More and more your inner space gets into Completion, more and more, you will catch the sacred secrets about the Source, Cosmos!

Kena Upanishad. Brief technical introduction, the word ‘kena ‘means ‘whom’. The Upanishad appears as the 9th chapter of the Talavakara Brahmana of the Sāma Veda, and also known Talavakara Upanishad or Jaimini Brahmana. 35 verses and Shanti Mantra. Its one of the very important Upanishad and per the Muktikopanishad, it’s the second Upanishad in the whole order. Upanishad is also called, known as Talavakara Upanishad.

KENA means, exactly the word means ‘whom’, ‘by whom – keneṣitaṁ – by whom willed or directed’ – directing the enquiry of the Truth to its very Source, is the seed of Kenopanishad. Please understand, this Upanishad directs your seeking to the Source. I will start with the Shanti Mantra [peace invocation chant], then I will introduce the Upanishad. Please chant along with Me.

auṃ āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni |

Listen. The verse actually is – mamāṇgāni; paathabheda is māmāṇgāni – means the way I heard from My Guru, His paathabedha. The paathabheda is māmāṇgāni, the ‘ma’ plus not full ‘aa’ half  ‘a’.

auṃ āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni vākprāṇaścakśuḥ
śrotram-athobalam-indriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi |

Please understand, the original mantra is – sarvāṇi; paathabheda is ‘sarvāuṇi’ – thehalf ‘u’ is added – ‘sarvāuṇi’.

sarvaṁ brahmopniṣadam mā’ham brahma nirākuryām mā mā brahma nirākarod-anirākaraṇamstva-nirākaraṇam me’stu |

tadātmani nirate ya upaniṣatsu dharmāste mayi santu te mayi santu ||

auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

Understand the subject matter of the Kenopanishad. Now that is the important thing.

The essence of Isavaysa Upanishad is Seeking.

The essence of Kenopanishad is Seeking into the very Source, not just WHO AM I, BY WHOM AM I?

Understand, WHO AM I starts and ends inside your body. BY WHOM AM I, starts and ends in Cosmos. There is a big difference between – WHO AM I, BY WHOM AM I?

Enquiring into you is Seeking.
Enquiring into the Source is Seeking the very Source.

The subject matter of Kenopanishad deals with multiple sacred secrets, sacred truths, but important sacred truth – the essence is WHOM AM I? By WHOM AM I?

By WHOM, by whose will, everything came to existence. Whom AM I?

Some of the best brains produced in the planet Earth, were Rishis. Some of the best people happened in the planet Earth were Rishis. I still wonder, seeing the kind of a subtlelity and capacity to catch and reflect the Cosmic Truth. Please understand, if somebody explains to you –

What is Shiva? All-pervasive, akhilānḍa koṭi brahmānḍa nāyak sachidānanda parabrahma śristi-sthiti – He creates, maintains, destroys, puts souls into delusion and liberates; if you are able to visualize, even if you are able to enjoy it, be very clear, you are blessed. Only if your brain has developed the subtle grooves, which can start enjoying these higher things, can understand it. If you understand it, you will enjoy; if you enjoy, you will understand. A rough, gross politicians’ dull head can never capture this. For him, he only knows – “what I can grab today, push it behind my seat,” without even bothering about, from behind the seat, somebody else is stealing and running. He doesn’t even have a time to check whatever he pushed behind the seat is there or not.

A gross power hungry, lazy, tired, bored man can’t even understand if you explain these subtle truths. His brain cannot capture those visualizations; because he can’t capture those visualizations, he can’t enjoy. When he doesn’t enjoy, he can’t capture. It is like a vicious circle. I tell you, even about Guru, if you are able to enjoy His quality, you will understand His qualities. If you understand His qualities, you will be able to enjoy His quality. If you are able to enjoy – know clearly, you are blessed. You are blessed.

An ignorant, tired, agitated, dull head can never capture the subtle truths or the subtle qualities. Because he cannot imagine, he won’t enjoy; because he doesn’t enjoy, he can’t visualize.

Ability, the brain’s ability to catch the subtlest visualizations, come by a long practice of internal silence, what I call Unclutching or meditation.

Understand, by the tremendous internal silence, your bran develops the capacity to capture the most subtlest visualizations. Ability to capture the most subtle visualizations is THE Awakened Intelligence. Whoever is able to capture subtlest Truths become Rishis. His brain has evolved, developed such subtle grooves, it started reflecting the Cosmic Truths, it started capturing the Cosmic Truths. It started becoming a pure, silent water pond, where the Moon is reflecting, as if it has come down to planet Earth. Moon is reflecting as if it has come down to planet Earth.

