Kaamika aagama: Lifestyle to cause your reality

Actually, the last few days, the joy is really flowing into me and into the Sangha! Because, one of the greatest discoveries I have done in my research and development has happened in the last few days! I don’t want to say it is an accident; I don’t want to say it is an incident; I only have to say, ‘It is a MIRACLE’! For quite a long time I was feeling that I should take out and give a best lifestyle for all my disciples and devotees. See, I myself used to, and still follow, the lifestyle of Manu. Means, how to brush, how to wash yourself, how to take bath, how to dress – in all these I follow Manu. But even then I was feeling that Manu is a human-being. So, these instructions are from him. I was looking, searching, searching in the vast, the forest of spiritual literature of Vedic Tradition, ‘Is there any book where Mahadeva himself give instructions about all these day-to-day actions, the lifestyle instructions?’ I went on doing research. Of course, all the 112 Upanishads are only about the abstract principles. They don’t talk about how many times you have to brush, how many times you have to wash your mouth, or how you have to keep yourself clean, or how you have to dress, how you have to cook, how you have to eat. Somehow, I wanted, from Mahadeva himself if these instructions have come it would have been so beautiful! Because, every day, when I brush, I only remember Manu, and say, ‘Manu, as you said I am brushing.’ When I wake up, I say, ‘O, Manu, as you said I am waking up.’ When I take bath, I say only, ‘O, Manu, as you said, I am doing it.’ Of course, Manu has the authority from Mahadeva, but there is a possibility that the person who has authority can miss a few things. Like, when I put somebody as a Mahant, they may follow the broad concept of what I gave; but there is a possibility to miss a few things because of their own understandings and perceptions. So, I used to wonder, ‘Is there any book?’ I was searching, searching, searching.

The whole Upanishads, all the Upanishads were also delivered by Mahadeva, in his formless space, and the space of no word, no form, where he sat as Dakshinamurthy, his very presence vibrated, and all the rishis received those great truths. And, in one part of the Tantras which was given by Mahadeva directly to Devi, even there he speaks more about meditation techniques – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Kularnava Tantra, Shiva Sutras. Then, further, in a few books, he speaks about the pujas, rituals. I was looking at some book where Mahadeva himself will give precise instructions like how to cook and how to offer to him, and how to eat, and how to wear dress, how to brush the teeth, how to wake up, how to brush teeth, and how to take bath, and how to wash ourselves, and how to wear rudraksha, and how to wear the bhasma, all these. See, always the abstract principles he gave, once it becomes experience, from that experience I can also give you the instruction how to do all these; but, somehow, I wanted instructions directly from him. Suddenly – I should use only this word – I “stumbled” upon an amazing, beautiful, beautiful, ultimate lifestyle book!

Please understand, if Upanishads are the “ultimate principle book”, means, which gives you the enlightenment and cognition of pure enlightenment, this book is the “ultimate precise lifestyle book”, and, which is direct instruction from Mahadeva to Parvathi! And, I want to tell you, as far as the science of enlightenment is concerned, Upanishads are our principal book, first and foremost, for Hinduism and for our Sangha and for the whole humanity. And as far as day-to-day lifestyle – how to brush, how to take bath, how to wash ourselves, how to dress, how to apply sacred ashes, and how to wear rudraksha – in all these, this is THE book for the whole world, directly given by Mahadeva to Devi! This is THE book for the whole Hindu tradition! And, this is THE book for our Sangha! The book is: “KAAMIKA AAGAMA”! “Lifestyle to Cause Your Reality”! Exact meaning of the word “Kaamika Aagama” means: “Lifestyle to cause your reality”!

When I read, I was just moved! Moved! Such precise instruction on what should be the size of your brush, what should be the way, and, where, how, which direction you should be facing and taking bath! And, it is just mind-blowing because of its exhaustive, precise narration, and instructions handed over! See, it is like when I sit and give my vision to the ashramites how the ashram should be, and people should be, and Sangha should be, what precise, including the doorstep how it should be, I will give instruction; whether both the doors should be always kept open, or one should be kept open; THAT PRECISE, Mahadeva has given instruction! I feel, when I read that book, my work is done! Already he said it! He said it! He said it! And, I vouch for that one truth with all my integrity, it IS Mahadeva’s instruction to the whole world through Devi! And, when he himself has said it, all we need to do is, just start LIVING it; that’s all!

