Am I changing due to boredom, am I re-strategizing, re-inventing myself out of my seeking?

Please listen, I am using little tall words. See sometimes the tall words are required to tell you what I am talking about is a tall philosophy. If I am doing small talks, I can use silly words. But if I am explaining some tall philosophical truths, sacred secrets, tall words are required. Listen, giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom; unfortunately, the western society is teaching you, the western civilization is teaching you, the materialistic civilization is teaching you, giving in to your pattern compulsions is freedom, and they supply material for your pattern compulsions, and swindle you, rob you. Giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom. If you think that is the freedom, you are stupid; that is the right word I will use, you are stupid. Don’t give in to your pattern compulsions. Make seeking as the compelling reality of you. Let the seeking be the first response from you.

Let me define Seeking. Please listen, let me define Seeking.

Whatever I feel as ‘me,’ what is that? It is constantly changing, dilly dallying, sometime it feels good, sometime it is bad, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes knowledgeable, sometimes ignorant. What is it? What am I? You should not even as ‘who am I,’ because the moment you say—“Who am I”—you already assumed you are a being.

You should only ask the word—“What am I?” because you don’t even know whether you are a being or some inanimate object. The word ‘Who am I’ comes with the presumption you are a being, even that is not sure. Only when you realize who you are, you can be a being; till then, you are just only innate existence.

The compulsion, understand, there are tons and tons of compulsions you may face in your life, social compulsions, family compulsions, political compulsions, economical compulsions. But the worst compulsion is pattern compulsion. Pattern compulsion is the worst compulsion, where you are eternally imprisoned. Life becomes worse than hell when you are caught in pattern compulsions. Seeking is the antidote for all pattern compulsions.

The place where you stay, your house, your office, just go into those places, you will see each place has a strong pattern associated; how much ever you try the moment go and sit in your bed, you will fall asleep, even if its daytime, even after sleeping 12 hours. You may think, “I will sit in my bed and do the work,” no, no, the moment you sit, Nidra Devi (goddess of sleep) just embraces you and calls you, “my son, please come…” and you’re out. Please understand, patterns and pattern compulsions are associated even with places. Go to your office, automatically you will be restless, agitated, feel like biting everyone you see in front of you, ‘wawawawa,’ whoever is seen by you will have your ‘blessings.’ With each place, certain patterns are associated.

With Varanasi, seeking is associated. If you want to be out of your pattern compulsions, giving in to your pattern compulsions, awaken the seeking in Varanasi. Please understand, really I’m telling you, each place is associated with certain patterns because those patterns are enriched, encouraged. Varanasi, seeking is entertained, encouraged, enriched, that is why Sri Ramakrishna says, “I saw Varanasi as a golden city; it is not built by just stone, brick, wood, mortar, it is built by intense seeking, prayers, the sacred sentiments of millions and millions and millions of enlightened beings and billions and billions of devotees, visitors, pilgrims.” Understand, Ramakrishna is perfectly right; He is perfect when He describes Varanasi. Whenever I sit in the Ganga in the boat and look at the Varanasi, I see millions of Enlightened Beings’ seeking, and billions of devotees’ prayers put together personified Each stone in Varanasi is one Enlightened Master’s seeking; the mortar binding the stones is billions of devotees seeking and prayers. Each place radiates certain pattern. Each place radiates certain pattern, understand. Varanasi is all about seeking, seeking, seeking.

Constantly keep your seeking alive.

What am I? What is it I see all around me which I tag as world? Which I classify as world?

Before accepting any friend request, you try to see the profile; same way, before accepting the friend request from the world, please try to see the profile of the world—What it is? Who made it? Whenever you try to find somebody’s profile, any amount of information given looks very little, you try to look for only this much, “no, this fellow has something to hide.” And I find really funny, what, how will you gaze, what will you know about somebody based on his date of birth? Maximum you will have an idea of what is his age. Whether you should send the ‘Namaste’ emblem or love emblem, that much you can make out, and that also you don’t know whether it is true or false. Your stupid mind comes to conclusion and starts moving with too little information.

