Man who celebrates Life is worshipped. Man who is constantly complaining is worshipping.


Listen, every moment the happening in you, means your Life. Listen carefully..Life. You may be marching towards your goal to achieve something in the outer world or inner world or you may just be confused and stuck. Whatever, but Life IS happening to you. Please understand, even feeling confused and getting stuck, is Life happening. Sometime people feel, you are not even letting us live in confusion and depression little bit. Understand, confusion and feeling stuck, is Life happening. Life happening. So, in this happening of Life, whenever you change the game, like the rules with which you need to play with the matter, if you play it with Consciousness; the rules with which you need to play with Consciousness, if you play with matter.

A ship is very safe, most secured in the port, when it docked, whatever, but it is not created just for that purpose. Understand, if you always decide based on law of life — if the ship is parked or locked in the port, it is very safe, most secured. Yes, no doubt! But the purpose of ship is not just being docked in the port.

Law of life is only teaching about the most secure things. Flow of life is exciting, adventurous, innovating, opening up different possibilities.

Life, life happening to you every moment — that is the first statement, even if you feel you are stuck, life is happening.

Second statement, listen, second statement — when you changed the games, when you change the rule of life – when you play law into flow, flow into law – what you go through is pain, listen. When flow, the life is restrained by the misunderstanding of law, pain is caused. Whenever you need to follow the law of the matter, you try to break it because of your over enthusiastic flow, suffering is caused.

Listen to the third statement. The constant life happening, when you approach it with agitation, every moment the purification process which is happening in you, becomes painful. Listen, purification means more and more understanding of – which is law, which is flow.Letting the flow to be, letting the law to protect. Dharma to protect, yama to enjoy. Listen, Dharma to protect, yama to enjoy. Bringing more and more understanding about Yama and Dharma is life, and that process is constant death and constant rebirth.

Many things in you will constantly die, many things in you will constantly be given rebirth. But whenever, due to your attachment, arrogance, you are not letting things move in your life.

For example, there are somethings, law of life, that is the way matter functions. Means there is, I can give you the example. If you try to bind the other person, possess the other person whom you love, the love will be lost. This is law of life. But, you are so much in denial, saying, “no no no, the flow was so powerful, how can it be destroyed?” Please understand, however powerful the flow may be, it will not be able to break at some points – law of life. But, because of your delusion about the flow of life. “Oh you don’t know Swamiji, I was in love with him, he was in love with me, you don’t know how we romanced and loved each other.” Yes, it maybe true. Both of you enjoyed the flow of life, no doubt. But the moment you try to possess the other person, suffocate the other person, bring suffering to the other person, the love will lose its power, is law of life; but you try to overlook. You get into the denial mood. “No, no, no, that is the way life will be, that is the way it should be.” I am not saying it should be, or it could be, it must be, or it may be right or wrong. In many laws of life, there is no such thing as waiting for your approval of right or wrong. It just moves. That is why He is called Dharma, He just moves. Your inability to see the Reality does not stop the Reality fortunately. I just want to add the word – fortunately. Otherwise, you will be stuck forever.

Understand, this is one of the important prayer you should carry in your heart,

“Mahadeva, even if I don’t understand, whatever need to be removed from me, please remove it from me at least by force. Whatever purification I need to go through, let me go through, even by force, because I know, if you are waiting for My yes, it will never happen. If you are waiting for My yes, it will never happen.”

Understand I am defining Surrender, bhakti. Surrender and Bhakti. Giving the GPA, general power of attorney to Mahadeva, saying –

“Whether I understand and appreciate or not, whether I understand or not, appreciate or not, what my life need to go through, how I need to experience the flow of life and law of life in the ultimate intelligence of You, Mahadeva, Your third eye. From Your third eye when You see, how I should be with the flow of life and law of life, let that become reality; whether I understand or not, accept it or not, appreciate or not ready to receive or not. I am giving you the whole GPA now itself, do it.”

This is Surrender. This is Surrender, and when He does it, enjoying it is bhakti. Understand, giving the GPA to Him is surrender and when He does His job, enjoying it is bhakti. That is bhakti.

Understand, the constant death which is supposed to happen in you, if you cherish it with bhakti, It will become celebration and liberation. It will become celebration and liberation.

