Shift your exaggeration pattern towards something which can never be exaggerated, God or Guru, because you exaggerate only which you feel as You!

Guru is nothing but the expression of God, demanding you to shift that hope for exaggeration on Divine.

Guru is nothing but the statement given to you by God, ‘Hey, Shift!’ Guru is statement of God.

God is state of Guru. Guru is statement of God. God is state of Guru.

State just gives the statement. State just gives the statement – ‘Shift! You have suffered enough with exaggerations on you. Shift now! I am here to liberate you from this need of exaggeration, to wake you up to the reality which can never be exaggerated, which is too big. You need to experientially see something with “Aaah!” to shift your pattern of exaggeration centered on you to centered on something else. That is when Guru appears and gives you the feeling “Aaaah!” Even after Guru happens in your life, don’t miss that opportunity of “Aaaah!”, that shift. Blessed are those who experience that shift! Because, they wake up! They wake up! They wake up!

If you study the whole Shiva Purana or Leelas of Mahadeva in Madurai, everything, everything is all about just giving you the experience of “Aaaah!”, and shifting your ever-exaggeration pattern from you to him. That is all! That is all! Otherwise, how will you call taking away the two eyes of an hunter, poor fellow, because he believed you, taking away his eyes, how will you call that as love? How will you call this old lady’s food you eat and then don’t work, that as love? But it is all love! Only if you shift, you will understand: IT IS LOVE! IT WAS LOVE! IT WILL BE LOVE!

If you can understand what I explained today, that is the end of all your sufferings in life, because, all your sufferings are just due to your qualitative, quantitative expectation and exaggeration.

It is expectation.

Expectation is like a fire; you cannot live with it too much. So, you try to cool it by pouring exaggeration. And this whole subtle cycle of expectation-exaggeration is all about the hope for heaven, hope for enlightenment, hope for anything which is not present now. And if that is shifted from you, from “Aham” to “Shiva”, you will experience Shivoham.

Because, anything you deeply love becomes part of you. Anything you feel as part of you, you start deeply loving it. That’s all!

If you feel you is you, you will exaggerate your actions, your memories, your experiences. If you think you is Mahadeva, you will celebrate his presence, his experience, him. Celebrating the Source is always a liberation. Celebrating a small branch is always a bondage.


You are not away from Mahadeva, but what you see, your perception about you is a small branch. So, celebrating it will be bondage. Celebrate the Source. That will be liberation.

People tell me, ‘I think all these Puranas are exaggerated.’ If you open your mouth and speak ten minutes, then you will understand how much you exaggerate about you! Puranas are the antidote for your disease of exaggerating you!

It is a shift! It is a shift!

Today’s Vaakyaartha Sadhas should be: “How unconsciously you go on hoping and exaggerating you and things around you. Starting from the fairy tales, need for fairy tales, to need for carrying tales.”

Need for fairy tales is the hope getting exaggerated. Carrying tales is desperation getting exaggerated. Understand? Hope for fairy tale. Fairy tale is hope getting exaggerated. Carrying tales is desperation getting exaggerated. Whether it is a fairy tale or carrying tale, it is hell, suffering. Shift the focus of exaggeration from you to Him, from “Aham” to “Shiva”. Shift it towards his state or statement. State is Shiva; Statement is Guru. Shift your need for exaggeration towards his state or statement – Shiva or Guru.

Today’s subject for Vaakyaartha Sadhas is: “How we go on exaggerating us. And how consciously we can do the shift.” That shift will make you experience Love Current. That shift will make you celebrate Love Current of Mahadeva or Love Current of Guru.

When you rest your pattern of exaggeration on your matter, you are “Materialist”.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on your qualities, you are so-called “Spiritualist”.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on the society around you, you are a “Politician”.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on confusion, you are a “Clerk”, “Worker”.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on your failures, you are a “Depressed Person”, you are “Depression”.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on Mahadeva or Guru, you are an “Enlightened Being”.

That’s all! On which you rest your pattern of exaggeration, that decides the flow in which your life is going to move.

And, I wanted to make it very clear, all my description and stories about Mahadeva is not because I am exaggerating. I have already realized he can never be exaggerated. Whether the stories about Mahadeva, or stories about me, not because I am resting my pattern of exaggeration on them or me, it is because I know I can never exaggerate about him or about me. Both are one! Unending source of inspiration can never be exaggerated; it is too big even to be described!

I think this is going above the head of many of you, I know. You needed to know many things about you. Only then what I am describing now, you will catch it. May be if you do Vaakyaartha Sadhas honestly you will catch it.

If you rest your pattern of exaggeration on your failures, you are depressed, because, constantly you will be exaggerating your failures, and seeing and talking about it. And many people think that is “shanthimaya”! Peace is not exaggerating your failures. It is the depression.

Listen! Today, internalize this and do Vaakyaartha Sadhas on it: “How in every single conversation you exaggerate you; even your behaviour, body language, words, action, deeds, everything goes on only in the direction of exaggeration, exaggeration, exaggeration, more, more, more. And, how that can be shifted to Mahadeva, shifted on his state or statement.”

Guru is the very easy way to shift. See, how much ever you try, directly shifting your whole exaggeration on God will very difficult; because, you don’t know Him; it is not your experience; and you will be going on struggling. To help you get out of that struggle and to support you to experience and raise you, Guru happens. He happens just to give you that shift. So, let all your exaggerations be centered on God if you are poor not to have a Guru in your life. If you are rich enough, luxurious enough to have a Guru, shift everything to him, center it on him. He will center it on God. If you shift all your exaggeration towards his statement, statement will shift it towards his state, because, statement and state are finally one and the same!

Today’s Vaakyartha Sadhas is all about shifting, shifting, shifting your exaggeration pattern towards something which can never be exaggerated. I will expand on how it wakes you up towards Oneness. Because, the need for exaggeration itself has started because you felt separated from that which can never be exaggerated! Because of that emptiness, the poverty, the perceived poverty, and imagined emptiness, that pushed you towards need for exaggeration, hope, desire, greed, everything. So, when you move that pattern towards him, he will give you the experience of Oneness, and you will know that not only he can never be exaggerated, you also can never be exaggerated. And, resting in the peace – “neither he can be exaggerated, nor you can be exaggerated” – and speaking; then, all your words about him and you become reality, because, you rest in the truth of “neither he can be exaggerated nor I can be exaggerated”. But till you rest in that space, whether you exaggerate you, you will have a deep emptiness inside. You cover up, cover up, cover up. But no covering up is possible. And which is not required. 

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