Any joy, any ecstasy, any sweet experience is important because it brings you back to that ‘Ever living Presence’!

Unless you experience ordinary love, you will not understand what happens when you are in love. Only when you understand what happens when you are in love with an object will you be able to turn your attention towards the experience. Turning your awareness towards the experience itself will naturally turn yourself towards you. That love will lead you towards your being. Love can lead you to the object or to the subject. It is a bridge and it can take you towards the subject. Whoever used the gate to enter into the subject became enlightened. They liberated themselves and liberated others.

In this whole world there are only two kinds of people. One group of people experiences life once in a while in their life and the other group of people experiences life continuously. Whenever you think you are feeling joy, you are experiencing life in the world for those few moments. That is why you feel so alive. You feel as if everything is beautiful. You have a positive experience with the universe.

All your joy is positive experience with the universe, even if it is just eating a sweet. For those few moments you feel that life is great. You feel that life is really something you need, and you feel connected. You are in tune with that ‘ever living presence’.

Understand that ‘ever living presence’ is what we call life, which is responsible for all activity. Either you experience that ever living presence at this moment or you hope you will experience it in the near future. That is why you are moving your body and still keeping yourself alive. You get out of your bed early morning, either to have some good experience or you hope that at least in the near future you will have some good experience. That desire to experience that ‘ever living presence’ is what drives you to get up from bed.

Every desire which drives you is nothing but the desire to experience that ‘ever living presence’. Whenever your mind stops wandering and comes back, it tastes that ‘ever living presence’. Any sweet, any joy, any ecstasy, any experience is important because it brings you back to that ‘ever living presence’.

You might have even experienced some incidents like this in your life. A girl who is afraid to cross a busy street sees her child run across the road and just jumps onto the road to save the child without a thought about her own safety.

We should understand how she has lost her fear all of a sudden. The reason is that the love for her child has awakened the dimension of motherliness in her. It is the same thing with every relationship of love.

If the feeling of love blossoms in somebody, immediately all the fear will leave the person’s inner space.

You might have heard something like this in your life, ‘We have brought up our daughter with so much care and affection. She does not even know much about the outside world, but suddenly she ran away with her boyfriend! We are not able to understand how it happened.’

Love has tremendous power and so does lust. If you have a lot of energy in your muladhara chakra, it will override the other chakras immediately. There will not be any fear in your swadhishthana chakra and there will not be any worries in your manipuraka chakra. These higher chakras will not work when the muladhara chakra has the full power. Without the person’s knowledge, it will unleash the latent unknown potential in him. It will spread his potential to the outer world too.

That is why, from time immemorial, somebody who is in love has enormous power to even oppose the whole society that hinders him. Take the example of Romeo and Juliet. Once in love, they had the courage beyond their intellectual thinking to oppose the society that stood in the way of their love. There are many such stories in history where the lovers go beyond what they could have done had they not been in love. They see a different dimension in their being and in their feeling.

Thus different people activate different dimensions inside you. If you have a lover, the feeling of love will be awakened in you. If you have a son or daughter, then the dimension of motherliness will be awakened in you. If your mind is ready to receive the experience of different dimensions, those dimensions will blossom in you.

So the deeper truth is that after the feeling of love happens between lovers, the very feeling will make them sacrifice a lot for each other. The depth of the feeling will lead to that level of sacrifices.


source: Living Enlightenment

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