Hamsa Mantra Meditation

This is a very powerful technique that can be used twenty-four hours a day. Whenever you are attacked by fear, just sit back and relax. Put your awareness only on your exhaling breath. Repeat the word ‘sah’ silently as you exhale, that is, with the outgoing breath. Exhaling is like relaxing and letting go anything that can die. While inhaling you will be constantly trying to hold on to something. Exhaling is like letting go. Focus on exhaling without bothering about inhaling. When you inhale, repeat ‘ham’ silently.

Place more awareness and energy on the exhalation. Help yourself exhale deeper. Let the inhalation happen automatically through the body. Place your energy, attention and effort only on exhaling.

It is a silent intonation of ‘ham…sah…., ham…sah’. Silent intonation of this hamsa mantra* will suddenly take you into the awareness, the relaxation, that never dies. Whatever can die will leave your system, your inner space.

This technique can also be practiced at other times when you are not faced by fear, while you are sitting, talking, walking, eating, even while you are sleeping. It is a very powerful technique. Constantly, all twenty four hours, place your attention on exhaling and just intone the hamsa mantra* silently as ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’. When you inhale, intone ‘ham’ and when you exhale, intone ‘sah’.

Understand, when constantly intoning this mantra, it will become ajapa japa or chanting without effort. Chanting with effort is called japa. Chanting without effort is ajapa-japa. It means that which goes on automatically in you. You just need to intone, that’s all. Fall in tune, that’s all. The whole day it will be resounding within you.

Whatever can die will leave your system, and you will realize that whatever can die can never be part of you. If you are identifying yourself with something that can die, that identification will be disconnected and you will be unclutched.

Whatever can never die, you will feel connected to that. Whatever cannot die is your very being. You will realize you are that which can never die, that which we call the Truth, enlightenment, Consciousness. If the intonation of the hamsa mantra* becomes ajapajapa in you, you become a Paramahamsa!

Try this technique for just three days. Whenever you remember, inhale with the silent intonation, ‘ham’. Exhale with the silent intonation, ‘sah’. Let your awareness be more on the exhalation. You will suddenly see that the fear of losing your wealth, parts of your body or your health, or your near and dear ones, or the fear of unknown and all the fears will disappear. When your awareness is on exhaling, whatever is occupying your inner space as a part of you that can die, will simply leave your inner space. You will be liberated.

source: Living Enlightenment

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