Remember the right context of prayer – Soh’amasmi, and Pray. HE will give Himself to you.

Before entering into the next verse, I only wanted to add these few ideas. Please understand, whenever you pray….See prayer is the important component of our life especially if you are a seeker. Just like breathing, prayer becomes very important part of you. Prayer just becomes you! Prayer becomes important ‘You.’

Please understand the word I am uttering – Prayer becomes important YOU. I am not saying – to you, for you. Important YOU: means one part of you should become a prayer. Prayer is very important component, very important part of your life, especially if you are seeker. But, you always need to know the right context and understanding you need to hold during prayer. When you pray to a deity or Guru, have this context – I am praying to the Source where you and me are one and the same. I do not know whether that Source is here or there; because in the beginning when you are too much inside, the Source will be outside. Slowly, slowly when you start becoming lighter and lighter, the Source will move inside. Please understand, in the beginning when you are too much occupied inside, the Source where you and the Guru or God meeting, the source point will be outside. Because you are too much inside, how can that Source be here? But, slowly, slowly when you become lighter and lighter, more and more have completion, the Source moves inside.

So pray, “Oh the Source, where you and me are one and the same, I pray to you, you make this into reality.”

Whatever you want to say, say. In this way, you will never feel cheated. Understand, Guru will not give you what you want. Your stupid mind will try to make you feel – you have been cheated. It is like, I have seen in India, girls, the moment they become 19, just because father does not buy a cell phone for her, they develop a love affair with a boy who will gift a cell phone and run away, get married. They don’t live more than 1 or 2 years, divorce and come back. Please understand, I am not talking something exaggerated. I am talking something happening in villages. When she is depressed, that father is not giving her cell phone, that boy is using that depression to put himself as a hero into her. Once she feels he is hero, over. Understand, always the negative sources will try to show themselves as hero to you, when you feel you are not granted the boon you asked from Guru or God, whatever.

That is why I tell you, always pray to the Source, “Oh Source, where you and me are one and the same, the So’ham Asmi is Reality, I do not know whether that Source is now in Guru’s being or in this body”, it is based on the level of completion you have. If you have too much incompletion inside you, naturally the Source will be on the Guru’s being. If there is less incompletion, more completion in you, the Source will start moving towards you. When you become completely complete, the Source will be centered on you.

So you don’t even have to worry where the Source is. Just say, “Oh the Source, where ‘me and you’ are one and the same and make…” whatever you wanted, you can ask him, and ask him, “please make this into reality.”  You can also put a footnote, “if something I am asking is not right for me, then give me the intelligence to develop myself or you can also say, “even if you think it is not right, I want only this..” No! You have a right, you have right. All I am asking you is: have the right understanding so that, that prayer becomes a beautiful process for you to experience Oneness, Advaita.

Understand, please remember, whether we understand or not, catch it or not, indeed, the reality is SO’HAM ASMI. That is what the Upanishad uses the word INDEED. Whether you got it or not yet got it, SOH’AM ASMI, I Am He.

So, whether you stand in front of Ganesh, Venkatesh, Mahadev, Kalabhairava or your Guru, tell – “Whatever is the Source where you and me are one and the same. I pray to you. I pray to that. Please make this as a reality.”

In this way, your every moment of prayer will be a process for you to achieve Oneness, Living Enlightenment, Advaita. Go on praying, even if you have not got what you wanted, you will get what HE wanted. Even if you don’t get what you wanted, you will get what HE wanted. That is what I am telling you, the prayer should be put in the right context.

I tell you, if I have to write my autobiography in word – I should say a looooooonnnngg prayer with the context of So’ham Asmi. A long unbroken prayer from the space of Soham Asmi. Long unbroken prayer from the space of So’ham Asmi. Now, I have nothing to pray but I just fall into that space of SO’HAM ASMI and be there, express that joy in this few face muscles, and I know – It’s a Oneness, beauty of Oneness.

Understand, your life should be a lonngg prayer from the context of SOHAM ASMI. From the wrong context, prayer will always be painful. With right context, prayer can be an amazing process for Oneness. It can be great completion, even if you feel little tired of reliving, completing and all that, prayer can replace it immediately. And prayer can be amazing spiritual process for you to experience Oneness.

You can tell Him, Oh Source! I feel bored of doing all this completion, this that. I know you are intelligent and capable of making completion happen in me, please make it.”

That is enough. It can be such a strong, powerful process, such a strong, powerful process for completion and understand, never ever a prayer uttered from the right context goes waste or unheard. Never think, never doubt, it goes waste or unheard. You can shake Sun. You can move Moon. You are not just a developed version of monkey. No! You are not just a developed version of monkey. You can move Sun, move Moon! Prayer from the right context will directly lead you to Enlightenment without any of that feeling cheated. If you have wrong context about the prayer, only then you will feel cheated. “Oh I prayed for 10 years for this, He did not give me.” When you pray from the right context: He may not given what you asked, He would have given Himself to you.

