More and more people saying YES to life cannot happen by Revolution!!

We will enter into the Ishavasya Upanishad, third shloka:

असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽऽवृताः । ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः ॥

Asurya naamathey lokaa andhena thamasaavruthaah | Thaagumsthey prethyabhigachchanthi ye ke chaathmahano janaah ||

I will expand on how, saying “NO”, impacts you and others, and how, saying “YES”, inspires you and others. 

Listen!  Always, “NO” to life is said out of ignorance.  Always, “NO” to life is said out of ignorance, unconsciously.

  Listen!  Whether it is an individual level, or level of social leader, political leader, or decision-maker, any level…. 

I hear in the newspapers, in the Internet, again and again, the various scams at the level of decision-makers in various countries.  The politicians or the bureaucrats, just for the sake of the bribe they get, they are compromising the health of the common man.  The second quality, not THE very best things, is made available to the common man just because some money they get as bribe.  Whether it is in the field of pharmaceutical drugs, or even in the field of food industry, THE best is not made available to human-beings, common mass; the quality is reduced.  Sometimes even dangerous, risky things are done; sometimes, knowingly, dangerous things are done by paying some bribe to the bureaucrats or politicians or officials.  They also, just for the sake of that money, accept the money and allow this.  These are all “saying NO to life”.  Listen!  But, unfortunately, this stupid fellow who accepts the money, he also does not enjoy.  He stores it, stashes it in some tax haven in some remote island, which he never enjoys till his death.  So, for something which he is never going to enjoy, he is saying “NO” to so many people’s lives, understand? 

This is one small example I am giving.  If you look in and study your life, all the difficulties you are facing, understand, I am saying, ‘including the poverty imposed upon you’…..  I tell you, in this century, 21st century, no need for poverty.  We have awakened critical mass of the human population to work and produce enough of food, clothes, shelter, medical-care, for the whole population of Planet Earth, please understand.  In this century, we have awakened enough of the critical mass.  Actually, 2% of the human population, if it decides to work eight hours a day in a very disciplined way, we can produce everything needed for the whole population of the Planet Earth – Food, Shelter, Clothes, and Medical-Care, these four basic things.  And we have awakened more than that percentage in this century.  Then, why, why is still there poverty, there is poverty for these four?  If, some way, you don’t have access to these four, be very clear, it is just because of decision-makers saying “NO” to life, decision-makers saying “NO” to life.  The only way the problem can be solved is, more and more people who consciously say “YES” to life should become decision-makers.  It cannot happen by revolution.  No!  No revolution will do this, because, usually, the people who lead revolution are always again the people who say “NO” to life.  It can happen only by evolution.  It is never going to happen by removing the people who are having power and replacing them with somebody else.  Making everyone powerful, raising more and more people to say “YES” to life!  I am attending to some of the basic understandings about life. 

When I look into the Vedic Tradition and the lifestyle, there was not at all so much talk about work.  Working eight hours a day was not lifestyle in Vedic Tradition.  Work was never more than three to four hours per day.  But, so much was available, so much was available for everyone, for everyone, because, decision-makers were always saying “YES” to life, decision-makers enjoyed people having abundance instead of the wealth being locked in their treasury under their control, because, decision-makers were not feeling so insecure and possessive in Vedic Tradition. 

Please understand, when Bhagavatham describes that 16,000 golden palaces existed in Dwaraka, for each citizen they had a golden palace, it is true!  Not just perception or fact; it is truth!  Because, Krishna never felt insecure, and it was done by his great space which says “YES” to life.  Above all, Dwaraka was “Soft Power” city, not “Hard Power”.  Please understand, Dwaraka was a city made of immigrants….city made of immigrants.  Means, whoever loved Krishna, whoever wanted to be with him, they all gathered around him and they created their own heaven.  Please understand, it was not “Hard Power”; means, people existed, and Krishna became king and He controlled everyone.  No!  He hated to be in the space of “Hard Power”.  That is the reason He had to leave Brindavan.  He could have become king of Mathura after killing Kamsa.  He said, ‘No!  No “Hard Power”!’  He handed over the kingdom to Kamsa’s father.  He said, ‘No!  No “Hard Power”!  I am going to a place where people who love me will gather around me, who want to celebrate life around me they will gather around me.  Only “Soft Power”.’  And the whole “Narayani Sena” (Krishna’s army) was volunteers of Narayana, devotees of Narayana, disciples of Krishna, followers of Bhagawan.  Understand?  Saying “YES” to life! 

All corruption, whether it is in the physical level, mental level…..  Please understand, mental level corruption means, spreading lies, which some of the media houses does because of their vested interests.  It is mental level scam, psychological scam, information scam.  So, understand, whether it is a physical level scam, or mental level scam, conscious level scam, i.e., spreading lies as religion, some of the strong lies spread as religion, especially when you are talking something about what will happen to an individual after death.

Just recently, the other day, I was reading an article in the Facebook.  A Catholic priest was medically dead for more than forty minutes, went to some space and came back, and he declares, ‘God is woman’, and, ‘God is female’.  We have known this for centuries, understand!  We have known this for centuries!  Ultimately, in reality, he (God) is beyond male, female; but, in the truth level, he IS female!  Anyhow….!  If we are teaching some concepts which are not ultimate truth in the best possible way, it is a “conscious scam”.  The last form of the divine you will experience is feminine, understand?  Before you experience the formless divine, the reality, the truth will be – from truth only you will jump into reality – the truth is, God is Devi!  The last form you will experience is Devi!  It is only from her you will slip into formlessness, existence, which we call “Mahadeva” or “Shiva”, whatever name you want to use, “God”, “Super-Consciousness”.  At various stages of Samadhi, the last Savikalpa Samadhi, Saguna Samadhi, from which you will enter into Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the last Saguna Brahmam you will realize is Mother, Devi! 

Listen!  Whether it is physical, psychological, conscious, lies being spread, wrong things being spread is scam, and, that is “saying NO to life”, “saying NO to life”.  Say “YES” to life as much as possible in every possible way, understand?  Even the healing science, the science behind how I heal, and how our thousands of healers are healing, is nothing but the science of “Saying YES to Life”.  Science of “Saying YES to Life”!

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