Re-invent and Re-strategize your cognition based on Upanishadic principles constantly

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Listen. If you know, if you develop the attitude of inaction in the face of spiritual truths, inaction in the face of spiritual truths, then nothing, nothing can help you reinvent yourself. Please understand, each of the lines of Upanishads, whatever Upanishads are saying, it’s a spiritual strategy to reinvent yourself. But if you think, “I’ll attend all the sessions, classes and learn the strategies, but I don’t need to do anything, because I have known–I am Consciousness–since last 2003 onwards when Swamiji did first ASP in Malaysia, I attended that, and when Swamiji came first time to New Jersey, I attended ASP, from that time I know I am Consciousness, when Swamiji came to Paris in 2004, that time I attended, from that time onwards I have known I am pure consciousness then, you are just doing avidyām upāsate, worshipping the ignorance, you are stupid. Please understand, see, pains in the life makes part of you stagnant constantly. Stagnation is the residue of pain. Being stagnant, feeling stuck is the hang over of pains in the life, which happens constantly till you become enlightened. So the one and only solution is: reinventing yourself and re-strategizing yourself constantly, constantly, please understand.

When you are driven by your greed or fear, constantly you will reinvent yourself. If you are in love with a girl, how constantly you will reinvent yourself to demonstrate your love to her or impress her; if you are afraid of your wife, how constantly you will reinvent yourself to save yourself or to escape from her. When the fear and greed is there, how constantly you reinvent yourself, re-strategize yourself, re-strategize yourself, do that same out of inspiration or the great truths from Upanishads. Do the same!

Reinventing and re-strategizing based on Upanishadic principles constantly, listen.For example, now Upanishads are saying, all the incomplete knowledge which you learned but never made as experience makes you fall into hell, immediately sit and start scanning sincerely what all concepts you just heard them never made them into experience, start scanning, don’t say, “ah, I am Consciousness, I heard in 2004 from Swamiji first came to Paris, from that time I know it,” but so many times you denied living that Truth, I am consciousness but denying and living has become a lifestyle in you now, and you say, “See I didn’t live I am consciousness because at that time my divorce was going on, I decided after my divorce I will rest and will relax in peace  and live and radiate I am consciousness till then I need a certain amount of vengeance and anger to fight with my husband grab the custody of the child and swindle as much as I can, so at that time I could not practice any spirituality, I have postponed it, now I think I can,” but when you postponed, second time when you look, you will find already the postponing has become pattern in you, that is why I am telling you, any spiritual truth, the moment you hear, listen from the Master, it has to be implicated, if not it will never be implicated. If you don’t make it as your cognition by today’s sunset, it is not useful for you, forget it; and you will develop a wrong pattern of listening but not living. Don’t do that; that is Atmahana, saying no to life. Saying no to life.

Stupid are those, fools are those, cursed are those, idiots are those, who listen to the great truths but does not make them as their cognition. If you have postponed the spiritual truths in your life without letting them become your cognition, parts of you have already frozen. It has become dead. Now today, the today’s Vaakyartha Sadas is melting all those parts which has become dead, frozen, and re-strategizing your whole life with that truth “I am Consciousness.” Means not being pushed by stupid fears, stupid greed, being pushed only by tremendous joy, inspiration, happiness, bliss, fulfillment, completion! If your fuel is only completion and inspiration, you are blessed! Reinventing yourself, re-strategizing your life, reinventing yourself, re-strategizing yourself, discovering through you, making you flow more and more, making you alive more and more, breaking the parts of you which is frozen, making parts of you which is frozen into alive again. I am telling you, all tiredness, all boredom, is nothing but frozen pains in your muscle memory. The only way to break the ice, the frozen pains, is re-strategizing yourself. Seeking should be the frying pan for the enlightenment dosa, which has become very popular from yesterday in our Sangha. I thought if nobody is listening to spiritual teachings I am giving, at least I will start a dosa shop and sell Enlightenment through dosas (south indian breakfast), that is My new strategy. The Enlightenment dosas!

Seeking should be the frying pan for pouring your being and re-strategizing, reinventing.

Today again sit, what all the decisions and strategies you can do, make, based on the truth “I am Consciousness,” and re-strategize your life and reinvent yourself. Reinventing you means re-strategizing your life, re-strategizing your life means reinventing you. So understand, not re-strategizing is not only not good, but dangerous. But, dangerous.

Today’s subject for Vaakyartha Sadas for all satsanghis, for all satsanghis: How to reinvent yourself, re-strategize your life, based on this one truth, you are the Consciousness, as defined by Upanishad, Isavasya Upanishad. Because, if you start internalizing yourself as Consciousness as defined by the Isavasya Upanishad, you are in the highest possible space—Super, Super Consciousness. West always they have the habit of super conscious, supra consciousness, I don’t want to use all those words, super, supra, large, super sized, all that. So as defined by Upanishads if you start cognizing you, you are in the highest possible Consciousness, so reinventing yourself and re-strategizing based on what Upanishads declare you as you is the subject for Vaakyartha Sadas today.

As some of you may be aware, today I have Nithya Kriya Yoga program starting in the ashram next four days. So it’s a celebration! Before entering into this next segment of the morning satsang, there is a question:

How can I make my intellectual understanding to my cognition?

One, do this Vaakyartha Sadas, two, even after the Vaakyartha Sadas if you are not able to make it, come to Inner Awakening, that’s all. You try, if you made it, great; if you feel it’s not happening, then come, I will do it.


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