Everything exists in me and I exist in everything!

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्यॆवानुपश्यति ।

सर्वभूतॆषु चात्मानं ततॊ न विजुगुप्सतॆ ॥

Yasthu Sarvaani Bhoothaani Aathmanyeva Anupashyathi |

Sarva Bhootheshu Cha Aathmaanam Thatho Na Vijugupsathe ||

 If you find, ‘I am away from body and mind, and everything is there, and that everything is here, this is everywhere’, that is a Brahmanical way of realizing.  But if you understand, ‘Everything is in me, and I am in everything, and I will know how to alter and change, do what I have to do’, that is the way of realization of Shaivites, understand?

Listen!  I will repeat.  There are two logic, two ways you can realize that you exist in everything and everything exists in you.

One: The moment fear and greed happens, you understand, ‘After all I am not this body and mind.  I will be away.  So, I exist in everything, that exists in me.  Whatever happens, happens.’  This is the Brahmanical way.  This is the Brahmanical interpretation of this verse.  That is the way this verse is made practical in Brahmanical thinking. 

There is another thinking trend:

‘I exist in that.  So, I will make sure that does not harm this, and there is no fear and greed interaction between the two.  Both live in a beautiful space of oneness.  And I know how to make that do what this wants, this do what that wants, to keep in the space of Completion.’ 

This is the Shaivite way of thinking. 

Unclutching is a Brahmanical way of thinking.  Completion is Shaivite way of thinking.  Completion, when this cognition gets matured, you get siddhis, powers.

The story Ramakrishna explained earlier is from the cognition of unclutching.  If I look into the same story, I will say, the guru should tell the disciple, ‘Yes, everything is God.  Sit and make this cognition mature and then go and stand in front of the elephant.  It will just sit at your feet and bow down, salute!’  First, make this cognition strong and mature.  Look into all your enemies’ eyes.  See that they start responding the way you want.  Then go out and stand in front of any challenge.  It will simply subdue and do as you want.  This is Shaivite cognition. 

There is the next level of cognition.  The Guru will tell, ‘Everything is Consciousness.  You exist in everything, everything exists in you.  This is the truth.  You don’t even need to wait for this truth, this cognition to be matured in you.  Go and face the challenges till it becomes matured in you.  I will protect you and see to it, how this cognition responds to me, it will respond the same way to you.  Once it becomes mature, it will automatically respond to you in the same way.  Till it becomes mature, I am there to protect you and save you.  Go and do it!’  This is Nithyananda way of interpretation!  That is what I am doing in Shivoham.  ‘Yes, this is the truth.  The cognition has to become matured in you, all this is true.  But, till then, also you don’t have to wait.  I have the Veto power and right to protect you when you are standing and working with this truth.  Go and do it.  I will be there.  And I am responsible for the elephant to bow down in front of you.  The cognition may not have become matured in you, you would have just heard from me.  It is okay.  Remember what you just heard, and put the responsibility on me. I may not have realized you are also part of me, but my guru has realized.  He told me.  So, with that strength, I am standing here.  Bend and fall at my feet.’  This is my way of interpreting, understand?

And, I tell you, I am doing this for last fifteen years.  I have not put any of my disciples in any crisis or risk.  Nobody has died, nobody has been destroyed, nobody lost, nobody has been put in risk.  These fifteen years of my performance is sufficient proof and enough trustworthy, reliable resume.  I have a trustworthy, reliable resume of protecting my disciples who stand with the truth which I am sharing even if it has not become their experience, saying, ‘I have not realized it.  This has not become my cognition, but my master’s cognition.  And he told me.  He never lies to me.  His integrity, I stand with that strength.  I am facing.  Come on!’

The whole healing is happening, this is the way.  Only a person who has become enlightened can radiate the energy of Ananda Gandha.  ‘That enlightenment has not become matured cognition in me, but it has become truth in my Master’s being, and he has told me I can do it with his authority.  I am stretching my hand.  Let the energy flow!  Be healed!’  I have done it with my millions of disciples successfully and I am doing it successfully.  That is why I say this is an honest, integrated, authentic, responsible lifestyle of Sanatana Dharma.  Don’t worry whether it becomes your matured cognition.  It has become mature cognition in me.  I am sharing it into your being.  Stand with that strength.  I am responsible. I will protect you, and guide you, and see to it you experience Shivoham, that becomes your matured cognition.

Unclutching is Brahmanical way.  Completion is Shaivite way.  Giving boon is Nithyananda way, the way of Shivoham. 

Because, man cannot make it just by himself; he needs to be given.  That is why enlightened beings happen.  Enlightened beings teach, but they don’t happen just to teach.  Enlightened beings teach, but they don’t happen just to teach.  They happen to give.  Teaching is one of the preliminary methods, ways, for giving.

With all my integrity, from the authority as an enlightened being, authentically, today I bless all of you:  Take this one cognition – ‘Everything is in me, and I am in everything’ – as my experience, from my authority, I am telling you, and blessing you, go and live it!  Don’t worry whether it has become matured cognition in you or not.  Go and live it with the courage ‘It has become experience in my guru and he has authorized me to live.’  And, I tell you, you will never have any risk, you will never be put in any wrong situations, you will never have any suffering.  Go and live.  I will be there protecting you and making your cognition matured.  One, I will make this cognition that ‘Everything exists in you, you exist in everything’, as your experience, matured cognition in you.  And, second, till it becomes matured in you, I will protect you, whenever you play with this cognition.  You will never be at risk.  You will only be supported, protected, matured, to achieve this cognition.  Go and live this!  I am not asking you to do Vaakyaartha Sadhas.  No!  I am asking you to live!  From morning till evening, live this!

Today’s Vaakyaartha Sadhas is: How you lived this today whole day.  You are going to share in the evening in Vaakyaartha Sadhas only how you lived this truth that – ‘Everything exists in me, I exist in everything’ – how you shared, worked, lived this truth in your life, what all the risks you have taken, and what was the result of that risk based on this cognition, and how this cognition worked, how this cognition has become part of you, how this thinking has done whatever it has done to you.  Bring this.  And, with all my integrity, authenticity, from the authority of an enlightened being, with responsibility and enriching, I am giving all of you this as a boon.  Please live this truth – ‘Everything exists in you, you exist in everything.’  Live!  Live!  You will not lose anything.  You will only achieve everything.  And, my experience of this truth, I am putting that in the centre as the responsibility.  Let this experience prove its authenticity by making this cognition matured in all of you, and protecting all of you till that becomes matured cognition, when you are playing with this cognition.  Even if it has not become matured cognition, even while you are playing with this, let you all be protected, let you all be supported.  This experience which happened in me, that is responsible, that will do this job.

I am requesting and ordering my experience of enlightenment that ‘Everything exists in me, and I exist in everything’, this experience I am ordering to protect all of you and make this experience as your cognition.  Till then, it will protect you whenever you play with this cognition.  Without putting you in any risk, and helping you more and more, supporting you more and more, showing many miraculous beautiful happenings in your life, so that you become strongly able to believe and live this cognition.  I mean by these statements: Start living this truth.  You will never be put in any risk, you will never be put in any risk; you will always be protected!  This is the first step.  Shivoham will start flowering in every one of you.

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