Complete the frightened, arrogant child in you

Every morning, a father and a son, must be seven or eight-year-old son, both of them go for a walk. Every morning they walk outside their house. One day morning, suddenly, that son started getting frightened seeing an old tree standing in a corner and started crying, ‘Oh, it is a ghost! It is a ghost!’, started shivering, crying, and holding the father, screaming, telling him, ‘Father, please take me away from here! Take me away from here! There is a ghost!’

Please listen, if the father is trying to comfort the child, for the comfort of that child if the father is taking the child away from the tree, I tell you, it is equivalent to me giving upon you! That is the worst thing that can happen in your life! Even if you go to Hell, don’t be given upon by the Guru; you will simply come out.

If you are not given upon by the Guru, even if you go to Hell, you will just come out of Hell Fire untouched. If you are given upon by the Guru, even Heaven will burn you!

There are tons of people who are suffering in Heaven. Indra (ruler of Heaven) himself is suffering in Heaven because he can’t go anywhere else. And Heaven is the most unstable place because of a curse by a rishi. That is why, whenever you feel any pleasure, you will always feel insecurity. Whether you believe it or not, pleasure and insecurity go hand in hand. Understand, if you are not given upon by the Master, even Hell cannot touch you; even if you are in hell, Hell Fire cannot touch you; you will come out of it. If you are given upon by the Master, even Heaven will be the worst hell, suffering. 

If the father takes the child away from the tree for the comfort of the child, saying, ‘Oh my son, don’t worry! If you are afraid of that ghost, don’t worry, I will take you away!’ If he takes the child away, it is literally destroying the child, because the child will never know that the tree is not a ghost. Just for the comfort of the child if you take away the child, today he is afraid of this tree, tomorrow he is going to be afraid of some other tree, and his whole life he is going to suffer with that pattern. This father, who didn’t take the responsibility of making the child understand and complete with that pattern, he is responsible for the child’s whole life suffering. A real father, what he should do? He should carry the child in his hands and say, ‘Look my son, don’t worry! The ghost cannot do anything to you. I am protecting you! Come on, I will take you near.’ He should have carried the child near the tree. Naturally, if he had carried the child near the tree, what will it do? It will say, ‘No, no….!’, and like how a child hides behind its mother, exactly like that the kid will be hiding behind you, crying, shouting. Sometimes even, the kid will be beating you. You can console the child, but you have no right to take the child away from the tree without removing that fear pattern. You have to take the child near slowly, slowly, saying, ‘See…see…see….you can see this tree. I am standing near the tree; nothing is happening to me!’ Then the child will slowly open one eye and see; then close the eye; and it will cry, ‘No, no, no! It may be ghost!’ Then, slowly, it will open the other eye and see; then he will have a little comfort and he will say, ‘Okay…it is not a ghost…?’ The father should say, ‘Yes my son, it is not a ghost. Who told you this is a Ghost?’ Then the child will start blaming, ‘My friend, yesterday he told…! Because I didn’t give him a candy, he told this is a ghost and it will catch me!’ Then the father’s responsibility is removing that misunderstanding, ignorance also. ‘No, my son, don’t worry! Just because people tell, don’t take things literally.’ The father is supposed to take the child’s hand and touch the tree. ‘See, it is only a tree.’ Only this, this knowledge….! 

The Guru Gita says: 

Ajnaana Thimiraandhasya Jnaanaanjana Shalaakaya |
Chakshur Unmeelithamena Thasmai Shree Guravey Namaha ||

“Opening your eyes with the Knowledge Kaajal, the Knowledge eye-liner,
and helping you to see the truth.”

Please understand, in Vedic Tradition, the eye-liner is not just a make-up and the dressing, all that material; it is made out of a ghee lamp (Ghee = clarified butter). The original eye-liner is made how you know? A ghee lamp is made to burn. Pure cotton wick and pure ghee! The lamp is burnt and you are supposed to stare at the lamp through your Third Eye. The energy of the Third Eye should be stored in the fire! And the smoke which settles in that fire, that is made as the “Kaajal”, eye-liner. When that is used, it is healthy for your eyes physically, and the energy of the Third Eye is constantly getting into both the eyes also. It is a physical and spiritual medicine. So, originally, masters are supposed to sit and stare at the fire and energize it and make the “Kaajal” so that people can have the power of that Third Eye. “Kaajal” is the gift of the enlightened masters. Tea was a gift of Bodhidharma. He just tears both his eyelids and throws them into the earth, and the plant which grows from the eye-lids is the tea plant, and the leaves of the plant are the tea leaves. Just like Tea is the gift of Bodhidharma, “Kaajal”, eye-liner is the gift of the enlightened master to his disciples. 

