I closed the door but never locked it!

Introducing Sadashivoham is introducing Sadāshiva Himself. His words, teachings, understandings, logical conclusions, grand strategies for your existence. All this make your logical dimension, the length of you to manifest Sadashivatva.


You have 3 dimensions – length, breadth, depth. Length is your logic, intellect. Breadth is your visualization, heart, love, poetry. Depth is your Being, manifesting powers. Understand. Sadashiva’s words, His teachings, His grand strategies for your existence, when He says, “Practice Completion,” it is not only His teaching, His grand strategies for your existence. He Himself is strategizing for your existence. All this will make your logic manifest Sadashivatva. Breadth, the visualization dimension, when you manifest powers, the new idea you develop about you, the new identity you develop about you, breaking all this small, old identity, the new Being you develop about you, that makes your breadth dimension manifest Sadashivatva.

Initiation and spiritual alchemy products, which makes your body and mind retain Initiation, they make your depth manifest Sadashivatva, your cognition manifest Sadāshivatva. Listen. Listen carefully! 

Sadashivoham is making you manifest Sadāshiva Himself, your highest possibility through you. Understand. Do not allow any Maya Matrix any reason. Your logic makes you believe that you can’t be here for Sadāshivoham and I tell you…a small story.

King…a king built a huge fort. He did not have a child, so he wanted a successor, a Yuvaraja. So he declared to the whole country, “Whoever opens the door of the fort, with a bare hands, will be his Yuvaraja.” Fort, door, bare hands! Not even one fellow in the country, even thought of coming, so it went on and on, almost for 20 days, nobody turned. One fine morning, one young man comes and challenges the king, “I’ll open it.” The whole country laughs at him. But king says, “Try.” He builds his body, plans all the effort, energy, as if this is the last moment he is going to live. He just makes himself to his peak, from distant runs as fast as he can. The moment he goes and hits the door, suddenly door opens. Never anybody imagined including this guy. Even he was shocked. What kind of a fort it is? “With bare hands, I opened it.” He looks at the king. King says beautifully, “I closed but did not lock.” This is exactly the word I am giving for you guys. I….because a Yuvaraja needs initiative, initial enthusiasm as his bio-memory.

That basic test, I have to do. To do the basic test, I closed the door but never lock it. I close the door but never lock it.

If you are tired, decision fatigue, you are the one who are laughing among the countrymen, without trying. Understand. It is time now. Run and hit the door, I promise I have not locked it. I have not locked it. Yes I do close it but I don’t lock it. I do need to know whether you are really interested or not. I don’t want you come and tell here, “Just casually I thought, oh I came here.” No! Before coming here, I want your logic, your whatever, whatever energies you have, everything is convinced, you need it and everything wants it. Whichever part of you wants it, only for those parts I can give it. If your body wants it, I can give it to your body. If your logic wants it, I can give it to your logic. If your breadth wants it, I can give it to your breadth. If your depth wants it, I can give it to your depth. Only whichever part of you wants it, I can give it to that part. Understand. That is why Devi, Kundalini is described as a Devi, female energy. Only if you want it, you can have. I have closed the door but I have not locked it. Last time, I did not tell the truth, now I at least told it.

I have closed it. I have not locked it. So understand. It is time for you to push the door, nothing else. If the door is completely opened, you don’t have the curiosity to go in and see. You never feel like going in and seeing. You feel, “Oh it is going to be open forever,” and you take it for granted. Your whole life, you never enter and see. I have seen people, “Every month Pournami, Girivalam is there, going around the hill of Arunachala Temple. We’ll go some month,” and finally they die without even going for 1 month. I have seen this happening. Same way, if you take it for granted, you may miss it.

Introducing Sadāshiva Himself, how can I introduce Sadāshiva Himself? I can only introduce few things we are going to do to manifest Sadashivatva.  

One, there will be a powerful elaborate experiential session on 25 states of Consciousness. We will be working almost 1 full day experientially, going through all the 25 states of Consciousness.  

Second, there will be one powerful, one full day, we will be working on 11 dimensions of the Universe.

One day at least 1 full day, you will experientially have darshan of all 5 aspects of Sadashiva.

Preparing your physical components, manifest Sadashivatva through Completion, preparing your physiological component to manifest Sadashivatva through Rope Yoga and Mallakhamba Yoga. Many of you may be thinking,  “Mallakhamba and Rope Yoga are physical.” No! No! They work on your internal organs. Understand. The Mallakhamba Yoga and Rope Yoga, they work on your internal organs. The whole India, healthiest people are Maharashtrians – Marathis. It’s a statistics. I am not talking something secret. It’s a statistics, government statistics. Because they practice Mallakhamba Yoga. Mallakhamba is their lifestyle. Understand the Mallakhamba Yoga works, of course it works on physical component also but it aims on physiological, on physiological. So understand, making your Sadashivatva manifest on your physiological components, circuits through Mallakhamba Yoga and Rope Yoga and heavy. You are going to literally practice all the 800 Asanas, Sadāshiva describes in his whole Yoga Pada. 

Every asana available in Shāstra Pramāṇa and Āpta Pramāṇa, I have collected. You are going to practice the whole thing in the 21 days and you are going to be given a manual to take home, practice and teach. Making your psychological circuits manifest Sadashivatva through manifesting powers. Through the spiritual alchemy products, bolting Sadashivatva in your neurological circuits. I don’t want to put you in decision fatigue by describing whatever I am going to do, because who is going to do will not have fatigue, people who listen what is going to be done, sometimes gets into fatigue. The preparations….the scale in which preparations are happening is ‘the introduction’ for Sadashivoham to you.

And I tell you, all the obstacles you face for coming to Sadashivoham, is an introduction to Sadashivoham to you. All the obstacles you face – money, spouse, time, convincing others, convincing yourself, jig- jig- jig-jig- jiga… what not. All that is the introduction to Sadashivoham to you. That is the introduction to Sadashivoham to you.

I tell you, in every aspect whether the way you are going to be welcomed or the food you are going to eat or the way you are going to wake up, even the way you are going to wash yourself, in every step you are going to manifest Sadashivatva in this whole program.  

One small conversation, I wanted to quote it exactly to you. It’s a Vaakyartha Sadas happening between Sapta Rishis and Devi, in the presence of Sadāshiva. You will be surprised. I wanted to quote this exactly and give you the original reference also. They are discussing about the physiology, health.  

One Rishi is making a statement, “If your stomach is heavy, do not believe it is a fat,” he uses the word, very strong word, it is a pooh. It is not fat, sorry for using the word but I have to tell you the truth, what can I do? I have no other word. Even I was, “No! No, it says fat in the modern medical science and what the Rishi means.” Devi asked, “What is the percentage?”

 And the Rishi responds, “ ¾ is a fat and ¼ is the Mala.”

 Sadāshiva says, “No, whole thing is Mala.”

Then He introduces Jala Basti. Understand. Jala Basti, Enema, I have a direct original word, reference, from Sadashiva himself, not from Āpta Pramāṇa, means the followers of Sadashiva. No, Shāstra Pramāṇa, direct words of Sadāshiva. That’s the way He is introducing Jala Basti. He says, “The food which is not digested in the last 48 hours is what we call Mala. The food which is not digested for few years is called fat.” He says, “Jala Basti melts both.” Enema melts both. It cleanses both. To that detail, please understand, everything you are going to do is to make you manifest Sadāshivatva.

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