No one outside can be a reason for your pain, because your pain itself is only your response to an external event based on your own investments!

Every time we experience pain, it leaves behind some residual feeling that remains stuck in the body. This accumulated pain creates a negative energy field around us, which we call the ‘pain body’. The pain body not only stores, but also starts reproducing many different kinds of pains.

Again and again, we share what we create. That’s what I always tell people that if wealth is created out of a pain body, we transfer the pain body along with the wealth to the next generation. Wealth should be created just out of a relaxed and blissful mood. Then the wealth can be enjoyed by the person you pass it on to.

The pain body constantly attracts the same kind of people and situations that make you feel hurt. By the very law of nature, you attract similar situations in your life. What you think, you create in your life as reality. So the more pain you harbor, the more pain you attract.

You undergo suffering in many situations, maybe when you fall ill, when your neighbor gets a new car, when your loved one leaves you, when your boss fires you, or when you lose some wealth. Suppose you decided to welcome these situations just as they are without anger or resentment. Would you still suffer as much? No! But you don’t manage situations that way. When your boss yells at you, you feel pain. The pain could have been either because he scolded you in front of everyone, because you feel bad for having fallen short of your boss’s expectations at work, or because you feel you didn’t deserve the scolding.

Sit by yourself and think honestly about what the reason is. If the pain is due to him scolding you in front of everybody, then the pain is actually a hurt to your ego. Ask yourself, ‘So what if everybody was watching? Why have I invested so much in what others think of me? Why can’t I have my own gauge to measure myself?’ Ask yourself these questions. You will realize your investment in other’s opinions of you is not worth it. Your pain will disappear!

If you experience pain because you did not perform to the best of your ability, become intensely aware of that. That awareness is enough to overcome the pain. Then you will use only the learning from the incident, you will drop the ‘feeling bad’ part.

If you are pained because you feel you did your work and didn’t deserve to be scolded, then again just the intense awareness will dissolve the pain. The awareness will bring in the understanding and acceptance of your boss. You will have the patience to approach him later and clarify the situation.

If you look deeply, every pain is because of your internal investments of your ego.

Your boss or your neighbor or your loved one or your wealth is not the reason. No one outside can be a reason for your pain, because your pain itself is only your response to an external event based on your own investments. Depending on where you have invested your ego, you will suffer. If you work towards dissolving all those investments, you are intelligent.

Understand, working to destroy your ego is nothing but working on your pain body and expanding its boundary. By expanding, I mean feeling less or no personal pain for incidents that happen.

If we look at our life, we also keep the pain alive, doing just touch-ups by feeding our ego. The pain doesn’t come from life. It comes from our expectation, from our ego.

The question is not how to change ugliness into beauty, pain into pleasure, or misery into happiness. The question is how to change the unconscious into the conscious, how to infuse awareness into ourselves and embrace reality as it is.

source: Living Enlightenment

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