percent he digested and assimilated! So, end of the day, the Buddhists and Shankara, both were enriched. Same way, Buddhists, Nagarjuna, he, by doing debate with the disciples and followers of Shankara, he established his ultimate experience no doubt; but he picked up so many convincing points from the Vedic Tradition. I tell you, in debate, ultimately nobody wins, nobody loses; both get enriched!

Let us start the “vaadha-prathivaadha”, intranalyzing, internalizing process of Vedic Tradition.

“Fullness, Completion, comes from Completion, continues to remain as Completion. From which it came, and which came out, both continue to remain as Completion. And, when it goes back, Completion remains as Completion. If this is the case, can Completion come out of Completion? If it is not, then why do we perceive incompletion?”

This is the question I am giving for debate. Debate!

When you debate, you will intranalyze, you will internalize, you will understand, you will look in, you will see the possibilities.

Debating with the right person is a joy. That is why Vyasa comes down to taste debate with Shankara. He comes down to taste debating with Shankara. And, it goes on and on and on, till one disciple understands ‘Who is debating whom?’, and falls at the feet of both, and chants:

शंकरं शंकराचार्यं केशवं बादरायणम् ।

Shankaram Shankaraachaaryam Keshavam Baadharaayanam |

“Shankara, Mahadeva, is sitting here as Shankaracharya. Keshava, Vishnu, is sitting here as Badharayana (Vyasa).”

How is the debate going to end? Who is going to win? Who can lose?

Then, both of them reveal their identity to each other and end the debate.

So, we also will have two teams – “Shankara” team and “Vyasa” team. Start debating!

Understand, again and again and again, the truth needs to be relived, remembered, rejoiced, radiated! The truth needs to be relived, remembered, rejoiced, radiated! Remember, relive, rejoice, radiate!

शंकरं शंकराचार्यं केशवं बादरायणम् ।

सूत्र-भाष्यकृतौ वन्दे भगवन्तौ पुन: पुन: ॥

Shankaram Shankaraachaaryam Keshavam Baadharaayanam |

Sutra-bhaashya Krithau Vandhey Bhagavanthau Punah Punah ||

“One does the Sutra, one does the Bhashya”

Listen! End of the day, this question – “Can Completion come out of Completion? Is there anything called “incompletion”? If it is not there, why are we perceiving it? And what is the truth about the Completion coming out of Completion?” – all these questions do not have answer. When you dig, dig, dig, dig, dig these questions, you will only have EXPERIENCE!

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