Now I am deciding this whole truth, which I am revealing now about bhakti and surrender. I will write a beautiful Tamil poetry and bring it to you guys. It is just sitting in my heart now. I can see already the beautiful words overflowing. I will beautifully put it and bring it to you guys.

Listen. I feel everyone should carry this Truth in the heart as the context of Life and every time when Mahadeva rolls you like a stone rolled in Ganga…Each of us are stones in Ganga, He just rolls all of us in the flow of life, which comes from His head and washes His devotee’s feet, that is what is enriching, understand. Coming down from Enlightenment, Mahadeva’s Sahasrara is the space of Enlightenment. Ganga comes there to wash the feet of Kapila, Shiva’s devotee and release people from sins and give them Enlightenment. That is the journey of Ganga Maata. That is exactly should be the journey of each one of us.

First, get into the head of Mahadeva, Sahasrara – the space of Enlightenment. From there, just flow to the whole world. And the original Purana does not say – Ganga just flows away from Mahadeva. How in the pictures they portray, just the Ganga coming out and flowing ther. No, She is very romantic, She flows all over the body. She is enjoying the very flow. Understand, She is enjoying the very flow on Mahadeva. The Gomukh is the space where She touches the Planet Earth and Hari-ki-puri is the space of Shiva’s feet, till that space, the whole thing is Shiva’s body. Understand, Shiva’s body in the physical plane. Then She comes down to Gangasagar to release the sins Bhagiratha’s ancestors and wash the feet of Kapila, Shiva’s devotee. Kapila is older than Ganga. Because it is because of Kapila’s curse, and as a shaapa vimochana [atonement from sin] Ganga was brought to Planet Earth by Bhagiratha.

Understand, just like in Ganga, how the stones roll, all of us are stone rolling in the flow of life, flow of Ganga. Many unnecessary parts of us are chipped and we are polished. In all these flow, if you appreciate what life is doing to you, you will experience constant rebirth, rebirth, rebirth. If you don’t, you will constantly experience death, death, death.

Understand, when a stone rolls in Ganga, it nicely gets shaped and polished and becomes Shiva Linga and left in the banks for the people to worship it. A stone allowed itself with the flow of Ganga becomes God and worshipped by everyone. The flow of life, we are also like stone which is moving and rotating in Ganga. Many corners where we need to be chiseled, it gets chiseled, those parts are removed; and where we need to be polished, the polishing happens.

Understand, cleaning, chiseling, polishing, cleaning, chiseling, polishing. The stone which can take that cleaning, chiseling, polishing as a death for it or as a rebirth for it. You have that freedom. You can approach the life every moment as Death, saying,

“oh god, life never gives me what I want. I am always tortured, deprived, depressed. How much ever I struggle, it never gives me what I want. It never supports me. I am the only one who is tortured every time by the life. Why me? Why me? Why me?”

“Why me” is looking at the life as death, then you will see constantly you only are dying. Understand the most dangerous thing – seeing life as constantly death, you know, you will associate yourself with that little pieces of stone which get chipped off. You will never be worshipped. Associate yourself with the main part, which is going to be worshipped as Shiva. That part always feels – “Wow. I did not do anything, just life move me in the flow. I am polished, cleared, now I am worshipped as a God.” That is what I call – Brahmanyam Bahuputratām – the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos.

Understand, if you look at the Life as constant rebirth, you will identify yourself with the main stone, main portion of the stone, which is going to become Shiva Linga, which is going to be worshipped. If you associate yourself with that – why me? why me? – you will be the small corner, that chip, that corner stone that getschipped off in the flow of life. The danger is, you will never be Shiva Linga, you will be just lying there in stupid depression.

I made a statement in this satsang, adults are not criminals, cunning. Means, cunning means powerless criminal. Criminal who don’t even have the power to commit crimes. He is potential but doesn’t have the courage and power. He is cunning enough, not that he is innocent. But he doesn’t have the guts or power even to commit a crime.

The broken parts of the Shiva Linga, chiseled parts are stuck in cunningness. They are not even, they don’t even have power to commit a crime. They are stuck, stupid, stuck, stupid.

Listen, listen, listen. Constantly appreciating life, enjoying life, celebrating life, even though it forcefully removes some part of ‘you’ from you. Even if it removes something physically from you, some persons, some pleasures, some wealth, something which you want, or something which you don’t want or some part of your mind. Even if forcibly, when it is removed, celebrating life, appreciating life will make you understand life is a constant rebirth, rebirth, rebirth.