That is why the Guru Gita says:

Ajnaana Thimiraandhasya Jnaanaanjana Shalaakaya |
Chakshur Unmeelithamena Thasmai Shree Guravey Namaha ||

Please understand, the father should have done this job to the son, i.e., taking the son near the tree, finally making him touch the tree. Finally, the result should be, the child should be completely free from the fear, he should get down from the father’s shoulders and hug the tree, be comfortable with the tree. That is exactly supposed to be the result. Only then the child is free from the anxiety of adamance, anxiety of arrogance. If the father has not done this job….. 

Please understand, many of our fathers didn’t do it. For many of us, our fathers didn’t do this job. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow, or we didn’t do. Sometimes they didn’t have the patience to do, or we didn’t allow them to do. Whenever we have not allowed the father to do this job….. Please, understand, in my case also some of the kids are not allowing me to do this job. Sometimes the child doesn’t allow the father to do this job. Listen! Listen! When you don’t allow the father to do this job, or the father didn’t do this job, the loss is for you; your whole life you will be suffering. Deadly combination! Deadly combination of anxiety and adamance, anxiety and arrogance!

lease understand, alcohol separately does not kill you. Sleeping pill separately does not kill you. Anti-depressant separately does not kill you. But all these three together – cocktail – simply kills you! The cocktail of all these three, cocktail of all these three kills you immediately! Anxiety pattern separately does not destroy you. Arrogance pattern separately does not kill you. Taking decision during the anxiety and arrogance does not destroy you separately. But all these three together is a deadly combination and destroys you! 

Please understand, alcohol does not kill you separately. Anti-depressant does not kill you separately. Sleeping pill does not kill you separately. But all these three together – cocktail – kills you immediately! Same way, the arrogance pattern does not destroy you; there are so many people with arrogance pattern living. The anxiety pattern does not destroy you; there are so many people with anxiety pattern. People just taking some anxiety pattern medicines and living, they don’t get destroyed. There are so many people; they take major decisions during anxiety; even they don’t get destroyed. But all these three combined is a deadly combination; it just destroys you for ages! 

Understand, some of the decisions you make when all these three are together, anxiety, arrogance, and making decision during the anxiety and arrogance, when the anxiety and arrogance join, it will make you believe as if this anxiety is never going to end, that this is exactly the way your whole life is going to be, which is not true. Sometimes, when I train some of my sadhus, they think, ‘Oh, God! My whole life is going to be with him! This is the way it is going to be! I don’t know what to do!’ No! This is not the way it is going to be forever! The moment you stand with the space of Completion, the whole thing is going to be different! 

Just today, when I was talking to one of my sadhus, one of my Swamis, I was telling, ‘We should make a place for you.’ He could not understand. He could not believe that I was only talking to him, because I am all the time firing! Today, I told him, ‘It is time you bring your sincerity. It is time we make a place for you.’ He could not believe I had uttered these words! Understand, till you get out of that anxiety pattern, incompletion, your life is going to be Hell; but your life is not going to be Hell forever! Hell is made up of your incompletions, not by me. Sometimes, unfortunately, you start believing the incompletion is going to be an immutable part of your life, which is not true. It is going to be immutable you know when? When the father does not attend to the child! He does not take you to the tree! But, instead, he takes you inside the house and locks you in a room and says, ‘Okay, okay, now no ghost. Don’t cry.’ And the child stops crying. Only then anxiety is going to be the lifestyle of that child. Because, now, anywhere he sees a tree, he is going to be shouting, screaming, ‘Bhootha! Bhootha! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!’ 

Please listen! All of us unfortunately…..unfortunately all of us, whoever didn’t have an enlightened being to bring you up – means, literally every one of you, other than me! I had the fortune; and my gurukul kids, they have the fortune. I had the fortune: three enlightened beings brought me up. And my gurukul kids have the fortune: an incarnation is bringing them up. Other than me and my gurukul kids, all of you guys carry that frightened, arrogant child inside you. Please complete with that child. Complete with that child. Every day, whenever you remember, let your thinking be directed towards completing the child inside you, completing the child which is anxious, frightened arrogant, which tells you, ‘I don’t know what I will do, but I don’t want to be here!’ Wherever you go, whatever you do, the child will be only doing this – ‘I will not be here! I will not be here! I will not be here! I don’t want to be here!’ Then where you want to be? “That I don’t know!’ What will you do? ‘I will face it when it comes!’ If it comes now, will you face it? ‘No, I will not face….!’ Then tomorrow? ‘That and all I don’t know! Don’t ask me too many questions! Just I don’t want to be here!’ 

