Whatever you decide you are going to decide forever becomes the decision for Life immediately!

Just the other day I was telling in the satsangh, if you decide clearly that, till death you are going to decide only FOR wealth, you will feel, ‘Then why should I delay till death? Come on, let me start deciding NOW, and let me start expressing!’ Life will be aligned, tuned!

I tell you, frustrated beings, frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth. Listen! Frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth! When somebody is frustrated, starts deciding AGAINST LIFE, they are the dangers to Planet Earth. When somebody constantly decides FOR LIFE, they become the juice of Planet Earth, the essence of Planet Earth!

Listen! Go on deciding, go on deciding FOR LIFE. And, know, when you need to change, even your change will automatically happen when you decide FOR LIFE. For example, if you decide for Wealth, thinking that is life, after sometime you will realize, much more than Wealth there is something in you which is more important for life; you will start deciding for that. That may be Health. And, after some time, you will realize, more than Health something more important exists in you that is life. That is Enlightenment. So, ultimately, if you go on deciding FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, you will decide for LIVING ADVAITHA! But, when you believe Money is life, don’t decide FOR Living Advaitha; then you will be hypocritical.

When you believe MONEY IS LIFE, decide for Money.

When you realize HEALTH IS LIFE, decide for Health.

When you realize ENLIGHTENMENT IS LIFE, decide for Enlightenment.

When you realize EVERYTHING IS LIFE, decide for Everything! You will have energy to have EVERYTHING – Money, Health, Enlightenment, EVERYTHING!

Deciding FOR LIFE consciously in every step makes you free from all the Karma.

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