Whatever you hold with fear of losing it, precisely that will be taken away from you!

Please understand, the perception evolving, evolution of the perception is a gift happening to you, which is just happening from Perception to Fact, Fact to Truth, Truth to Reality. And anybody who stops the evolution of perception commits spiritual suicide, “Atma Hathya”, understand? “Atma Hathya”, that is the word I will use. Killing the soul, the possibility! Killing the soul and possibility! I am telling you, not to frighten you, not to correct you, not to control you, not even I am interested in guiding you. And I know nobody listens to me! After talking twelve-thousand hours last fifteen years, I am very clear on my conclusion that nobody listens to me! I am talking for me to listen to me, understand? With this clarity I am declaring this truth. Upanishads just declare their own strength by their own statements. They don’t need any author to authenticate them. Same way, whatever I am talking, the dharma, the truth, I am revealing it for myself! The listener’s listening does not need to authenticate what is being uttered. With this clarity I am uttering these words:



I am telling you…..

People ask me, ‘What is this, Swamiji! I am such a good person. I never cheated anybody. But my wealth is taken away. But these guys who cheat everyone, their wealth and all is not taken away. They are all living wealthily.’

Please listen! Somebody else’s wealth is not taken away means he does not have fear of losing it. If he has fear of losing name and fame, exactly that will be taken away! The law of life is: Whatever you hold on with fear of losing it, exactly, exactly, precisely that will be taken away from you! It will be a most precise operation! Just like how Osama Bin Laden was removed! It was not a large-scale operation of huge number of deaths. No! Very precise! I tell you, life does precise operations. Exactly what you are afraid of losing, that will be taken away from you! I am telling you, if you want to retain anything in your life, just renounce the fear, just renounce the fear of losing it.

Kaalabhairava’s eyes, when they look at you, the only thing he does not like is fear and powerlessness. Just stand in front of him without any fear or powerlessness; you will become him; you will see you in him! It is a law of life.

If you are afraid that your name and fame will be taken away, precisely only that will be taken away. Your wealth will not be touched!

If you are afraid your credibility will be taken away, precisely only that will be taken; nothing else will be touched; everything else will remain with you!

If you are afraid that your house may be taken away, precisely that will be taken away. You may have your bank balance, car, everything else. Only that (house) will be removed!

The law of life is:

Life is not sadistic, and it does not want to see any powerlessness in your inner-space. Anything which creates powerlessness in your inner-space, precisely that will be taken away just to make you understand you can live without that, understand, not to punish you. Kaalabhairava is not sadistic. Life is not sadistic. He will not take away something from you just to torture you. No! HE wants to tell you, Fool, don’t be powerless thinking that you will lose this, and if you lose that you will lose everything in your life, or you will become powerless in your life! Now I am taking that away. See, without that you are able to live your life beautifully!

And, I tell you, I tell you, please listen, at least you can remember and pen down ten items in your life which you really, really protected; you were afraid that without that you may not be able to live, without that you may not be able to be; you were holding on to it; but, after that was taken away, you even forgot the name of it! Look in. You will see you will have at least ten items in your life. It may be money, it may be name and fame, it may be a man or a woman, or it may be a person in your life, it may be anything; it may be your credibility, it may be your city, it may be your bedroom, it may be your house, it may be your car, it may be anything. You can look in and remember and pen down easily ten items in the next ten minutes. If I give you ten minutes, you will be able to remember and recollect and write ten items about which you really thought if you lose that you are lost, your life is lost, nothing is left for you. ‘No, I can’t, I can’t let go of this. This is my life!’ You held on to something like that. When it was removed, not only you didn’t miss it, after a few days you even forgot it! To remind you your innate strength, the renunciation does not make you weak, something getting removed from your life does not make you powerless, Kaalabhairava takes away things from you, removes things from you.

I tell you, I am telling you from my experience, from my very experience, the one thing I was so clear in my life: anything removed from me or added to me is only done for my fulfilment and joy, not to punish me; but Life is celebrating, fulfilling itself through me; that’s all.

There are tons and tons of things in my life, which I thought, without that I will not be able to live. I never imagined I can live after my gurus left the body. I never imagined I can survive after Arunagiri Yogishwara stopped giving me darshan! The kind of a love I was in with Him! The kind of a connection I had, celebrating, cherishing with him! Even when I was sitting next to Him, I will just be holding his feet, thinking that energy will come; such innocent, such strong connection! I felt that if He stops seeing me or giving darshan to me, I will just die, I will leave the body! But, when He stopped giving darshan to me, I forgot He existed separately!

I am telling you, there are tons of things in my life about which I felt, ‘If it is removed from my life, Oh, what will happen?’ I could never imagine that after both my gurus left the body I will be able to be alive, I will be able to survive! I could never imagine leaving Tiruvannamalai I can live anywhere! But, I tell you, when all that was removed from my life, I only understood that without any of that I am existing and celebrating my life! I even forgot them, forgot those people, forgot those places, everything! At least, last two-and-a-half years I have not even entered Tiruvannamalai, I have not even seen Arunachaleshwara – in 2011 only I (last) saw; not even in 2012 – which I can never imagine!