Even if you need to move along with your life not forgetting that you are having only too little information, you need to dig out and get all the information, and after you receive the information you should be ready to change, reinvent, re-strategise yourself, is Seeking.

Understand, the materialistic civilization never lets you sit back and look. If you are allowed to sit back and look you are a dangerous person; you will find the shallowness of it. Sitting back and looking is what I call unclutching, meditation, seeking. Sitting back and looking—What for you are looking, and what you are looking, where are you looking? Are you looking in the right direction, what you are looking?

These basic questions are enough, all the make-up of the world will disappear, full make-up, If you go in the rain, the black will come to the white and white will go to the black. Means the hair which was dyed will become white, and the face which was painted with the white will become dark because of the dye has come here. Exchange of color. I tell you, sit back and look, you will suddenly see what you are looking can never be delivered from whom you are looking and from where you are looking. That is why the materialistic society and it’s day to day routine is always constantly pushing you, never letting you sit back and look.

Ramakrishna says again and again, “once in a while, you should withdraw from your office, house, everything. Sit back, and look.” I tell you, not once in a while, every night you have to withdraw, sit back and look at your whole life, 

What are you? What am I? What am I looking for? What I am looking for? where I am looking for that? What I am looking for, and where I am looking for that and from whom am I looking for? Am I going to get it?

Coming back to the basic questions is Seeking. Coming back to the basic questions is Seeking. You may be running in any speed with your materialistic needs, demands, fear, greed, but retaining the capacity to reinvent yourself and re-strategize yourself with the conclusions of your seeking is keeping seeking alive. You might have established a business for 25 years, suddenly your seeking tells you that is not the right field. As per the conclusions you arrive with your seeking, having the ability to just change, reinvent, restrategize yourself with something new, as per the conclusions of your seeking, is keeping seeking aliveAbility to be liquid, ability to be alive, ability to be a seeker.

Understand, I am not encouraging changing whatever you want based on your whims and fancies and your BOREDOM. Many people in my ashram also want to change the department, sometimes change the ashram, sometimes change the organization itself, out of their boredom, not out of their seeking. I am not talking about that. Please understand, statutory warning, “smelling and smoking boredom may kill you once for all, not just one body, many, many bodies yet to come.” I should have something called “boredom box,” like a cigarette pack, “boredom pack,” if you are bored and entertaining boredom, allowing boredom, you are smoking boredom: “Smoking boredom may be injurious to your birth and death cycle, and it may cause dangerous things to your consciousness, it may delay the birth and death cycle eternally.” Cosmic disclaimer, its cosmic disclaimer and Cosmic warning.

Understand, seeking, seeking, keeping the seeking alive is all Upanishads want to remind again and again and again in this 10th verse of Isavasya Upanishad.

Today’s subject for Vaakyartha Sadhas: Difference between reinventing yourself, restrategizing yourself, because of your seeking, and trying to change because of your boredom. Studying difference between this two is the subject for Vaakyartha Sadas today. Many people change job, change house, change car, change wife, change everything, out of boredom.

No in US one of My devotee introduced a elderly couple, the first introduction about them – “Swamiji, they are great people.” I just looked into him – like a question, “what are their achievements?” “For last 25 years they are married.” No, that has become a great achievement! Come on if you come to Indian village every house is that only. 25 years they are married becomes a great achievement? No changing due to your boredom, understand, changing due to your boredom is different, reinventing and restrategizing due to your seeking is different.

Reinventing and restrategizing due to the conclusions of your seeking is different from changing due to your boredom and pattern compulsions, giving in to your pattern compulsions.

Changing due to your boredom leads you to a deeper and deeper hell. Reinventing, restrategizing due to your seeking leads you to Enlightenment. So do Vaakyartha Sadas, do Vaakyartha Sadas on—“Am I changing due to boredom, am I restrategizing, reinventing, out of my seeking?”

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