Deal matter with Law of Life and Consciousness with Flow of life!

How constant dying, which is happening in all of us – if it is approached violently, arrogantly, negatively – turns into pain and suffering. If is it approached with the mood of listening passively how it leads to transformation.

Listen. By your very nature, you are Living Consciousness, how much ever you try to frame you into certain ideas and ideologies, for the sake of convenience of your everyday life. Please understand, if there is fire in this hall, you have to run out. This frame is perfect to have. If there is an earthquake, you need to leave the hall, go to open space. This framework is perfect to have. Nothing wrong in it. These frameworks, rules, understandings, regulations are good to have in the outer world. Like, you will sleep only in your house. These are all good to have, but it is so unfortunate, you start putting framework for you inside. Like first time when I feel powerless at the age of 7, how I responded, I will respond the same way till the age of 79, whenever I feel powerless – is a bad framework.

Listen, understand the difference. If there is a fire, you need to run out of this hall, is a good framework to have; nothing wrong with it. If there is earthquake, you need to leave this hall, it’s a good framework as far as the outer world is concerned, the frameworks are okay because matter functions based on death, decision and frameworks.

Listen, matter, the external matter, because it is already dead, it functions only based on certain law of life. It does not have flow of life. Listen, it has a Dharma, it does not have Yama.

Listen. Yama means flow of life. Dharma means law of life. The objects which has only law but no flow are called dead matter. Object which has law and flow are called the conscious matter combination – citta jatā granthi, human beings. We have the possibility of flow and certain law. For example: if you drink poison, your body will be dead, is a law. That is Dharma. Yama, flow of life – if you want, any time, you can excite yourself, enthuse yourself, make yourself happy is the ‘flow of life’.

Understand, ‘flow of life’ is free, joyful, exciting, enthusiastic expression of you, Yama. ‘Flow of life’ is your freedom, Yama. ‘Law of life’ is simple straightforward rules, Dharma. If something functions only based on law of life, it is dead matter. If something can play between both – law of life and flow of life – functions as straight dead matter. Flow of life has the possibility of excitement, enthusiasm, non-materialistic expansive cognitions.

Listen, non-materialistic expansive cognition are possible with flow of life, Yama.  Yama Dharma. Please understand this word. The flow of life belongs to Consciousness. Law of life belongs to matter. Human being is a possibility. He functions with ‘flow of life’ and ‘law of life’, both. But unfortunately, he overlaps the ‘law of life’ and forgets, misses ‘flow of life’.

All your pain, all your suffering, all your pain, all your suffering is because you think ‘flow of life’ has to be framed into ‘law of life’, and you always feel ‘law of life’ is boring. Law of life is made for matter in you. There is a part which is matter. Deal matter with law of life, not Consciousness. Consciousness need to be cognized constantly with ‘flow of life’.

I will give you more examples. Listen.

For example, everyday satsang, if you deal it as law of life, it is boring. “Oh god everyday I have to come and sit.” Today I have great attendance in satsang. But instead, if you look, no! It is not same everyday. Everyday, a new cognition, inspiration, understanding is happening in me, then the same satsang becomes ‘flow of life’ not ‘law of life.’ Even food can become boring if you cognize from the angle of law of life.

Please understand, so many youth who are born with silver spoon are committing suicide by middle age because they feel everything is boring. They have seen enough of food, just for food they fly hours together from country to country. They have seen enough of liquor, enough of drugs, enough of women, enough of everything. They feel bored. What to do? Let’s do something new, commit suicide. No, really it is happening.

Some places where you are not courageous enough to commit suicide, just fall into depression. Law of life, good, as far as you deal with the matter. But if you project that on the Consciousness, it makes life bored. No work, no working day is same, but you go on believing, you are constantly made to believe Monday to Friday, it is all same. All the system which makes you a number!

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