Whether we accept it or not, we are an embodiment of both male and female energies. We are whole, not divided!

Lust is a primal emotion provided by nature for continuation of the species. To go beyond lust is the first major step in realizing the ultimate potential of human life.

Humans are forever confused between love and lust. They think only animals are lustful. Actually only animals are capable of pure lust when they mate! Humans, with their rationalization, can neither be lustful nor loving. That is why they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

When a desire is fully experienced it leaves your system. In ancient times, lust and sex left the householder around the age of forty because they had enjoyed these fully. Physical relationship is used to verify whether the other person is still loving or not, whether you are still loved or not. It is only the doubt that creates bondage.

Sex is carbon, love is diamond. Sex is mud and love is the lotus that blooms in the mud. It is the same substance, only you should know how to process it. Just drop your expectations, and you will find a tremendous upsurge of energy. Today, we know biologically that no man is 100% man, and no woman is 100% woman. A man may be 51% man and 49% woman. Likewise, a woman may be 51% woman, and 49% man; just a small difference.

You have taken birth from the energies of your father and mother. Then, how can you be only male or only female?

Whether we accept it or not, we are an embodiment of both male and female energies. We are whole, not divided.

To be whole, we should be able to accept and express both the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature. But does it really happen? Are we allowed to express both aspects?

Right from the moment of birth, society labels you as either male or female. And it expects you to start behaving accordingly. Society simply does not allow boys to express their feminine side, or girls to express their masculine side. Right from a very young age, one half of our being is suppressed.

Until the age of seven, before the social conditioning has taken a deep root inside, the child is not conscious of being male or female. That is why a very young child has a sense of completeness. He is centered and secure. He is so beautiful and joyful to look at! By around seven, the child comes under society’s control.

But now, such strong conditioning goes into the child that the child begins to suppress that part of himself which is not approved by society. We don’t realize it, but this period is traumatic for the child. He suddenly feels uprooted and cut off from one half of his being. He starts searching for this suppressed half outside.

Man’s inherent nature is fulfillment. So he begins, unconsciously, to search for the lost half, the suppressed half. He starts looking to the outside world for a substitute for his own lost half. The male child starts searching for a female presence, and the female child for a male presence. This is where the whole idea of sex starts. This is how the idea of sex takes root.

In the period from seven to fourteen years, the child is closest to his parents. From them, the child collects images about how the ideal woman or ideal man should be. In the case of the male child, the suppressed half of his own personality is replaced with his mother’s image and in the girl child, the suppressed part of her personality is replaced with her father’s image.

That is why every boy’s first heroine is his mother, and every girl’s first hero is her father. This is the unwritten law!

This deep-rooted search is what lies behind the so-called Oedipus and Electra complexes of Freudian psychology. A boy expects care from his wife like the care he received from his mother and a girl expects the security and assurance from her husband that she enjoyed with her father.


source: Living Enlightenment

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