Kalpataru, Attributes of an Avatar-I

Kalpataru is a wish-fulfilling divine tree described in the Hindu puranas (historical epics). The Avatar is known as a kalpataru due to His special attribute of fulfilling the wishes of devotees through a blessing or initiation. Normally, any person would be generating hundreds of thoughts from every cell of his body. During a process of meditation, the devotee is asked to make a conscious resolution (sankalpa) and hold on to that one wish he would like fulfilled immediately. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is in sahaja samadhi, the natural space of no-mind or pure Consciousness. This space contains virtual particles of energy in perpetual vibration (spanda), exactly like the fabric of space-time (universal consciousness), as explained by the string or M theory.

In quantum terminology, a thought is also a packet of energy, and during the initiation, the devotee’s concentrated thought is now in Entanglement (see page 106) with Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s no-mind space, which is the very fabric of space-time (universal Consciousness). This creates the strongest possibility of the desired manifestation happening in the shortest possible time.

courtesy Avatara Shastra 

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