Ignorance is declared first time in you when you do not want to know, not when you don’t know

I will continue to expand on the 8th verse of the Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad

sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam  asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham |
kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr   yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 ||

Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent, un-embodied boundary-less whole, woundless, muscleless having no incompletion with the body; Consciousness is the ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance (beyond causal body), and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion.

Listen. I wanted all of you to take up this as a Vakyartha Sadas – subject and homework. Start working on – unembodied, boundaryless whole, woundless muscleless having no incompletion with the body. Consciousness is ever pure space devoid of dirt of ignorance and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion. Consciousness is the all-knowing seer of all — past, present and future, Consciousness transcends all beings. Consciousness is self-existent by Itself.

Actually only first two lines will take so many days. Once you know the knack, now you can work on all these truths in one or two days. So by today and tomorrow, finish-off all this by doing the homework of — what is the pattern which makes me experience otherwise the Upaniṣad is describing as ‘me.’

Please understand. Listen. Upanishads know you much more than you know you. Upanishads know about you much more than you know about you. So, Upanishads are declaring who you are, what you are; who you are and what you are. Start living it. Start living it. Whatever you cognize as you, other than what Upanishads have declared you as ‘you’, pen them all down. All the other cognitions are incompletions. All the other cognitions are incompletions.

Understand, if Upanishads are declaring — You are Absolute Radiant; anything tires you, anything brings boredom in you, anything stops your excitement, including your pains, sufferings, anything says otherwise, listen, IS incompletion. You need to complete with it.

Upanishad says you are devoid of dirt of ignorance. You are devoid of dirt of ignorance. But if you think that you are still ignorant in some space, somewhere, in something, if you say, ‘I don’t know about that,’ then you need to get to the bottom of when you started uttering, ‘I don’t know’, when you started declaring ignorance.

I tell you, ignorance is declared first time in you when you do not want to know, not when you don’t know. Listen: go back to the first declaration of you on ignorance. When you declared — ‘I don’t know’ – first time in your life. Go back, you will see all those moments will be your conscious choice of not to know, does not want to know or knowing feels like, ‘Oh! So much work,’ or you hate knowing subtly, and you might be feeling that you are being used. Why should you know so much? For living we don’t have to do sooo much and we don’t have to know sooo much. Come on. What an embodiment of stupidity.

So this what is clearly saying Yes to ignorance and No to Consciousness and Life; yes to ignorance. Your life is just not 40,000 rupees salary and a bike and a flat in the ECR road. Understand, your Life does not end there. It is so stupid when you feel — ‘Why should I know sooo much? Why should I do sooo much?” I tell you

wherever you are not challenged to know more, to do more, don’t live there, you will be dead. Don’t live there; that is hell.

There is a beautiful verse in Tamil:

Chola naadu Sorudaithu, Pandiya naadu muthudaithu, Chera naadu velam udaithu, Thondai naadu saandror udaithu

Means the Chola kingdom is filled with grain, rice. Pandiya kingdom is filled with pearls, because it is ocean, they have lot of beaches. And Cheranadu, Kerela is full of elephants, because it is hilly region. Tondainadu, the place where I was born and brought up, the area of Kanchipuram, Tiruvannamalai, Chennai, all that zone. Tondainadu, Saandror, full of Enlightened Beings.

Actually when I was reading the history, all kings and queens, including Meenakshi’s father, used to come to the Tondainadu and take people from here and settle them in their zones. That is the way the Nagarathar community has moved from Tondainadu to Cholanadu. All the kings used to do that, they will come here and take the people. When I was reading little details about the history of how they were functioning, I thought why Tondainadu has produced so much of Enlightened Beings? The system was such, in Tondainadu always your ignorance and inefficiency was challenged. The atmosphere was kept purposefully the way constantly your ignorance and inefficiency, tiredness, boredom is challenged constantly. Too much of attention was given for knowledge and Enlightenment; not for luxuries and conquering. Tondainadu never went around and conquered. They were more like a human nursery, where beings have been cherished, grown. Tondainadu was full of Patashalas, Gurukuls, where people were growing, people were made to happen.

Please understand, human beings are not just born, they are made to happen. If it is just birth, we can take a print out now. Anything which can be created, we can print it now. 3D printers have already come. If it is all just making, then we know how to put the male component and female component and send it into the printer and click ‘print’, and 3D print will come out. Technology has evolved. No! It is not making, it is happening or making to happen. The being has to happen.

That whole Thondaimandalam was mainly constantly challenging. I am telling you, don’t live where your ignorance is not challenged. It is a hell because without even your knowledge, you would have been destroyed. After five years, suddenly you will remember, ‘Oh God! Where am I? If I was with Swamiji and Sangha, where I will be? How much I would have known? How much I would have lived? How much I would have been active. But your stupid mind thinks in a capitalistic way only, “ Okay. Even if I have known, done everything, what is there? The benefit goes to Sangha only. What is there for me?” Stupid fellow, you being allowed to live here is the benefit for you.

Being allowed to live among the great people who are already Enlightened or working towards Enlightenment is THE Blessing; where constantly people come back to authenticity, integrity, responsibility, enriching. I don’t want to say that my Swamis never miss authenticity, integrity, responsibility, enriching. But they always come back at least after two-three days and declare, “From now, I will be authentic, integrated. Morning I will get up and come to the Yoga, Satsang.” So there is a mechanism to stand up again. “From today, again I will become authentic, integrated.” Everyone comes back once in a week. The mechanism to come back!

As I said, till you become tired of falling, I will not become tired of raising you. Understand, my job is raising you, your job is falling. But naturally you will only become tired, I will not become tired. You need to know toooo much. You need to know toooo much. You need to do tooo much.

Not bringing your stupid incompletions about the results and the selfishness on the path of your knowing and doing, is what Krishna says – karmaṇyevadhikāraste mā phaleṣhu kadācana (bhagavad gita 2.47) – You have a right to work, not to expect results; because when you expect results, you mess up your working; you mess up your working. Fantasizing about your results, you don’t work. I tell you, once you completed fantasizing about your result, working will look very pale, dull, will not be inspiring, will not be exciting.

One Guru, is a Mathadhipati, head of one traditional Mutt (monastery). He came to meet me. And he was just boasting. I have this, I have that, I have so many schools, colleges, engineering collages, medical college, this, that. I just sat and listened. I just asked him, ‘when you were coronated?’ He said, ‘Three years before.’ ‘In last three years what did you?’ He said, ‘No. No. No. I am just maintaining whatever my predecessors have done. I just laughed at him. This fellow lost the joy of the path, journey itself. It is such a punishment for him, I telling you, to sit on the thrown without contributing. See, if he has also contributed, ‘my predecessors have done, this, this, this; after I sat in the throne, I am doing this, this and this. Then that seat is a blessing. Please understand the day you come to the conclusion — knowledge is not required for your survival, being active is not required for your survival you are dead. You are waiting to be buried. You are just waiting to be buried. Catch it. Understand what I am saying.

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