Third eye awakening is one of the most powerful, healthy foolproof process given directly by Mahadeva.

Understand, I want to tell you this one thing, I am giving you some of the most important insider’s secret of this gurudum. See when you have few thousands people connecting with you having a kind of feeling connection. Anything you say some 20, 30 people will catch it and manifest, but that is not science. Be very clear. Now whatever I am declaring, or claiming, whether it is mitochondria cell energy or DNA alteration for a better life. Anti-aging everything happens to all 100 percent participants. No a single person is left out.

Please understand, still now, all the medical test and researches we have done, is there a single participant who did not have any transformation. And the lowest data is the data we even publish. When I say 1000 percent cell mitochondria cell energy that is the lowest, tt even goes up to 1600 for some participants. Understand what we claimed is the lowest participant, who is actually sitting here, fighting with me. Not doing what I am saying and denying whatever I am saying. It’s just like SDHD, it’s GDHD, guru doubt, guru hatred, guru denial. No, there are people, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. They live on GDHD, guru hatred, guru doubt, guru hatred, guru denial. Like SDHD, self-hatred, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Swami doubt, Swami, hatred, Swami denial. Even they experienced, demonstrate the amazing result of anti aging, DNA getting re-organize or awakening. Actually that is the exact truth, the more DNA layer gets awakened and mitochrondria energy goes up.

Understand now boldly on national channel I am talking. Not in just one national channel Sadhana TV, international channel, Nithyananda channel I am talking with this responsibility I am saying. For the kids below 14 years, the third eye awakening, and blindfold reading I am declaring it as a science. I claiming it, we are successful in doing it 100 percent.

Please understand, 100 percent, it’s just little time we need nothing else. May be maximum this 21days. This 21 days Inner Awakening, why I am claiming, just to keep the maximum time requirement. But for more than 60 percent of the kids, within 4 days, their third eye is awakened. They are able to do blindfold reading. And around 30 percent kids, day one, it is awakened. The moment they are initiated, it is awakened, 60 percent within 4 days. But with 21 days, I guarantee 100 percent.

Please understand, I am claiming this as a science. Anything can be called a science only when it can be replicated for every individual. Every individual who has the possibility, means like a, every individual who has third eye we should be able to awaken it. Only then it can be declare it as science. And every individual has it. Even if you don’t have two eyes, you have third eye. Anybody who has a head, have third eye. And anybody who has a head, below 14, I am declaring this as a science. We are successful able to awaken their third eye. And they are able to do blind fold reading successfully within 21 days.

Understand, all these statements are my claims scientifically validated and demonstrated in front of 3rd party who are neither for me or against me, who are simple straightforward people, who don’t have any vested interest to proof me or disproof me. I will always used to tell — I will be well known to the world very positively due my Gurukul. I will always used to tell – my kids will bring pride for me and respect for me. I am seeing they are doing it. I am seeing they are doing it. And as I said, already the inner awakening participants, for kids. IA for kids program participants. All the kids have started reading. I am just asking her to give some more training, some more deeper meditation process so that they can bring them to the stage and demonstrate it.

It’s just the final finishing is going on. It’s only I think 8 or 9 day. 8th day, today is only the 8th day, almost every kid is able to read. Their 3rd eye is awakened. I am just waiting for few more days. And this time, I am going to initiate for men also. We have mastered the process and technique for men also. But we are not able to like make it as foolproof reproducible science for adult. Still there are thick heads, like GDHD where I have to work a little more. I am doing it. I am doing, but the technique is successful, means: the adults who tried, their 3rd eye is awakened, they are able to read. That we already demonstrated. That we already mastered, that we are successful. But just like the kids thing, making it 100 percent. We will achieve it. Hope we will achieve it. I think by this IA. It is just deeper level of completion, that’s all. See adults are not criminals, they are just cunning and stupid, that’s all. See, sometime people ask, “Is this dangerous for my child to this?” Oh god what is this? It is just extraordinary power. It may be dangerous for the other people to be in front of your kid, but not for your kid itself.

Please understand, people sometime say I don’t want to receive, my child to receiving information in the minds of people around whom may not be trust worthy or danger of being influence by ghosts, spirits. No! Be very clear, with this power, the kids will be intelligent enough also — which, what to read, what not to read and they can never be influenced by any ghosts or spirits, understand. Actually, any kids whose Third Eye is awakened, if he sees that person who is possessed by ghosts or spirit, even that person will be healed. The kids will have a tremendous healing power in their eyes. Understand, just by seeing they will heal people. They will heal people, so don’t even have this doubt. See, actually, the adults feel little humiliated that is why they bring up all these stupid arguments, “My kid is doing all that, but I am not able to do.” So when you feel humiliated, you try to stop them. See this is the exact way you destroy kids. When you see they are so happy. You feel this, why is he so happy. Why alone I am taking all the stress. You also take something. So most of the time instead of bringing them up, we bring them down.

So now understand, this is one of the most powerful, healthy foolproof process given directly by Mahadeva. Understand, it is mandated by Mahadeva. Time tested, fool proof, authentic, most extraordinary and no bad side-effect, no ill side-effect or after effect. 

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