You are untouched by incompletions, that is the truth!

Saparyaka Chukram Akayam Avranam Asnabeeram Suthamabhabaveedam Kavir Manishi Paribhuh Swayambhur Yatha Tatha YaTho Than Vyadadas Chashwateebya Samabhyaha

I can say in this verse the Upanishadic Rishi is exploding. He just wants to finish it off whatever he wants to say about consciousness. It is like he feels he can’t describe, he can’t spell it out.

Actually whenever you feel you can’t spell it out you can’t describe, you go on repeating the same line ten times. ‘ Oh you know that is that that, that is that that, that is that that.’ When you feel words are not enough you will be repeating the same words which is not enough again and again. You will be repeating the same word again and again.

Paribhuh, Swayambhur all these words may be different words but in depth if you see the same meaning but Upanishadic Rishis are repeating, repeating, repeating. One thing, be rest assured Upanishads are very clearly declaring you are untouched by delusion and incompletion. How much you ever visualise and imagine, pull the incompletion over you like a blanket, early morning at four thirty how you pull your blanket early morning, four thirty. Same way you try to pull your incompletion up on you because it’s very cozy but you will be made to get up and go to akhada. So you will be made to throw away your incompletion, made to do the work of an enlightened being.

Understand how much ever cozy you feel with your incompletion blanket. Actually we can embroider incompletion blanket. How much ever cozy you may feel with your incompletion blanket you are not touched by incompletions. Upanishads very clearly say you are untouched by delusion and incompletion. Untouched by delusion and incompletions.

When Upanishads declare this about you this is you.

No one else has a right to tell you anything about you when Upanishads declare you don’t have incompletions. Understand including your Guru no one has the right to violate the declarations of Upanishads. Even I can show your incompletions only to help you to get out of your delusion. Incompletions can never become permanent in you. No! You are untouched by incompletions, that is the truth, that is the right introduction to you about you. I can forcibly show you your incompletions so you can get out of it and be in the space of being untouched. Sometimes if 4 or 5 blankets are put on you, you will feel suffocated and throw away all of the blankets at a time. That can be used as a technique but you can never be described as incompletion, you are untouched, untouched by incompletions. You are untouched by incompletions. Be very clear about it.

Pure Consciousness is all pervasive and it’s untouched by the delusion of incompletion. Consciousness is the all-knowing seer of all, past, present and future.

I really wanted the Vaakyartha Sadhas to go on and I really want everyone to participate in this Vaakyartha Sadhas because only when you sit and talk, debate you will even spend your time on thinking about it because otherwise all the time you are worried about your pickles. Stupid. No everything you are worried is nothing more than a pickle. Whether you are worried about your house, car all that is only a pickle for life. The rice of the life, the food of the life is only enlightenment but you are so worried about all your stupid pickles; colors and varieties of pickles, you miss the main food of life.

So please understand everyone should spend at least an hour in your life on Vaakyartha Sadhas. Debating, interanalyzing, discussing about the Upanishadic truths because only when you sit and discuss you will think about it. You forgot the process of contemplation. When you are doing your work you are so busy with your incompletions. I am really telling you, your whole day routine never tires you; it is the incompletions and emotional turmoils you go through in whole day that makes you tired and bored. Nobody’s routine tires you.

I am telling you human beings, as human beings you are all capable of doing at least 20 times work than what you are doing. Even whole day you are ploughing the land, you are 20 times more powerful. Understand never let physical routine bring tiredness and boredom. It is the incompletions and emotional turmoil that you put yourself in throughout the day. That brings boredom and that brings tiredness. That brings suffering.

So when you do this Vaakyartha Sadhas debate that’s the only time you will think about these higher truths. Otherwise the whole day you will put yourself only in the ditch of incompletions and emotionally harming yourself. See when constantly you harm yourself emotionally and there is no plan for recover that’s very dangerous. There should be a plan for recovery. If you hurt yourself whole day at least one hour you should heal yourself. The Vaakyartha Sadhas is the time you heal yourself. Where you put your mind, you apply your thoughts on higher possibilities.

So I really sincerely want the Vaakyartha Sadhas circle should be expanded. More and more circles should be created on Vaakyartha Sadhas, to do Vaakyartha Sadhas all over the world. It is just like in the West they have book reading circles, book reading groups we should have Vaakyartha Sadhas groups, Vaakyartha Sadhas circles. We should establish at least ten thousand Vaakyartha Sadhas groups all over the world to do Vaakyartha Sadhas on Upanishads because all these definitions, how much ever I speak you won’t internalize. Only if you speak on it you will think about it and you will internalize it, you will go to the depths of all these thought, thought currents.

The Upanishads are such you have to digest it to feel powerful. It should become part of you to feel powerful. It’s pure consciousness. From the time eternal means it exists before even time started. Time is much lower plane. Time and space are much lower plains. Before time even started it exists. Actually if you understand about consciousness more and more you understand , more and more you will feel settled, secure, beautiful. You will feel more and more beautiful about you, you will just be in love with you. All the restlessness, internal, external it will just get quenched, it will just get settled. Vaakyartha Sadhas on consciousness, thinking about consciousness can bring so much of peace and joy, so much of peace and bliss. Just like how you remember your moments with Guru, how you are filled with joy and excitement. Same way meditating on consciousness can fill you with that same depth of joy and excitement. Do Vaakyartha Sadhas on the Isavasya Upanishad’s definition of you, description of you, description of consciousness.

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