A blissful person’s life is so rich that there is no space or time for worry!

An eternal worry for people is the worry about money. Even your money problems get sorted out if you get up and get into right action. There is a famous saying, ‘If you can’t find a solution, you are the problem.’

If making money is the worry, then it clearly means that somewhere laziness is pulling you back into the comfort of worry. If you discard laziness and move, you make money. There are a million opportunities in today’s world to make money. Ifsustaining the money is a worry, then again you should either take steps to reduce spending or be in the ultimate surrender to Existence, knowing it will sustain you. The worry of sustaining money might not be a great problem in your life after all. So relax and just remain with the right action.

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita*, ‘A person whose mind is contended because of spiritual knowledge, who has subdued his senses and to whom stone and gold are the same and who is satisfied with what he has, is said to be established in Self-realization and is called an enlightened being.’

When you create more thoughts inside you through worry, the load on the navel region increases. It is from the navel region that thoughts or worries arise. When you create more and more thoughts, you feel the heaviness in your stomach. There is an energy center in the navel area called the manipuraka chakra*. This energy center starts shrinking with the heaviness of worry. This energy center responds directly to worry, and affects the stomach. That is why when you worry about something, your stomach starts becoming uneasy. Or when you hear shocking news you say, ‘I can’t digest it…’ Any disturbing news causes your stomach to churn. The stomach is very sensitive to thoughts.

You may have observed that those who are very ambitious, and who are perfectionists, will end up with ulcers. Too much perfectionism leads to stomach troubles and ulcers. Such people worry too much. Ulcers are due to continuously suffering with worries.

When worry becomes a habit, it causes many psychosomatic diseases and even cancer. It doesn’t affect only certain parts of the body. Worry can affect any part of the body. Psychosomatic diseases don’t have any carrier. They happen purely due to the way the mind and body of a person interact. That is why worry needs to be addressed and removed from the system.

There was a doctor famous for his extraordinary and effective treatment of arthritis. He always had a waiting room full of people.

One day an old lady with her back badly bent entered the office, with the aid of a stick. When her turn came, she went into the doctor’s room and amazingly, came out within five minutes, walking completely erect with her head high.

A woman in the waiting room ran to her and said, ‘It’s a miracle! You walked in bent and now you are walking erect! What did that doctor do?’

The old lady replied, ‘He gave me a longer cane.’

Sometimes we are so used to living in a certain way that we can’t see a better way to live. Worry is that habit that keeps us from living to our full potential and invites disease into the body. Disease starts in the mind.

There are extreme forms of worry that may become habitual and slow down the functioning of the individual. This form of worry is diagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, called GAD. It is much more than the normal anxiety people experience day to day. According to research done by the National Institute of Mental Health in the USA, GAD affects about 6.8 million adult Americans and about twice as many women as men.

Understanding brings the energy of insight into the flow of time, the laws of the universe, and cause and effect of the many things that happen in the universe. Out of this arises a deep peaceful acceptance and reverence for the universe and its ways. Once this understanding happens, you remain cheerful, come what may. You enter into life with laughter and bliss.

A blissful person’s life is so rich that there is no space or time for worry.

Once worry happens, we visit psychiatrists. The cause of worry is in the mind, not outside. Then how will medicine alone help?

A large number of people in the world visit psychiatrists for the treatment of worry. Medication is all right, but for psychosomatic conditions like worry, meditation is also needed.

In places such as war-torn Iran, research groups have studied the Transcendental Meditation-Siddhi program designed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a 20th century teacher from India. When meditators did the TM Sidhi program in high conflict area, the crime rates, violence, and anxiety all reduced and the quality of life around them improved dramatically!

Meditation softens you. When you soften, love and gratitude start happening in you. Then slowly, there is no room for worry. Worry is also a form of violence. It is a subtle form of violence. It is a disguised agitation in the system.

Meditation also tremendously increases awareness. When awareness increases, outwardly you might be completely involved in the outer world, but inwardly you will be untouched by anything that happens. That is the real worry-free life.

Let me give you a simple meditation technique to drop worry and become pleasant all the time. This is a meditation to tune yourself to bliss. It can be practiced anywhere, any time, even continuously, twenty four hours a day.

  • Just continuously visualize that you are inhaling and exhaling bliss and light. Visualize prana,  the life giving energy, going in and out of you with each breath.
  • Prana is energy and bliss. It is the energy that enters and leaves us through air, which it uses as the vehicle for entry into our system. Air carries prana into you. Life continues in you because of prana.
  • So whenever you inhale and exhale, visualize yourself inhaling and exhaling blissful light energy. Feel that your whole body is a beanbag filled with light.
  • You automatically start radiating bliss instead of worry and irritation. Worry is dissolved. You start radiating love and bliss continuously.
source: Living Enlightenment

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