Fire, Dhi is responsible for the knowledge to happen in you and it gets fully awakened by Integrity!

I will repeat the verse once, read out the translation. Then give you the commentary.

agne naya supathā rāye asmān viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān |

yuyodhy asmaj juhurāṇam eno bhūyiṣṭhāṁ te nama-uktiṁ vidhema || 18 ||

I will read out the exact translation.

O Agni, the Fire God! Knower of all our actions, and all that is worth knowing, you must take us along the righteous and auspicious path of completion..

Please listen, you need to understand this, first line “O Agni, the Fire God! Knower of all our actions and all that is worth knowing” – means: even the modern science proves when your brain knows something that area gets lit up. The knowing action happens when the Fire moves into the certain part of the brain. Please understand, everything may be there outside you, you will not know if the Fire does not move in your brain. If the Fire moves in your brain, only then you will know what is happening. So, Fire is responsible for knowledge, knowing to happen in you.

Listen carefully.

Fire is responsible for the knowledge to happen in you. I tell you, Fire gets fully awakened by integrity. Nothing, just follow intensely integrity, in twelve months you will have a kind of a Fire in you through which you can know anything you want to know. Anything which comes in front of you, and you want to know it, you will know it. That fire is called ‘dhi’ in Sanskrit we use the word, a single letter ‘dhi’. All the ancient languages the fire is addressed as ‘dhi’. In Sanskrit, in Tamil, in many of the ancient languages. Listen, ‘Dhi’ comes as a gift to you, because of your integrity. Just twelve months decide, I will live in the space of integrity, no question of missing. Its just awareness, awareness practice, nothing else. The ‘dhi’ will be awakened in your brain. That ‘dhi’ will give you the intelligence to know everything you want, anything you want.

Here the Upanishic Rishis as addressing Fire: O’ the Fire God! Knower of all our actions. Means: only if the fire happens in different parts of your brain, knowing happens in you. Knowing happens only if the fire happens. So without the knowledge of fire, knowing cannot happen, knowing is very closely associated with fire, fire. Whether it happens here or there, only if it happens you will KNOW what is happening, you will know what is happening. It’s very closely related to integrity, understand.

Integrity is one of the very powerful practices to awaken powers in you.

If somebody practices integrity, I don’t even touch to open their third eye, enough. Just a blow is enough, it will open up; because integrity is like a fire, any coconut kept near the fire, you don’t need to break it you just knock it, it will open it. People used to ask me, I used to break the coconut just like that, I will put it in the hand and it will break. People ask. “how Swamiji?” It’s nothing, if you keep the coconut near the havan, that fire when it heats up. You don’t need to break, you just knock and it will open up. I can open even without the fire, because I can just send the fire from the hand and (TUCK)—but the science is the same, whether you put the fire from the outside or though your body, the science is the same.

Listen, Fire, knowing, integrity is all one and the same. I should put this incident in record for the sake of future.

When I was reciting this verse on the banks of Ganga, the place called Tail Ghat.

Actually, Hamsananda Swami, who gave Kaashaaya, means the kaavi to Vibhutananda Puri and Isakki Swami, when he was traveling toward south. He came by walk to Rameshwaram that time they received and they asked me to go and meet him, but I was never able to meet when they were alive.

So after they left the body I went and had his darshan, and I was staying there for some time, he told me that a few people that come to him, bringing every day the potato and salt, he will take very little food, little rice and little potato mixed with ghee and salt, that is his food, that’s all. Boiled potato, adding ghee and salt, he will make like a ball, and he will put that into the rice and have, that is all is his food.

So people who bring that rice and potato and ghee for him, they would all ask him Babaji, give some Upadesha.

In Bengali they will ask, “Kuch bolo. Give some Upadesha.”

He will make fun of them, “Hey I have not read anything, so he will show me and say, “he is a bahut badi baba. [very big saint].

And he will tell he is a balasant who learned all the Upanishads and Shastra and then he will tell me, “you tell something to them”.

I can speak a little Bengali, so with my broken Bengali, I was trying to explain this Upanishads, when I was explaining this 18th verse, this very mantra— I suddenly felt somebody was strongly looking into Me. It’s like sometime, if even from behind someone is intensely looking at you, you will know, and you will turn and see.

I was actually sitting on the banks of Ganga. Ganga was gushing. You should experience Ganga in Calcutta – so powerful, so powerful.

If Ganga in Haridwar is girl, Ganga in Calcutta is Kalabhairava, Kali. She is so powerful, two kilometer width in some places, and often changing the direction, during the low tide and ebb tide, it’ll flow this way and this way. You would be surprised Ganga will be flowing inside, because when the ocean water comes inside, she will flow this way and then she will flow this way. She makes 7 kilometer ocean water into drinkable water, 7 kilometer, She goes inside the ocean. It takes 7 kilometer for the water to become salty where the Ganga meets the ocean. I was sitting on the banks of Ganga. It’s a small temple there, some Ganesha, Durga, all of them are there, some small, small temples and one room where this Baba used to stay. He’s a Naga basically, so he won’t wear dress and he will sit on the gunny bag. The place is called Tail Ghat. Few rich Jains used to bring that rice and potato for him, sometimes roti.

So he asked me to explain the Isavasya Upanishad, so I was trying to explain during this 18th verse, I felt somebody was intently looking at me, I just turned, I saw Hamsananda Swami only, he was staring at me; too strongly he was staring at me.

I asked him, “why, why are you looking at me like this, Baba?”

He said:

“When you were explaining intensely, I understood that whatever you are sharing it is directly from your experience. So I wanted to look in, whatever is in your inner space I just wanted to grasp. When I looked in I saw it’s a whole Cosmos opening, I got frightened, you turned towards me.”

He said he was trying to look into me to understand this whole verse as it is from my inner space, but in my inner space, he only saw the Cosmos, he got frightened. The moment he got frightened, and started loosing himself, I just turned my head, he said, “I can see very clearly everything is directly from your own experience, these people are blessed.” He was telling about the few of the devotees who were listening, he said, “these fellows are blessed.”


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