Actually, when I was leaving the house, my whole family, the only blackmailing point they had was, ‘Bah, let us see how many days you can be away from Arunachala!’ That was the only strength and blackmailing point. They all know I don’t care about anything else. But Arunachala is too much for me! ‘Let us see how many days you can be without seeing Arunachala!’ But when I left, I left, that’s all! When it was taken out of me, not only I didn’t become powerless, I forgot that once upon a time I had that kind of an attachment with Arunachala!

I tell you, everything when it was removed from me, just this one understanding, ‘Hey, not only it cannot make me powerless, I will even forget I had this once upon a time as part of my life!’

Be very clear, this is what I call, this is the definition of Renunciation: “Remembering nothing can make you powerless”. “Anything removed from your life cannot make you powerless” is Renunciation, “Vairaagya”.

“Raaga” means: “Feeling obsessed, completely overpowered by the desire”. Desire is “Raaga”. Attachment is “Raaga”. Obsession is “Raaga”.

“Araaga” means: “Detachment”, “Hatred”.

“Viraaga” means: Knowing very clearly, whatever you think as even core of your life, even those things if they are removed you will not become powerless, you will not miss them, you will not become empty, you will not be disappointed, you are not going to become dead, you will even forget you had those things or beings as part of your life”. Having this clarity is “Renunciation”, understand? Having this clarity is “Renunciation”.

I tell you, this clarity, when it becomes your strategy in your life….. Business is war. Your living is war. Relationships are war. Everyone is in their own Kurukshetra, understand. Kurukshetra has never ended! Everyone has their Kurukshetra. Let this be your strategy for your Kurukshetra. No one can win you. No one can shake you. No one can frighten you. Be Vedantha Kesari – the “Lion of Vedic Strength”! I tell you, because I have applied this strategy, I applied this cognition in my life again and again and again! And I saw, I always won the game! I always won the game!

The moment you have a fear that if something is removed from your life you will become depressed, you will become empty, you will lose life, that fear becomes the strength of your enemy. When he knows you cannot be frightened, he becomes powerless, understand? If you can be frightened, your enemy is powerful. If you cannot be frightened, your enemy becomes powerless.

I tell you, this simple understanding of me, and this simply cognition of me – “Anything can be removed from me; I will not become powerless, I will not become depressed, I will not lose anything, I will not be lost, I may not even remember that I had that in my life”!

Be very clear, the spiritual truths, when it becomes part of your cognition and strategy, anywhere you go, Krishna is driving your chariot! Understand?

Internalize just this one truth.

तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा
Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa

“Thyaaga”, the word “Thyaaga” is used here.

“Thena” (तेन) means: “With this understanding, from this context”.

“Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Ma Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam” (त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्).

Please listen! The world is ever-changing, but it is filled with Consciousness, “Eesha”. The Consciousness is independently intelligent and compassionate. If something is removed from you, don’t curse life. It is done with tremendous compassion. It is done with tremendous compassion, I am telling you! Here, the Upanishads are declaring you to do “Thyaaga”, “Renouncing”, you to renounce, with this context of “Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath” (ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत्).


“The world is changing, and it is established in changing. And it is filled with Consciousness – Satchitananda – which is intelligent, truthful, blissful and compassionate.”

I tell you, a blissful being will always be a compassionate being. When you are blissful, you will see all the good things, best things come out of you. When you are blissful, you will be such a good person. Only when you are frustrated, you will express all bad qualities – violence, cunning strategies. A blissful person is always a compassionate person. “Eesha”, Consciousness, independent intelligence which has its own will, functions out of pure compassion. So, understand, renunciation is not supposed to be done out of frustration or inability or powerlessness.

Whenever anything was removed in my life, I always saw life is only making me pure and pure, and it is celebrating itself through me, it is providing opportunities to reinvent myself, understand? When life removes something from you, it is providing opportunity for you to reinvent yourself. And, when you are clear that nothing can frighten you, nothing can make you lost, nothing can put you in powerlessness and depression…… And, I also want to tell you, you will understand exactly who is the exact enemy; you will exactly pinpoint who is your enemy, where things need to be done. You will not be confused. You will not over-estimate your enemy. When you are frightened, you over-estimate your enemy. Because you over-estimate your enemy, you become powerless. Because you become powerless, it becomes easy for your enemy to destroy you. It is a vicious circle. And, I am telling you, when you are clear, you will not be lost, you will not become powerless. Just have this one word in your throat all the time: “SO WHAT?!!” Keep this as a mantra: “SO WHAT?!!” Know clearly, nothing removed from you can make you powerless. And, life removes it only to make you understand you can live without it! Reinvent yourself! Wake up!

Please understand, I am not giving you any moral lesson. I am not giving you any self-development lesson. I am not giving you any self-help lesson. I am least interested in all of that. I am not even interested in you! I am interested in Truth. I am just interested in Truth! I am singing it! Whoever wants to catch it, catch it, understand? This one truth, internalize, internalize, internalize!

And, I tell you, everything when it is removed from your life, just life is giving you a beautiful chance to reinvent yourself, and just to remind you, ‘Fool, without that also you will be powerful!’

Kaala, Time, Time, can tolerate anything, but HE is allergic to powerlessness. Even if HE sees there is some possibility of powerlessness in you, HE just pulls it out. And, I tell you, when HE sees fear, when Kaala sees fear in you, HE tells, ‘Hey, don’t bother! Whatever you are afraid of losing, you will see now I am removing it; but you will not become powerless, you will not be depressed; without that you will be living, and, after sometime you will even forget this was part of your life. Learn this!’ Understand? 

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