Anyone carries the context of Life is bliss, he is constantly reborn. Understand. This is the greatest gift any Guru can give it to disciple. I am giving it to you, take it. This understanding, this understanding – appreciate Life even when you think something is being removed from you, forcibly, even when you are not able to see the longer vision Life has for you. Sometime you may not be able to see the larger vision life has for you, and don’t be a tantrum throwing manager who need to be convinced constantly about the whole vision of a company for you to move even one file from one table to another table. To move one file from one table to another table, if a CEO has to come and sit with you and all Directors, and constantly remind you the whole vision of a company, you are a tantrum throwing stupid. Maybe once or twice this can be done, after few days, they only have to decide to carry on without you being part of them. You are forcing that.

Same way, even with Life, don’t drop the context again and again, throw tantrum. Don’t miss the vision of larger vision of life again and again and throwing tantrum. Your tantrums with the Life are not going to be responded in any way. Come up retain, remain with the larger vision of Life and appreciate what it is being done to you every moment. Many things which you yourself may not renounce, is getting renounced, taken away forcibly. Many polishing, which you may not do it on your own, is getting done naturally. It is all finally for YOU to be worshipped as Shiva Linga. The receiver of the worshipper is YOU. I tell you, man who celebrates Life is worshipped. Man who is constantly complaining is worshipping. Who constantly complains – why me? why me? why me? Who constantly feels – life is a death happening, death happening, death happening, suffocates himself – sees life only as death. Who understand constantly, life is rebirth, rebirth, rebirth; rebirth, rebirth, rebirth. Whoever feels constantly Life is a rebirth celebrates Life and feels as the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos – brahmanyam bahuputratām | brahmanyam bahuputratām |

A Sannyasi who declared this to the Cosmos, see during the Virija homa, you declare to the whole world, I retain the context of brahmanyam bahuputratām in my heart. Means: you have to constantly keep yourself in bliss and carry this context of Life is a constant rebirth not death. You have no right to feel suffering. You are not that small part which is getting chiseled. You are the bigger part which is getting polished. You are not the small part which is getting chiseled, chipped off. You are the bigger part which is getting polished. If you feel you are the small part which is getting chipped off – why me? why me? why me? If you feel you are the larger part which is getting polished– Wow! Wow me! Wow me! Wow me! Wow, it’s me! Wow, it’s me!

Life is just all about from “why me?” to “wow me”. Understand, I tell you one more thing, Life is so compassionate – only minimum chipping is done and maximum polishing is done. It chips really, really only the minimum required. “No, no, no, others get chipped only little bit. I get chipped so much.” No! You are in the hands of the most compassionate sculptor – Mahadeva – specially when He Himself comes as a Guru.

Understand, somebody asked me, “Swamiji, there were so many ex-devotees, disciples stole Sangha’s properties, wealth and run away.” I said,

“Aye, some people get His money, some people get His land, some people get His attention, only very few blessed are those who get Him as Guru.”

Understand, some get His land, some get His property, some get His gold, some get His organizations, whatever, whoever wants, they grab those things with their hands. But who stand without grabbing anything with folded hands or holding His feet, He picks them up to keep on His shoulder.

Understand, blessed are those who get Him as Guru. People who grab things with their both hands, they won’t be having Him as Guru; that is the worst punishment. They don’t need any other punishment other than not having Him as a Guru for their life. Best thing can happen to you has already happened. Having Him as Guru.

Listen, listen. The conclusion statement I am making is actually same as first statement but step-by-step I have presented – how constant death and constant rebirth is perceived by different mental setup. Whoever feels negative with the Life, feels constant Death is happening. Whoever looks at the Life with understanding and reverence, will feel constant birth is happening.

I think if I have to give the essence of this satsang, I have to repeat this whole satsang. I can’t delete any one statement. I can’t miss any one statement. I just have to delete the repetitions and repeat every statement I made. 

Because when I am looking back, last one hour, and trying to give the essence. I am not able to delete even one statement. You better watch (read) the satsang again at least few times, that is the essence of this satsang. That’s all I can say. And I will continue to expand, introduce Death. The great sacred secrets about Death.

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