Let the purpose of life be being active, being knowledgeable then wealth will simply happen!

Let your reason for exploring knowledge not be the decision to acquire your comforts and luxury and settle down in your life. What is the meaning of that word settle-down? Settle-down means just being above the ground but doing everything as if you are already below the ground, is settling down. That is the definition of settling down. If you are under the ground, sealed, how you will be, you trying to be in the same way, being above the ground, is settling down. No!

I have this big doubt about the great theory. Especially in India, this theory is very popular after this stupid IT revolution. No. When I saw my grandfather, my great grand mother, all of them, the concept of settling down does not exist for them. Good I was brought up by them. Now, these modern day IT fellows, they think, “I will work till 40 and retire. Make money, make a flat and a car and settle-down by 40.” What do you mean by settle-down by 40?” “I will quit the job and retire and settle down by 40.” Means even while you start studying, acquiring knowledge, the goal is just to acquire some comforts and luxury, and drop. What kind of a inspiration you have about knowledge and life?

I am so happy I was brought up by my grandfather who went to his office even when he was 92, till the last day of his death, by walk. He went to his office by walk in the morning, attended all his office daily routine. Till the last day he had the bunch of keys, means the control over the whole organization, which he built from the beginning. And noon, for lunch, he came back to the house by walk as usual; had his lunch, rested and left the body.

The purpose of being active or knowledge should not be just acquiring some wealth, and luxury and comforts.

Please understand, you can acquire wealth, luxury, comforts, everything, with knowledge or being active, nothing wrong. I am not saying – don’t acquire. I am only saying that alone should not be the purpose. Then, your knowledge will be so heavy on you. You will only try to find constantly the cunning methods of how to know less and make more money, because the purpose becomes money, wealth, luxury, comfort. You will know how to move your body very less and make more things, more or less like a buffalo – moves minimum, minimum movement. Even making one phone call becomes almost tired. “I will make one phone call a day.” By the end of that phone call you are tiredness. Because your purpose is not being active. Your purpose is not being active.

Understand, let the purpose being active – Durga, being knowledgable — Saraswati, simply Lakshmi (wealth) will happen. Lakshmi for the sake of Lakshmi. Durga for the sake of Durga. Saraswati for the sake of Saraswati.

Whenever wealth brings you the idea of not necessary to be active, not necessary to be more knowledgeable, I tell you, it is not Lakshmi, it is ‘Alakshmi’. You are caught. You are caught. I know many born with silver spoon. They are born, never grown. Anybody born with silver spoon, born but never grown.

The dirt of ignorance covers you when the goal becomes something else other than knowledge, when the goal becomes something else other than being active. You should be active to the level as if you have no muscles.

Remember, you don’t have muscles, the muscles are just utility for you, like this hanky. I just pick up this hanky to wipe the face whenever I need. Same way, this muscles you pick up whenever you need to do something. Be very clear about that. That is what is the meaning of the word “Dvadāśānta’ in the Agamas and in the Padapuja mantras you chant — kailasa sonnatha dvadashanta śyamalāpeetha.

Dvādaśantā means the source of you which is neither inside you nor outside you; which is beyond your inside and outside. So be that, then you will understand – you are muscleless, woundless.

The muscles are only there as your instruments, tools. If you think you are muscles, you are wounded, go back, go back to the source of you when you started saying  ‘yes’ for being wounded. When you started saying ‘yes’ for being muscled. No! You are neither wounded nor made of muscles; you are muscleless, woundless.

Decide, your decision brought you ignorance; your simple decision will bring knowledge to you. Your decision brought you ignorance, your decision is enough to bring you knowledge. Your decision brought you laziness, your decision is enough to being you out of laziness. Your decision brought you boredom, your decision is enough to make you excited. 

When you think something more than your decision is required for your knowledge, for your being active, that is when the problem starts. That is when the problem starts. You needed a key to lock the door, you just need the same key to open the door, nothing else. You don’t need an elephant and a big teakwood. If you have locked it by a key, you just need the same key to open it, that’s all. You think, “no, no. I locked it by the key only, I agree, Swamiji. But just key cannot open this door, Swamiji. It is too big, Swamiji. You are enlightened, Swamiji. Your door can be opened just by the key with which you locked, Swamiji. We are not like that Swamiji. We need one elephant, Swamiji. We need one big teakwood tree, Swamiji. We need 20 people to carry the teakwood, Swamiji. And after we put the key, they will have to run and hit the door, Swamiji, only then it will open.”

First drop this stupidity that to you need something more to undo the things you have done. No you don’t. If you have become ignorant, just know out of which you have become ignorant. If you undo that, that is enough. If you have become tired, just know out of which you become tired. If you just undo that, that is enough. If you have become bored about of life, just see how you have become bored, undo that, that is enough. Thinking you need more than what you did to do, is needed to undo is Maya. Thinking you need more to undo the things which you did to do what was needed, more than what you needed to undo, that is Maya. If you think you need more to do what I have done is Maya, delusion. Delusion. Delusion. 

Understand, just know in your life – if you lost relationships because of not having love, just undo, decide to be loving, you will have more. Don’t bother about the people who left. You will have better people; because now you know the science of how to lock and open yourself. A person who always loved, never said ‘no’ also, may be sweet but not spicy. But the guy who said ‘yes’ and ‘no’ both, not only becomes sweetie and spicy. Now when you start saying ‘Yes’, you know how to be sweet and spicy. Don’t worry. A man who is always saying ‘yes’ to knowledge, may be sweet, may not be spicy. Sometimes you said ‘Yes’, sometimes you said ‘No’, now start saying ‘yes’ with this knowledge, you will be sweet and spicy, both. Who always said ‘yes’ to being active, he may be sometime workaholic, but sweet not spicy. You said ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, now say ‘yes’, you will be sweet and spicy. You don’t have to worry. So, anything you have done, you just need to put the same level only to undo also. Undoing is not more difficult than doing.

Sit, today and tomorrow, work on all these, each point. Suddenly you see, so many patterns loosens, so many patterns completed. So much of clarity, depth, knowledge, experience and the cognition —You Are the Consciousness. And you will also be gifted all the qualities of Consciousness along with the knowledge—You are the Consciousness. Understand, you will be gifted so many qualities, powers of Consciousness, the moment you recognize, re-cognize – you are Consciousness. You cognized and forget. Now re-cognize — You are Consciousness – you will have all those powers of Consciousness.

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