Reality as it is, is Sadāshiva because Kaarana and Kaarya can never be separated! You and your actions can never be separated but you and your reactions can never be together! Be liberal in your actions and conservative in your reactions!

Today, all I wanted to convey to all of you is, “celebrating Shaktinipada.” As I gave, this is the message for Sadashivaratri. This whole Sadashivaratri Ritu, till Guru Purnima, I’ll give you the Science of Shaktinipata. As I told you all last week, the neurology of reality and the only solution, to experience Sadāshivatva, in the neurology of the reality is the Shaktinipada. Listen. First I spoke about physiology of reality, then psychology of reality, now neurology of reality. Some of the essential things I wanted to convey about the neurology of the reality is – reality by its real state is Sadāshiva, by its perception state is Maya. The space, which literally makes the Maya shiver and breaks, takes you from the perceptional reality to the real reality. That space is called Gurutattva.

Listen. Listen intensely. Reality as it is, is Sadāshiva because Kaarana (cause) and Kaarya (action) can never be separated. Me and My actions can never be separated. You and your actions can never be separated but you and your reactions can never be together.

You and your actions can never be separated; you and your reactions can never be together.

Biggest problem you have is, with your action you try to separate yourself, with your reaction you always try to be One with itself. Listen carefully. Whenever you need to take the responsibility, you want to distance yourself from that. Whenever you going to get the credibility, you want to become One with that.

In actual neurology of the reality, your actions remain in Oneness with you forever. Your reactions can never be part of you, even when they are happening in you. This is the basic principle of neurology of reality. Listen. Your actions can never be separated, even after they are delivered thousands of years after. If you have sneezed, screamed, even doing morning 1-2-3, cannot be disconnected from you after ten thousand years also.

Your actions cannot be separated from you but your reactions can never be One with you, even when they are performed.

For example; somebody provokes your pattern and you start getting into your original stupid state. Even while that stupidity is going on, it can never be part of you. Listen. You associate yourself with your pattern so strongly; you feel if your pattern is disrespected you are disrespected. The Oneness feeling is so strong, you respond as your pattern but even while you are responding and reacting, you can never be One with that. Unfortunately you forget and you think that is you and you go on reacting to it. I tell you…. Listen. Listen carefully. With your actions, if you are not liberal, you don’t have heart. In your reactions, if you are not traditional, you don’t have brain. Listen. In your actions, if you are not liberal, you don’t have heart. In your reactions, if you are not orthodox, traditional, conservative, you don’t have brain. Be liberal in your actions. Be orthodox in your reactions. Be liberal in your actions. Be traditional in your reactions. That’s the solution for neurology. Listen intensely. But you are doing the other way round.

With your reactions, you are very liberal. I think this is going above your head. Let Me explain few more things. All your actions which comes from your very cognition, not from your pattern….how to differentiate, I will show you.

If your actions are celebrated by you, when you are up or down, it is the actions from your cognition. If some of your actions are not celebrated by you while you are up or down both, then it is your reaction.

Understand. If your action can be celebrated by you throughout the fortnight, it is from your Depth – cognition, for women, even one night. It is from your Depth. You don’t need to wait for a fortnight to go through the ups and downs. That is a blessings in a way because you have a scale readymade in your hand. Within 3-4 hours you can find out, what you did is right or wrong. Listen carefully. Throughout your ups and downs, if your actions are recognized by you, it is the actions from the depth, it is not reaction. This is the scale. If your actions are not celebrated by you, it can be even so called spiritual practice but it is only reaction.

Listen carefully.

I am not saying all reactions are wrong. But I am saying all actions are right.

Understand. All actions are right but I am not saying all reactions are wrong. Running away from snake is a reaction but not wrong. Running away from fire is a reaction but not wrong. All actions are right but all reactions are not wrong.

I am literally rewiring your brain, that is why you feel, “Oh God, what is going on?” Today every statement I uttered, if you contemplate, you will develop a thoroughly new neurology, so you can perceive the reality as it is. Delusions, Maya, need to be handled with nuclear bomb not with a surgical instruments. No. It need to be demolished, not surgery performing. No. When I am building a new neurology, that will done almost like a surgery performance, surgery precision. Not one inch this side – one inch that side. But when the delusion is….need to be…..delusion need to be removed, it’s a nuclear bomb. Just drop and destroy the whole area. So that is what I am doing. Listen carefully.

If you are not liberal in your actions, you don’t have heart, means you are not alive. In action be liberal, means adding more and more depth to you.

Understand. Listen. I am making another one important statement.

A man who celebrates more and more right depth cognitions which makes him do actions is Celebrity. Who has amazing depth cognitions in him, in large quantity, they make him do actions without repenting, that his actions are celebrated, that man lives a life as Celebrity.

Add more cognitions in your depth, encourage actions, in actions be liberal. In your reactions means going cranky, crazy, berserk, chaos, weird, I can read out the whole dictionary, Loosu, cuckoos, dumbo, jimbo mumbo, I can go on. When you are planning to go cranky, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, be conservative. Have lot of sensor scales. Is this situation really wants me to go cranky? Is this situation really wants me to go crazy? Is this situation really in need of me getting overwhelmed? Is this really demanding that I should get stressed, only then things can happen. Understand. Every time you get stressed, you wash your neurology with the Pitta layer, which takes almost 2-3 hours of Bliss, to remove the effect. I should at least two hours of Bliss, Shaktipata is required of one stroke of stress.