Please listen! Look in. That frightened, anxious, arrogant child inside you, that is responsible for all the suffering in your life. It goes on instigating you. It goes on pushing you. It goes on torturing you. Please listen! Please listen! Every night, sit with that child. Understand, every incompletion you have now is from that child, illogical. From that time you started building this. Why are you carrying it nobody knows. 

One of my mentors and masters, Ramsurat Kumar, he used to collect garbage from all over Tiruvanamalai. I think he has collected some two-three-thousand bags and he has kept everything safely in a gunny bag near a place where he used to stay. People used to ask him, ‘What is this, you collect all the garbage and keep it next to you?!’ He used to tell, ‘Baah! Only I am having (garbage) or what? Why don’t you look in? You are collecting more garbage than me! Just to remind you that you are collecting more garbage than me, I am collecting and keeping! It is symbolically reminding you!’ Please understand, his garbage does not affect him; our garbage affects us, because we keep it inside!

People used to respect his garbage….I know! He used to keep the garbage all the way to Mahadeva’s chariot (the temple chariot). He used to live near the chariot in a small house which somebody had donated. So, every day, Mahadeva goes in that chariot. The temple authorities will never throw that garbage away! They will just move it aside. Once Mahadeva gets into the chariot, goes around, comes back, and finishes his rounds, they will put the garbage back in the same place. The garbage was respected so much….! It was safely kept, highly respected! And whoever comes, he will show them, ‘See, this is what you are doing inside!’ 

Please listen! Please listen! I don’t want to build garbage next to me, but I wanted you to know, you collect, collect, collect so much unnecessary, unnecessary incompletions from that frightened child, the frightened child goes on building. The child which feels it will get caught, whether it does some mistake or not, it will get caught, people are going to beat him and he does not know what to do, and he does not want to be here….that frightened child, which is arrogant also, just look, just look, just look. 

Every day, sit and see the incompletions you are carrying. Trace them back to that child, frightened child inside you, and see how you were building it from that age till now, this same pattern, and suffering with it. The moment you recognize, that pattern’s power will be lost; it will lose power over you; it will be powerless! Now completing with that pattern and dropping it will be very easy for you, because once you take away the life, burning the body is easy for you. The moment you recognize the frightened child in you, arrogant child in you, the deadly combination of frightened, arrogant, taking decision during that frightened arrogant moment, that is the deadly combination of alcohol, anti-depressant and sleeping pill. Don’t take that! Don’t take that! It will separate you from the Master! Everyone, everyone who missed the great fortune of directly being attended by the Master Surgeon who removes the cancer of birth and death, everyone who ran away from this surgery table half-way, mid-way, before starting, before stitching, or during the surgery, everyone of them unfortunately took this deadly combination of alcohol, sleeping pill and anti-depressant; means, the deadly combination of frightened, arrogant, taking decision during that frightened arrogant moment. How many ever thousands of frightened children I have, I will carry you all on my shoulders and take you near that tree and make you understand that tree is not ghost, and I will make you all climb that tree, and play on that tree, enjoy that tree, tie a swing and jump around that tree, and live and be complete! Never, ever allow these three deadly combinations to settle inside you. That is the most powerful incompletion which may destroy you beyond repair. If you are just arrogant, no problem; Life will teach you. If you are just anxious, frightened, Master’s love will heal you. But if you have all that three, that deadly combination – frightened, arrogant, and making decisions – with these three, you may damage yourself beyond repair! 

Heal, Complete the frightened, arrogant child in you, which is adamant to make decisions when it is frightened, when it is in the space of anxiety. Complete with that child. When you close your eyes and go to bed, you should not even be able to remember that child in you; means, in the young age how you felt frightened, anxious about everything, even the memory of that should not be there; that much complete it! Complete every day, every night. Whenever you get a chance, complete, complete, complete! Complete, complete, complete! Complete, complete, complete!

“Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaath Poornamudhachyathey, Poornasya Poornamaadaaya Poornamevaa Vasishyathey”!

Every night, even day time, whenever you find time….. See, in the modern day, nobody works more than two hours or three hours a day. Maximum two to three hours only you work. The remaining time your mind is available to you. So, always, let your thinking be towards Completion, Completion, Completion, Completion. Every incompletion you have, fear you have, anxiety you have, trace back and see how the frightened child is carrying that incompletion. The moment you understood, now you just need to re-live and complete it and drop it. If you can close your eyes in the day time, close and re-live and complete and drop. If you can’t close your eyes, then tell yourself, ‘Please wait. At night I will attend to you.’ At night, when you go to sleep, sit and complete and drop. 

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