Whenever you see there is no possibility for new flow of energy in your life, then comes boredom, frustration, violence.

Understand, boredom is one of the biggest crimes done to individual consciousness. Boredom is one of the biggest crimes done to individuals by the collective society. And the worst crime is giving foolish solutions for the foolishly created boredom, the so-called entertainment industry. Understand, instead of solving the problem in the root. For example, you are having a nightmare that 10 tigers are chasing you, 11 lions are attacking you, the anaconda is running behind you. In the dream, you are running. In the bed itself, you are screaming, “Oh save me, save me, tiger is coming. Anaconda is coming….” If somebody brings and gives you AK47-59, and tell you, “Come on, my dear friend, how can you be suffering? Save yourself.” You don’t know whether he will shoot himself or you.

The problem needs to be handled in a simple way. Just tap him, “Aye. Wake up.” But instead, if you try to solve the issue by giving AK47-59, “Wow. I am giving 59 in the right hand, and 47 in the left hand…” and giving even 2, 3 bombs so that he can throw that and run away from all the animals chasing you. How stupid you are! That is exactly what society is doing to you. Instead of making you understand the source of the boredom, and go beyond it, it is providing entertainment industry. Don’t, don’t live in a country where the entertainment industry is too big. Listen, don’t live in a village, where there is no temple. Don’t live in a place where there is too much of entertainment. If there is too much of entertainment, be very clear, those place, people are too violent to divert their attention. Entertainment industries are flourishing.

Entertainment industries are nothing but antidote for violence. I am telling you, the real antidote for violence is understanding the Source of it and going beyond. These entertainment industries, because they have to divert human beings from violence, the external boredom, they think they are becoming creative, and finally pushing them into fantasy and fantastic violences. Heroes hitting somebody and two hundred people are dead with the bare hand. The people attacking him are all full of weapons. Is it not a violent fantasy? Or fantasy based violence?

In Tamil movie, God! A villain will be going in the flight. Hero will be going in the bullock cart and he will catch it. He will catch the villain. And the villain will be the pilot. He will take control of the flight, who was driving few minutes before, bullock cart, who doesn’t know anything about flight, who has never gotten into flight, who was born and brought up in the village, never move out of village, will suddenly become pilot. How he remembered his past life, knowledge and experience when he was the pilot in the past life! How did he remember the past life memory of driving the flight? Suddenly without remembering in all these days. No. When he was closing the door of the aircraft, one bolt hit his temple, and the brain has gone through a change, and his past life memory to fly is awakened.

Entertainment industry, instead of healing you, unfortunately only suppressing your feeling bored. I tell you, it is boredom makes you violent. Boredom in life makes you violent. Boredom in life brings frustration. Understand, whenever you see there is no possibility for new flow of energy in your life, then comes boredom, frustration, violence.

Anybody who sees the possibility of new flow of life, never becomes violent or terrorist.

Sanatana Hindu Dharma constantly teaches you possibility for a new energy flow in life.  It is living-based religion, that is why it is Living Religion. It is life-based religion, that is why it is Life Religion. Sanatana Hindu Dharma, first and foremost teaching of Sanatana Hindu Dharma – see, what is the part of you, matter? Which is the part of you, Consciousness? Which needs to be dealt with the law of life? Which need to dealt with the flow of life? Which needs to be dealt with law of life? Which need to dealt with flow of life.

Same cat when it catches the rat, the teeth works in a different way. When it catches it’s own kitten, the teeth works in a different way. Same cat, same teeth, cognition is different, context is different; so work is different. Catch the matter like a rat, catch the consciousness like kitten because Consciousness is your own.

Law of life is different, flow of life is different. When you know the difference, your whole life will look as ‘flow of life’. When you don’t understand, the whole life will become, will look like law of life. You will feel even if some new food is brought, you will taste new, new food because you are bored with the same food. Hundred days you will taste new, new food because you are bored with the same food. After hundred days, if you suddenly become bored of eating, what will happen? Because the boredom spreads in you in the speed of death. Understand, boredom at the rate of death, spreads in you. The speed with which poison spreads in you, the speed with which death spreads in you, in that speed, boredom spreads in you. Boredom spreads in you, when you are confused – what is law of life and what is flow of life.

See actually if you approach you and life, passively – “come on, let me see, what is it that is death matter in me and Living Consciousness in me? What is the citta jatā granthi, the knot of Consciousness and matter?” Then you will know — You! You feel fulfilled only when you remember, when you cognize ‘you’ as flow of life, not as law of life. That is first thing.

Second, listen.

I was describing complete dead matter to be dealt with law of life. When you are combination of matter and Consciousness, you need to deal – matter with law, Consciousness with flow. There is one more group, who are fully awakened, conscious, in them, there is no matter exist. They don’t cognize anything based on matter; based on the fact or the understanding, there is some matter that is part of them. They need to dealt completely, their life and everything is Pure Consciousness, it is only Yama, no dharma. They are called Jeevan Muktas. They are beyond dharma. Their life becomes dharma, what they do becomes dharma. They are embodiment of dharma.