Understand, practicing surrender or Unclutching or Ananda Gandha Dhyana, Complete completion, all this not only brings peace into your heart, it raises the subtlety of your brain grooves and your brain’s ability to capture the higher truths. Your brain’s ability to capture the higher truths. Brain’s ability to live the higher truths. Anything your brain is able to capture, its stores as record. The most subtle one your brain captured, makes itself as your cognition and life’s goal. Understand, even once if you are able to understand, capture the word SACHIDĀNANDA – SAT-CIT ANANDA – the Existence, Conscious, Bliss. Anything which is subtle, the most subtlest experience, imagination, visualization, your brain is able to capture, it will make that as the base for its function. I don’t need to do anything other than describe how the materialization happens to My Balasants, the way they are able to capture. The moment their subtle grooves in the brain captures this, that power will start manifesting in them. Why I am saying Baalasants, because they are more ready to listen, their inner space has more peace, their brains have more subtle grooves to imbibe what I am sharing. When I explain that science, if you can visualize it, that power will start manifesting in you; because anything your brain can visualize, it will make that as your basic functionality. If I can explain – moving from one body and another body, Astral travel – and your brain is subtle enough to capture it, visualize it, you will start manifesting that power. All powers are like that only. You just need the completion space and Guru who properly makes your brain grooves to CATCH IT.

I wonder the sophistication with which this Upanishadic Rishis were able to reflect the whole Reality. I tell you, the detail with which they describe the stars and the planets in Vedas and Agamas, you will be shocked. Even I was wondering, how did they? See, unless you see, you can’t pen down so detail, such detail. The biggest conspiracy done against Bharat is – the Indian astronomy and astrology was not given its due respect and legitimacy; brushed aside in the name of myth and mythology. If you read, you will understand—oldest, the future longest possible prediction can be done only by our calender, Pañcikā. Science is so perfect.

I used to wonder – what was the telescopes they used? What was the satellites they used? How did they so precisely record the details?

Actually the exact method happened, I saw in the Cosmic Records. One Rishi will sit in Samādhi and reflect the whole Cosmos in his inner space. The other Rishi will just see his inner space, do fast forward, just like how you handle the IPad and pen down, that’s the way they have done it. He will become so pure, Complete Completion, his inner space will just reflect the whole Milky Way, the whole Cosmos and the other Rishi who is recording will push, pull do fast-forward, do rewind, even zoom-in and zoom-out, and pen down. I commit with you guys, I will make My Baalasants to do this. I will give them this power. It’s possible. It’s possible. Just they need to evolve more into space of completion and responsibility. It is possible. That is the way they recorded. Understand, more and more your inner space gets into Completion, more and more, you will catch the sacred secrets about the Source, Cosmos.

This question – BY WHOM, Keneshitam – the Kena Upanishad, the essence of Kena Upanishad, you can experience the essence, if you can make your inner space, completely Complete. If you are ready with the Completion, can just show the exact reflection of – Keneshitam, By WHOM.

In this Upanishad, Devi is the Guru.

Understand, it’s directly from Devi. Uma, first time the word ‘Uma’ appears in this Upanishad. Devi is addressed as ‘Uma’ in this Upanishad. The word – ‘Ishvara, Isha’ – is used for Mahadev in the first Upanishad. The word ‘Uma’ is used for Devi in this Upanishad. You can reflect, capture, visualize exact most subtle visualization with a little completion inside.

Please understand, understand this example. A 7 or 8 year old child is made to see pornography again ad again, the physical maturity age is quickened more than 70% means: the physical maturity which is supposed to happen at the age of 14, it is drastically brought down; by the age of 8, the body is physically matured. If the body is made to visualize again and again the sexual action through pornography or some reminding. Because whatever your brain visualizes, body becomes ready to make that into reality and experience. Brain makes that into your experience. That is why I say — if you want next generation to be sexually healthy, ban pornography. We always have a wrong idea, it is through porn next generation is going to enjoy the sex. No. It is going to be big disease. If you want the next generation to have a healthy sexual life, ban pornography because that is going to reduce the age of physical maturity, which is going to drastically destroy the health of the next generation.

Understand, the Truth I am trying to convey. Anything your brain can capture and enjoy, your life will make that into reality. If your brain can capture and enjoy the most subtlest understandings of Cosmic sacred secrets and the spiritual powers, you will just become Yogi, Divya Shariri. If you enjoy pornography, your body will become physically matured. If you enjoy this subtle powers, subtle understandings, simply your body will become Divya Shariri, you will become Yogi, Baala Yogi, Baalasant. Baalasant is a person whose brain captures all these highest conscious truths, subtle truths while you were young. The way your brain captures these subtle truths, simply your body starts manifesting it, you become a Yogi, you become a Divya Shariri, you become embodiment of Mahadeva. You become Baalasant.

Understand, ability to reflect the subtlest truths, ability to reflect the sacred understandings, ability to catch the most sacred bliss, ability to capture the powerfulness of the Consciousness, ability to look into the Source of the Cosmos, happens with tremendous completion and peace in the inner space.

So before entering into this Upanishad, I request all of you, today spend time doing Completion. Tonight spend time doing Completion. Come back tomorrow with the space of complete Completion, so I can reflect the Kenopanishad in your system. You can capture It, live It, love It, celebrate It.

The essence of Kenopanishad is – Seeking the Source, Cosmos. You can capture It by developing the subtle grooves of the brain by evolving complete Completion.

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