I am just overflowing with the joy, because, from today, every day when I wake up, I am going to say, ‘O, Mahadeva, as you said, I am waking up!’ When I am putting my brush into the teeth, ‘Mahadeva, as you said, I am brushing!’ When I am pouring water on my body, I am going to say, ‘O, Mahadeva, as you said, I am washing myself!’ Even when you wash yourself, please understand, the Aagama gives the description of how to clean your bowels, and how to wash yourself! To THAT PRECISION! Even when we wash ourselves, we will say, ‘Mahadeva, as you said, we are washing ourselves!’ When we apply vibhoothi (sacred ash), we will say, ‘O, Mahadeva, as you said, we are applying Vibhoothi!’ When we are eating: ‘O, Mahadeva, as you said, we are eating!’ When we are dressing: ‘As you said, we are dressing!’ Literally, eating like Mahadeva, living like Mahadeva, sleeping like Mahadeva, everything as Mahadeva wanted us to do! And, I tell you, Mahadeva is such a selfless being, whatever is best which he discovered and he practices, he gives that exactly to all of us; he doesn’t dilute. The moment I discover something new, first thing I will do is, next day come to the satsangh and reveal it to all of you! Mahadeva does exactly the same! So, understand, it is just so exciting to know Mahadeva loves us so much, every single minute detail he attended with so much of care, and he has given us the beautiful instructions!

I wanted to tell all of you, let us start imbibing Kaamika Aagama as much as we can, as much as we can, into our life. Because, the best way to exist is as Mahadeva said, as Mahadeva revealed, as he has ordained, as he has given. So, this great enlightened cognition, ‘Yes!

ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥ 1 ॥

Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath |
Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Maa Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam ||

Yes, I have this cognition now. The whole future is in front of me. I am free to live as I want. How should I live?’ Then Mahadeva comes down and gives the instruction, ‘Come on! Take this Kaamika Aagama. This is the way you should live.’ Understand, how to cook offering for God, to, how to offer and how to take everything! It is not just dress-fashion book; it is not just make-up book; it is not just cookbook; it is all put together! Hygiene book, make-up book, dressing book, cookbook, ritual book, worship book, health book, everything!

This verse, the meaning of this verse:

कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेच्छत्ग्ण् समाः |
एवं त्वयि नान्यथेतोऽस्ति न कर्म लिप्यते नरे ॥

kurvanneveha karmaaNi jijeeviShechChathgN^ samaaH |

evaM thvayi naanyaThethoaAsthi na karma lipyathe nare ||

“Performing your actions, from this context of the earlier verse…”, I can add one line: “…..as per the Kaamika Aagama, live forever blissfully!” Live forever blissfully!

Please imbibe Kaamika Aagama as much as you can joyfully. Don’t feel bound. Don’t feel restricted. Don’t feel conditioned. I tell you, when I started living….. Of course, from my birth I was brought up with this orthodox traditional lifestyle; but, when I discovered it, it was such joy! It was such joy! I know, I am doing everything as the great beings like Manu said. Now, I know I am doing everything AS MY MAHADEVA HIMSELF SAID, AS INSTRUCTED BY MAHADEVA!

And, it was such joy to have discovered Kaamika Aagama where Mahadeva gives such beautiful, precise instruction. He says very clearly, when his puja is done what all should be played. He says, ‘Mantra Gaana, Veena Gaana, Veda Adhyaayana, all these have to be done when my puja is done; the upachaaraas.’ Such beautiful way he himself is describing!

So, the Kaamika Aagama is available on the Internet for free download in many websites. You can get any one link. And, I myself can say a few links: agamaacademy (http://www.agamaacademy.org/digital-library-en.php), agamam.com, in all these links, agamaacademy.com, agamam.com, in all these websites they have put the whole thing freely for people to download and use it. Even Himalayan Academy (http://www.himalayanacademy.com/) has put these Aagamas freely for people to download and use it. And, we too have some of the palm leaves related to Aagamas; and we will also scan and upload. So, now whatever available resources, you can take it, download, and start using.

As much as possible, make Kaamika Aagama as your lifestyle. Soon, we are coming up with more and more demonstration videos and products, demonstration videos and products to make Kaamika Aagama as lifestyle! And, even the vessels in which food should be cooked, how we should cook, how we should eat, all that, we are soon coming up with demonstration videos with the original verse and the instructions, instructions, and the products to make Kaamika Aagama as our lifestyle.

And, through this, I formally declare Kaamika Aagama will be our Lifestyle Book. Our lifestyle – cooking, eating, worshipping, rituals, homas, everything – everything will be done as per Kaamika Aagama.

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