Understand, whenever you overlap the game of matter into the game of consciousness, pain and suffering is given to you as a reminder alarm. Whenever you overlap the law of matter into the law of Consciousness or law of consciousness into the law of matter, the pain and suffering is given to you as a reminder alarm. No pain is your enemy, no suffering is your enemy, you are just reminded – you are confused. My boy, you drank too much, go back home. It’s time to go back to home, you are full. It’s reminder you are overlapping. It’s reminder that you are becoming stupid. It’s reminder you are dealing with Life wrongly.

Understand, understand whatever I spoke now, if it is going above your head, watch this satsang at least 3, 4 times at least in the next few days.

Understand, the definition of ‘law of life’ and ‘flow of life’ and look in, spend little time on you – seeing where you applied the rules of matter, games of the matter into games of the spirit, games of the Consciousness, where Dharma is pushed on Yama, where Yama is not given Its original respect and space? Look in, the moment you look in, tons and tons of your problems will be reduced to ashes, and you will know how to die constantly and reborn.

All the ‘law of life’ suffocating the ‘flow of life’ needs to be killed. In all those spaces, death needs to happen to you. Wherever the ‘flow of life’ is disturbed by ‘law of life’, you need to be reborn. Keep the ‘flow of life’ alive. Love, excitement, enthusiasm, laughter, living – keep it alive. This is the science of Completion and science of Living.

Living can never be reduced to a cheap word, art. Living is a science. Art is too small word, too cheap word to be attributed to living. Understand, it is not little jumping, jinging and jinganiking. It is exploring the extraordinary powers of you. The mystery component of you. The Ashtamaha Siddhis [eight mystic, perfected powers] and various other powers, and ultimately expressing — you are Mahadeva Himself. You are Mahadeva.

Understand, I am telling you. Do not do any spiritual or religious practice, kryia yoga, pranayama, anything unless it opens up extraordinary powers in you within few days. Extraordinary powers are not the purpose of spiritual practice, but that is the measuring scale whether the practice is authentic or not. Whether it is mandated by Mahadeva or madness stupidity of some ‘guuru’. Any mandated by Mahadeva starts opening up Mahadeva in you. The first openings are always miraculous and extraordinary powers. I tell you, even whatever I am teaching, use this scale only then practice. Any spiritual practice, within few days – means less double digit days – should open up extraordinary powers and experiences in you, happenings in you, only then it is mandated by Mahadeva. Anything mandated by Mahadeva has no expiry date. Otherwise do not do some technique for the sake of pride. “I have been doing this for the last 39 years.” Then it is the combination of confusion and chaos of the guru who taught you that. Let the madness of men who try to brand themselves not waste your life. Let the mandate of Mahadeva be the path for you, the technique for you.

Understand, Living is a science. If I find a word which has far more depth than ‘science, I attribute that word for LIVING, not anything less. Not anything small. Not anything, because it is fashionable.

Now you need to contemplate. You need to think. You need to look in. You need to internalize and intranalyze the ‘law of life’ and ‘flow of life.’

I will continue to expand on Death, the subject matter of Kathopanishad. I will continue to introduce the truths of Death, sacred secrets of Death from Akashic Records. First the introduction of the subject matter. Then I will introduce the Upanishad itself. Then I will introduce. I should not use the word ‘author’, I can say the word ‘reader’. Yama Dharma is the Rishi of this Upanishad, reader of this Upanishad, not author. Listener, the first listener, Naciketa.

I have to introduce Naciketa. That is only to be the hero entry, where I have to give lot of build up and I have to first show only his hand, his feet, his back, the way he walks, then his shikha [lock of hair on shaven head, kept by Brahmnins], only the forehead, then just the eyes filled with Shraddha, authenticity. Only then, I can expose him directly to you. The context needs to be set for the hero of this Upanishad.

Please understand, I tell you really, even Yama Dharma looks little pale in front of Nachiketa. He only becomes second hero. Till Nachiketa is introduced, Yama remains as hero. When Nachiketa is introduced, he became second hero. My apologies to Yama, I am not disrespecting him, but the way, Upanishad goes, God. Unquestionably, un-controversially, it is Nachiketa who is hero, even though he is a disciple. He is a student. He is a listener who is receiving. Only the real calf knows how to get milk out of mother, the cow. How to make the cow release the milk, only the real calf knows. So how to get the Truth out of Yama Dharma, only Nachiketa knows. It is because of Nachiketa, just like how because of the calf, all of us get the milk. It is because of Nachiketa, we all got the Kathopanishad, greatest nectar. That is why I am saying – Nachiketa becomes superhero of the Upanishad.

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