When you stop cheating yourself with the answers with which you’ve not clicked and come back to basic questions of life you will catch, understand the life where boredom, vacation become meaningless!

I will explain the sacred truth of the Source of Seeking.

Please understand, your very bio memory vibrates, your very bio memory actively functions, only with some of the basic questions about life. What is pleasure, how can I have more? What is pain, how can I avoid that? What is life? Is this understandings going to help me? What is joy? All these basic truths, basic understandings – how can I experience them? —  these basic questions about life only continues to make you function, act.

Entertaining these basic questions: What is pain? How can I avoid it? What is joy? how can I have more? What is life? Please understand, how many times you may hear answer for these questions from your father, mother, uncle, society, teacher, finally from Guru. How many ever times you may listen an answer for these questions, listening to better and better answers for these questions and clicking with them is maturity. Listening your own answer and experiencing once for all is enlightenment. Understand? It’s nothing but basic questions.

What is life? What is death? Why suffering? Why pain? What is bliss? What is joy? How can I have more joy? How can I have less pain? What is it that is living inside me? What is it that changes inside me? What is it that does not change inside me? What is it that is making me move? What is it that is making me tired? What makes me exciting? What makes me feel bored?

For these basic questions, if you have better and better answer and click with the better answers, that is called Maturity.

Naturally, the answer your friend gives when you were 5 year old will be different, mother who gives when you are 6 year told will be different, when your father gives when you are 14 will be different.  Finally when you reach your Guru, the answer He gives will be different.

So clicking with better and better answers is Maturity. Ultimately, clicking with your own answer, experience, and the question disappearing once for all is Enlightenment. That is Enlightenment.

Seeking is nothing but coming back to the basics, that’s all.

Seeking is nothing but coming back to the basics. Seeking is nothing but taking up a life without vacation! That’s all, I tell you.  See, vacation is nothing but the questions you don’t want to face pushing you to live the life you are not living. Please understand, the questions you pushed under the carpet are jumping from below the carpet and sometime it even bites the wrong place. That is what is the nagging you feel for the need of vacation. If you are living in a space, the very idea of a vacation disappears, you have clearly ironed out your life. You don’t need to stand anywhere waiting for something; vacation, what is vacation? Just waiting to get out of life you’re living, go somewhere and expect you will get something.

I was reading a one-liner —

In college, if you stand outside the gate, suspend. The colleges, when you get suspended, you have to stand outside the gate. In college, if you stand outside the gate, suspend.  After marriage if you stand outside the gate, husband. That’s all.

No, day after tomorrow, Arunachaleshwara Himself will be outside the gate! If you go to Thiruvannamalai, you’ll see the festival. Day after tomorrow, there is a festival, where Mahadeva is locked out by Devi, because he went and gave liberation to Bhringi Rishi, who was worshipping only Mahadeva, who was not ready to accept Devi. Finally Mahadeva thought, after all my disciple, how can I forsake him? He went and gave liberation to him, came back and Devi had locked the place and she did not allow him inside; Even Mahadeva got locked out. Finally Sundara has to go, he was close pet of Devi, had to go and do some patch-up work, some mediation, finally she said alright, opened the door, and she allowed Mahadeva inside.

Anyhow, if you are thinking you have to go somewhere and stand for some joy, something to happen to you, you are just pushing all your basic questions under the carpet. No!

Catching, understanding the life where boredom becomes meaningless. Vacation word becomes meaningless. Where life itself becomes vacation; you are doing continuously something which you are enjoying, cherishing, feeling blessed, feeling blessed constantly, so come back to the basic questions, that’s all I call seeking. And stop cheating yourself with the answers with which you’ve not clicked.

Please understand, sometimes you talk stupid, you talk big-big philosophy to others. I have seen even Ashramites do it. “I am complete and at the feet of Swamiji, as Swamiji wants.” Hey, I am Swamiji! I am telling , “you, you are not!” Then they say, “No, no, no, no, no, I am living as per Swamiji only.”

See you can do all this cheating to others; what about yourself? So do not hide, escape with the answers with which you have not clicked. Means, the answers which has not become your bio-memory and cognitive shift. Don’t try to use those answers to attack others or hide yourself or lie to yourself. No! That stupidity will only push you into the hell! Any answer you give should have become your bio-memory and clicked with you, your cognition. It should have become your cognition!

Come back to basic questions. Make this Seeking and the matured answers as part of your cognition. As you all may be aware, tomorrow, the LSP process is there, Living Shuddhādvaita Process. Especially I am going to do a very important — Muscle-memory process  — awakening the God Particle and making your muscle-memory pure and clean. It’s a very powerful process.

Come back to the basic questions and grow with more and more matured answers. Click with more and more matured answers.

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