There is a beautiful song I wanted you guys to listen to that song first. Then, I will continue my satsang. I never thought I will addicted to a song. And day and night the song is vibrating in my room and in the loud music. I have become like a teenage boy with loud sound and disturbing everyone around my apartment. I really wanted you guys to listen because that song is so beautiful. Actually, that can be beautiful commentary for that prayer I am talking about now, that So’ham Asmi.

The line goes,

“I asked you flower you gave the forest. I asked you water, you gave the nectar. What should I ask, for you to give yourself to me. What should I ask, for you to give yourself to me.”

And so on, this way it continues – it says that….I think you guys should listen only then I will translate. Its too beautiful. This should become Sangha anthem till we find next song. See the prayer from the right context, you will get what you want. If that is not good for you, you will be given the intelligence, energy to handle. And ultimately, He Himself will be there for you. He Himself will be there giving Himself to you. The context, the beauty of that SOHAM ASMI, being the context of prayer, being the context of your love affair with God. Your ups and downs with God. Listen to this song, then I will continue.

Understand, you are never too old to cry in love in prayerful mood. You are never too old or too grown up to be lost in the love and space of prayer. So this song, it is such an ecstasy. Last I think two days, he sent two days before, from the time he sent, like a teenage boy, this song is in full loud volume in my room, apartment, going on and on and on, day and night. Nowadays, I am not sleeping properly like your biological clock, my biological clock is doing on his own and I am just cooperating with it. Early morning 2.30 I am sitting and listening to this song. May be I will tell somebody to give you guys the English translation also. Yu guys can enjoy. Actually this is so beautiful, I I will translate and tell you guys.

First line – (tamil) means:

I asked you for few flowers, but the gave the whole forest to me.”

Please understand, when He gives HE does not give based on your standard, He gives based on His standard, understand. When He gives He does not give from your standard, He gives from His standard. He doesn’t think, “Oh for him, his standard, this is okay, give.” No! The giver, My standard should be made. A statement should be made from My standard. That is the way He gives.

I asked for water to quench my thirst, you gave the nectar itself to quench all thirst. After that no more possibility of any thirst anymore.

Just a little bit of breast milk from Mahadevi Parvati to Jnana Sambandar, for his whole life he became a Nirahari. He never opened the mouth again other than to sing the glory of Mahadeva. Never ate anything. What is there to drink after having Devi’s breast milk? So, once you taste the nectar nothing more, nothing else is there to eat or drink. All your thirst is quenched. “So, I asked for water, Oh you gave nectar.”

And what should I ask? I can say the next line is  means:

how should I ask for you to give you to me? How should I ask for you to give you to me?

Actually, this SO’HAM ASMI is the answer for this whole song. SO’HAM ASMI is the answer for this whole song. This song is beautifully written from the space of prayer. I will write a song on this same tone, from the space to whom it is prayed and bring it to you guys as a receiver of prayer, from that space I will give you few more lines.

Next line says  –  what should I ask you to give you to me. Or how should I ask you for you to give you to me?”

The next stanza – I was lost in the wild forest, you appeared as away out.  I was lost in the darkness, but you came as the Light. Tell me, where should I get lost for you to come directly. Tell me, where should I get lost for you to come directly. I was lost in the wild forest, you came as a way out. I was lost in the utter darkness, you came as a light, where should I get lost, in what should I get lost, how should I get lost for you to come to me, you yourself to come directly to me. 

And the next stanza is: I fell into the ditch, pit you raised to the peak. I fell into the flood, you brought me to bank, you brought me to the shore.  

I fell into the ditch, you raised into the peak. I fell into the flood, you brought me the shore. Where should I fall…

The next line is:   Where should I fall that you will make me reach you. Tell me where should I fall, so you will reach me to you. That’s all.

May be just few lines, but it is too sweet and too intimate. Actually, when I heard this song, I just literally went through what I went through with Arunagiri Yogishwara. I had an amazing Guru. It’s not that he never trained me. He used to be so ferocious with me in many times. But His love for me and my trust in His love was more stronger than His ferociousness. His Dakshinamurti dimension was more stronger than his Kalabhairava dimension.

So I still always remember him with lot of romance than training, lot of love than training. So, I declare this as Sangha anthem. I will be the song for our Sangha, Sangha anthem till we find the next song.

(Swamiji sings in Tamil….)

Alright, I will compose and bring it to you guys. The solution, answer for this question, “where should I lose myself for you to give YOU? Where should I get lost for you to appear? what should I ask, how should I ask for you to give You to me? The answer is: be lost in that space of SO’HAM ASMI. Remember the right context of prayer and pray. He will give Himself to you. I guarantee, I commit, I will give Myself to you. Because, the words you utter during prayer gets bolted in your muscle-memory, the context you hold gets bolted in your bio-memory. Whatever gets bolted in your bio-memory becomes Reality. So understand.

With this, I will let you go and fall into the space of this song. I know the song will be now reverberating in every room and every laptop, ad everywhere, all over the Sangha. So enjoy. I will get back to you guys into the answer song. This is more a question song. This song raises only questions. And I will get you guys the answer.

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