Never give up the company of the people who inspire you to live Completion!

auṃ āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni vākprāṇaścakśuḥ śrotram-athobalam- indriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi |

sarvaṁ brahmopniṣadam mā’ham brahma nirākuryām mā mā brahma nirākarod-tadātmani nirate ya upaniṣatsu dharmāste mayi santu te anirākaraṇamstva-nirākaraṇam me’stu |

mayi santu ||

auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

Listen, the kind of the inner space you carry, is YOU! Listen to the first statement.

The inner space you carry is YOU!

That kind of lifestyle only you are going to attract, that kind of people only you are going to attract, that kind of life only you are going to live, that is the way you are going to be respected, held by others. The inner space you carry is your Life, that is the blueprint of your Life. Knowingly or unknowingly whether you want or not, you will build your Life only based on the blueprint you are carrying, understand! The inner space you are carry is the blue print you are carrying.

From morning till night if your inner space is all about physical pleasures, having or not having, you will only be around that kind of people, fighting with those kind of people, who are fighting for their physical pleasures. They do not know anything higher. Whole day if you are bothered only about others opinion, you will be living in the frequency where people run only for reward, award, noble prize, award, reward, name, fame, noble prize, you will be attracting only those people, you will be living amongst only those people.

Understand, blessed are those, who carry in their inner space, Completion or trying to be achieving Completion, even if you are struggling, trying for Completion, great, don’t worry, you are carrying the right blueprint, you will achieve it. You will attract those kind of people, you will live around those kind of people, you will manifest those kind of situations in your Life.

Miss anything, never the company of people who live in Completion, who inspire you to live in Completion.Even if they are talking fake, even if they try to inspire you, but they are not living in the space of Completion, don’t worry. It means what, they are not living in the space of Completion but they are inspiring means what? They are also struggling to achieve Completion. They are not bad people, yet to be good people. Yet to be good does not mean bad. Listen carefully, yet to be good does not mean bad!

Whenever people inspire you to live in Completion, first thing you do, are you living? Hey! If he is living and he is giving you, he has money he gives you thousand rupee; if he is not living and he is giving you, even what he doesn’t have, he just collects here and there and he is giving you, don’t you understand, he is a tyagi [renouncer], look at that way, and when somebody is not living the Completion and he is inspiring you to live in Completion, remember, remember, he is not a bad person, he is yet to be good person – means he is also struggling, he knows what is right and he is working towards it. While he is working towards it, he is inspiring you. You should look at the whole thing as, even beggar trying to give dāna. Even beggars trying to do dāna, I have seen only in Varanasi, no really. Every year two time, I myself have attended bhandara in the Manikarnika Ghat, all the beggars from the Mughalsarai station will come and give bhandara. I don’t know how many of you know that, maybe Kashi Vashis know, all the beggars from Mughalsarai come to Manikarnika Ghat. Just behind the Manikarnika Ghat there is Mutt, they call the Sadhus and give bhandara. Every year twice I Myself attended. I Myself ate in that bhandara.

Even when they are begging, they are trying to give something which they can. Understand the goodness of them. Understand their goodness. Even though they are running their life by begging, they are trying to give something. I think when somebody is not living in the space of Completion, trying to tell you about Completion, help you to live in the space of Completion, you should look at them in that way – even though he has not yet achieved, he is trying to help you. He is trying to share something with you.

I tell you in My whole Parivrajaka yatra, I have been given more food number of times by beggars then the so-called rich people, more number of times beggars shared their food with Me than the rich people. If I see, it is at least 70/30. 70% it is only the beggars who shared their food, or shared their basic comforts with Me. Only 30% from a person who is self sufficient, I received food or any basic comforts. So 70% it is beggars who shared their food or basic comforts like a blanket or chaadar [bedsheet] or I used to use salt and charcoal powder as toothpaste and neem stick as a brush. These basic things, 70% of the time I received only from beggars.

So even if somebody, he is not living Completion and he is inspiring you to live in Completion, please do not disrespect them, they are doing good, even though they do not have, they are asking you, they are inspiring you. You can lose anything in your life not the company of good people, who are inspiring you to live Completion, never lose that.

Even the great Masters, great Enlightened Beings, continue to keep the satsanga, continue to create satsang – right people’s company, who are inspiring you towards Completion, where the higher dimensions of Life is spoken, analyzed, researched, practiced.

Understand, in the Sashtanga Yoga – six parts of yoga, as Sadāshiva describes, you need to know, the original Yoga talks only about Sashtanga, Patanjali developed it into Ashtanga – eight parts, Sadashiva describes only as six parts.