So be very conservative in letting the reactions take over you. The compulsive behavior patterns. Be very conservative about compulsive behavior patterns taking over you. Understand. Unfortunately, when it comes to compulsive behavior patterns taking over you, you are very liberal. When it comes to the actions, you are very conservative. You have two thousand scales. Two thousand no entry board, no exit board and no parking board. No parking, no entry, no exit, U-turn. U-turn is frustration. No entry is depression. No parking is suicidal. At least U-turn, no entry and all can be tolerable, but what will you do if there is no parking signal inside you? Then where to park? At least for parking you need a place. With this no parking only, the suicidal tendency start. Understand. In your existence and action, functionality of your neurology with the reality, you are too conservative, orthodox. Thousands and thousands of stoppages. Listen carefully. I have seen many people suffering with the concepts of right – wrong, even after they change the society, which taught them right – wrong. This is almost like a… you do left hand driving in the countries where right hand driving is a lifestyle. Listen carefully. Your good – bad, right – wrong, moral – immoral, rules – regulations, the compulsory behavior pattern related understandings, all should be used only like your coat. When you change you should change. If the overcoat becomes bandage on your hand, that is what I call confusion. Please watch today’s LSP session at least 5-6 times because every statement I am making, you need to contemplate on it. I am defining celebrity, I am defining confusion, I am defining actions, I am defining reactions. The whole neurology of reality because I am in the mood of the doctor, whatever he speaks, you can never understand and finally you ask for conclusion.

Listen carefully. In Vedanta, there can be conclusions. For example, “What is the essence of Vedas, Vedanta?” “What is the essence of Vedanta?” – Aham Brahmasmi. “Oh, there are so many thought currents in Vedas, like you have multiple births and you have karma and you can be liberated, you can avoid birth and death cycle, if you want you can have conscious birth and death cycle and this is cosmology, this is self Jeeva and this is God, Ishwara.” So much of concepts, finally the essence, if you ask, “essence of the Vedas is Upanishads, essence of Upanishads is Vedanta, essence of Vedanta is Aham Brahmasmi.” But in Agama there is nothing called Agamanta. You cannot say, “the essence of Agamas is Sadāshivoham and essence of Agamanta is Sadāshivatva.” You can’t say in Agama, you sitting in Nirvikalpa Samadhi in the space of Sadāshivoham and having Shaktinipata with Me, is as equally as important to morning brushing the teeth as per Sadāshiva’s instruction. The number of strokes you need to do in the morning brushing the teeth, is as important as the Shaktinipata, Shaktipada you have with Me. So in Agama there is nothing called Agamanta. Maybe we can say priorities but not essence. Essence means all the qualities of these actions should be in that. Vedanta accepts there is something called it’s essence. Agama does not except. So every statement I make now is important for you. You can’t say end of the session, today’s session, “ Oh, essence of today’s session is having Shaktipada with Swamiji, let me have that.” Doesn’t work. Shaktipada itself will work only when you understand and cognize – “everything I am making, every statement I am making.” In Vedanta, because it is a thought current based system, there can be essence.

In Agama, because it is life current based, there is no essence because life itself is essence.

Sitting with Me in Shaktipada is as important as the number of rudraksha you are suppose to wear on your neck. You can’t say, “I am having Shaktipada, in this I don’t need to follow Sadāshiva’s instruction.” No. Agama does not work in that way. You can’t say, “End of the electricity, essence of the electricity – switching on and off.” No. Switching on and off will work only if the wiring is done properly, if the circuit is done properly. Vedanta creates Seekers, Agamas creates Gurus. Vedanta creates Consumers, Agamas creates producers and Inventors. In Vedanta, you are taught switch on – switch off, in Agama you are taught how to build the circuit and establish it. Understand. So do not try to find the essence of today’s satsang.

Today’s satsang itself is essence, so try to drink it completely and digest it and make it as your cognition again and again and again. So I am repeating – in your actions be liberal, means have more cognitions, which inspires you, to do more actions, which you celebrate without repenting. In your reactions, have more and more stoppages, “ Eh! Is this reaction warranted? Is this going cranky needed? Is this getting stressed worthy now?” Understand. Your living not on volcanoes, nuclear bombs!! Sitting on volcanoes. When I see people, I know they are sitting on something, which is going to burst. But only if you are My friend I can pull My hand,” If not how can he pull your hand? Ask you to get out. Everyone is sitting on something. If that burst, what will happen? You know. I really want to say, I really want to tell, I really want to pull everyone’s hand when I see everyone,  But unfortunately, only if you have that level of Shaktipata, I can pull your hand. If you understand…all of you know the gas cylinder story, only then you can understand.

Everyone is sitting on nuclear bombs. Listen. Most of your reactions are not needed but you are too liberal with your reactions. When you are too liberal with your reactions, your brain stops working, means your neurology is hit and destroyed, killed. It does not exist anymore for you. You can be alive whether breathing long, deep, pranamaya or you can be kept alive just by the ventilator, air gets… oxygen gets into your lungs and circulates and just keeps your heart beating – thup – thup – thup – thup. You can be alive in both ways. What you want, you should decide. If your neurology is beaten by getting stressed, going cuckoos, cranky, crazy, waa waa, weird, all this stupidity again and again, you live in a very minimal….almost with 1% power battery you are trying to operate your laptop, computer – tak, tak , tak, you try to do and before saying thup, spoooos! Listen carefully. With your actions if you are liberal, you will crack Maya, delusion constantly. With your reactions, if your are conservative you will break Maya. Maya will go crazy, if you are conservative in your reactions. She will scratch her head,  “I am not able to do anything with this fellow, what to do?” “Ahhhhhh” She will go berserk, weird. Technique to go, technique to make Maya go crazy, you never become crazy. You don’t become cranky, she will go cranky. You don’t go crazy, she will go crazy. People who are highly conservative in their reactions are the most successful Beings. Understand.

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