In Sashtanga Yoga, tarka is one of the important component, fifth component, fifth part, is tarka. Sadashiva describes tarka as analyzing, alone or together,the great truths till it becomes your cognition and foundation for your decision making, is tarka. Analyzing, arguing debating, understand, the argument and debate, there is a difference. If you try to find out who is right, it is argument; if you try to find out what is right – that is debate. If you try to find out who is right, that is argument; if you try to find out what is right, that is debate.When it comes to the great truths, both should be done. When it comes to the great truths, both should be done.

Intranalyzing alone or together, through arguments, debates, the higher truths till that becomes your cognition, foundation for your action is Tarka.The much later period, in Vedic time, it’s called Vaakyartha Sadas, the name which we use. I personally feel Vedas were eternal, but penned down through the Rishis little after Sadāshiva revealed Agama. Please understand, Vedas has no age, it’s eternal, Apaurusheyatva means not be originated by any Purusha [man], not having any Purusha as origin. Vedas are eternal, but they were penned down, revealed by the Rishis, a little after Sadashiva revealed the Agamas, because the verbosity of Vedas are not influencing the Agamas, verbosity of the Agamas are influencing Vedas. Understand, I am not talking about the content. I am talking about the way – the verbose – how they are presented, phonetic, linguistic, the way the words are organized like a jewels, all this put together I call it verbose.

The whole texture and structure of the Vedas seems to be heavily influenced by the Agamas. Tarka, intranalyzing, arguing, debating, with yourself or with a group the great truths of life till it becomes your cognition, foundation for your action and thinking is Tarka.

In the six parts of yoga as Sadashiva describes in Agamas, Sashtanga Yoga, tarka is the fifth step. Understand only with the great Satsangis you can have tarka, with others you can only have kutarka. People, who create kutarka in you, are dusanghis [bad company], run away from them as early as possible. Tarka is created only by Satsanghis; Vaakyartha Sadas can be done only with the Satsanghis.

I tell you, if you have Satsanga around you, even in the Moon or the Mars you can become enlightened. Do not live in a place where there is no Satsanga. You do not know the power of it till you start having it. A community, community is a most powerful important pre-requisite. Community is most powerful, important pre-requisite of any kind of growth, whether you want to grow in Yoga, Pilates, Tantra, even work out, body building, analyzing, research, anything, you need a community around you. If you get a scientist community to be around you, naturally you will excel in that field. If you get Yoga community to be around you naturally you will excel in that field. If you get Satsanga around you, naturally you will get excelled in that field.

Never ever live with tired, bored, sick people, oh God! Even physically sick is ok! It is not that infectious, only few diseases are infectious. Mentally sick, all mental sickness is infectious, understand. Never ever live with this tired, bored people.The moment you see them understand, “kandu muttu – kettu muttu” – moment you see it is dangerous for you – even if you hear about them it is dangerous for you”. Never live with this tired, bored mentally sick fellows. Never live around drunkards, because any one day you will become a drunkard. Even if you live around the womanizers they have some purpose. I am not saying womanize, I am not promoting it, at least they have some purpose, they try to be a little active, but these drunkards are the worst lot. It is slow suicide and they inspire you to commit slow suicide.

So, deciding your Satsanga, deciding your companions, friends, family, team matters a lot, it matters. The kind of the inner space you carry, you will attract only that kind of people, you will nourish cherish only that kind of things. I have seen in My own life with My own eyes, the kids who grow up in Sadhu Sangha, even in our own Akadha a lot of Balasants are there, in our Sangha Dhyanapeeta also a lot of Balasants are there. In our Akadha there is an unwritten rule, actually it is recorded, it is written actually, it’s a rule. Only when somebody has grown up in the Akadha, means who was given to the Akadha as a kid, 3 or 4 year old kid, and grows up as Balasannyasi [child monks] inside the Akadha can become Sri Mahants and Mahants and Sachiva, the top administrators. Only Balasants [child saints] grow up with a powerful introduction into Enlightenment, the science of Enlightenment and Sannyas.

Never give up the company of great Sadhus who remind you to live Completion. Never give up the company of great devotees, who remind you to live in the space of Completion. Never give up the company of the people who inspire you to live Completion. The space you carry attracts the situations, incidents in your life. So the situation and incidents you create around you, you naturally create that kind of space inside you. It is vice versa.

Carry Completion you will attract people who will inspire to be more complete. Live around the people who radiate Completion, you will start carrying Completion. Inner space you carry is you. With this clarity, by working-out you can change the structure of your body. By Completion you can change the structure of your inner-space.

Morning Yoga – Night Completion, over, the whole message of Nithyananda, whole Nithyanandam in two lines – morning yoga, night Completion, over.

To lead you to the higher and higher level of Yoga, to lead you to the deeper and deeper level of Completion, I go on talking. But the essence is this two line; morning yoga, night Completion, everything else is jewel, these two is the core message, everything else is ornament, this two line is the core message. Completion decides the kind of space you carry throughout the day. This verse is one of the supreme thought currents, can awaken Completion in you and create Satsanga around you.


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